Lake Tishomingo

Hillsboro, Missouri 63050

Rules and Regulations


Your LTPOA Board of Directors is elected to oversee the maintenance and security of our beautiful community. Of the many issues that we deal with on a daily basis, the most common complaints revolve around the enforcement of our rules and regulations. In the past, various boards have passed reasonable rules and regulations, as permitted under the lake's restrictions, in an effort to maintain this community in a safe, secure manner for the benefit of all of our residents.

The results of the opinion survey that was handed out at the general election on June 20 reflected the dissatisfaction among our residents with the lack of enforcement of our rules and regulation. Of the 94 respondents, 79% responded in favor of the entry which read, "We should more diligently enforce the rules and regulations." The opinion survey is available online at if you would like to make your wishes known. In light of this desire by a large majority of our property owners, we will be initiating the following actions.

The citations will be issued for the first offense against any of the above rules. Each subsequent violation by the same property owner, or guests of the property owner (property owners are responsible for the actions of their guests), will carry a fine of $25.

Please comply with all rules and regulations, and make this a safer, friendlier environment for all property owners.