Lake Tishomingo
Access Code Request

A property owner may request a temporary access code for a party, delivery, or vendor providing a service. An access code is a 4-digit number. The access code is hour- and day-limited, and has an expiration date.

A construction project requires an approved LTPOA building permit before an access code will be issued. LTPOA Building Permit application

The property owner is responsible for the code and must not give it to unauthorized users. Application for an access code must be at least 10 days before it is needed.

Access codes are not to be used to admit property owners or visitors on a routine basis.

Make sure the access code recipient understands the confidential nature of the access code.

  • REMEMBER the access code is to be used only for the requested purpose.
  • DO NOT SHARE IT with anyone other than the individual the code is meant for.

To request a gate access code enter your owner information below.

Property Owner Information
Email address
Lot (for example: E47)
Lake address
If you would like a specific code,
enter it here (for example: 2234)

Select Party Access Code or Vendor Access Code and enter all the requested information.

 Request for Party Access Code
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 Request for Vendor Access Code
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