Lake Tishomingo

Hillsboro, Missouri 63050

Homeowner's Information


Security Gate
Lake Tishomingo is a gated residential community. Property owners enter with a gate card. All others must be sponsored by a property owner to gain admittance.

Gate Information

Gate Contacts

Sewer system
Lake Tishomingo has a central sewer system maintained by Public Water Supply District #13 of Jefferson County.


Lake Tishomingo Sewer System Homeowners Manual

Lake Tishomingo Sewer System Payment & Billing Options

Trash pickup
Weekly Lake Tishomingo trash pickup is by Waste Management. The 3-year contract with Waste Management begins spring of 2015. Terms of the agreement are as follows:

Some of the most important water rules are:

The complete water rules are at:
Lake Tishomingo Water Rules

Property owners and their guests can fish in Lake Tishomingo if they observe the daily creel limits.

Daily Creel Limits
Green sunfish No limit
Bass under 12” 6
Crappie over 10”10
Bluegill over 6”10
Catfish over 15”5
Walleye over 18”1
Redear sunfish Release all
Grass carp Release all
Release all others

Plat map

Water wells
All homes have private water wells. Each property owner is reponsible for maintaining his own well.
Shock Chlorination

Burn Permits

Government Agencies
Jefferson County Govt
MO Dept of Natiural Resources