Lake Tishomingo

Hillsboro, Missouri 63050

Lake Tishomingo Property Owners Association

Board of Directors
PresidentSteve Blaha     (314) 808-4757
VPMike Steeno     (314) 803-4785
TreasurerShelby Reneski     (314) 920-5421
SecretaryJon Riche    (314) 774-7234
BuildingsDoug Leeker     (314) 265-7827
MaintenanceKen Stojeba    (314) 660-4101
SecurityMark Stubits     (314) 479-7101
Boat PatrolSteve Blaha     (314) 808-4757
Boat/Vehicle StickersDale McKinnon    (314) 283-8359
 Steve Blaha     (314) 808-4757
Building PermitsDoug Leeker     (314) 265-7827
DamClarue Holland    (314) 623-5869
Gate CardsDale McKinnon    (314) 283-8359
Gate Repairany board member     
NewsletterCarol Kohnen    (314) 365-1991
Water Quality TestingClarue Holland    (314) 623-5869
WebsiteJanet Hirsch     (no phone)

Board of Directors Meetings
The Board of Directors holds open meetings the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm in the Community House. All members are welcome at these meetings.

Annual Owners Meeting
The annual meeting of the members of the Property Owners Association is held at 11:30 am in the Community House on the third Saturday of June of each year. After the meeting the election of officers takes place.

Annual property assessments are $4 per front foot. Invoices are sent out July 1 and assessment payments are due August 1. Payments received after August 31 are delinquent and will result in legal action, late payment charges, penalties, and legal fees.

Assessment payments should be sent to

5699 Lake Tishomingo Rd
Hillsboro MO 63050