ATV Rules

Approved August 2006
  1. All riders must wear safety helmets.
  2. No more than two riders on an ATV.
  3. All ATVs must drive on the right side of the road and yield to all other traffic.
  4. All ATVs must obey the 20 mph speed limit.
  5. All ATVs must remain off other people's property.
  6. No riding on dam or lakefront area allowed.
  7. No ATVs from outside the lake are allowed on lake roads or lake property.
  8. All ATVs must be registered with the board and have lot numbers and lake identification stickers.
  9. No racing allowed anywhere on lake property.
  10. All ATVs must be equipped with adequate muffler systems
  11. All ATVs must have proper headlights and taillights to be run at night.
  12. No ATVs allowed on the lake when the lake is frozen.

Passed by the LTPOA Board July 14, 2009
Violation of the ATV rules will carry a $25 penalty.

If you observe anyone operating an ATV on private lots or off-road lake property you can report the trespassing to the Jefferson County Sheriff: (636) 797-5000.