Lake Tishomingo
Shed Construction

LTPOA General Election

Ballot Question Passed June 21, 2014

Owners are allowed to construct a storage shed on unbuildable lots only.

  • Only one (1) storage shed is allowed per property owner, measuring no more than six (6) feet by eight (8) feet with no lean-to.
  • The shed must be anchored to the ground by concrete piers or on a concrete slab.
  • No prefab or metal building is allowed.
  • Shed must be stick built of good quality material.
  • Any shed so constructed must be located a minimum of sixty (60) feet from the water’s edge for first tier property owners, and at least sixty (60) feet from the road edge for second tier property owners.
  • The construction of described sheds will not be allowed on any property where there is already an existing home.
  • No homeowner shall be permitted to construct a shed on a contiguous vacant lot of that property owner.
  • A building permit from the LTPOA Board of Directors must be obtained prior to the start of construction.