Public Water Supply District #13
Jefferson County, Missouri 63050


PWSD#13 was created in April 2006 to bring a central sewer system to the Lake Tishomingo community.

The Board of Directors was very successful in obtaining funding for the new sewer system. Federal loan and state grant money totaling $4.2 million have been set aside for this project.

Oct 2005
Public Water Supply District #13 is formed by court order.
Apr 2006
Election to form the district passed, 61% majority.
Jun 2006
Circuit Court of Jefferson County authorizes PWSD #13 to provide sewer service.
Nov 2006
Election to issue up to $8 million in revenue bonds passed, 60% majority.
Oct 2007
USDA Rural Development presents a $2,243,000 mock check to PWSD #13. This check represents a loan promised to the District to serve as major funding. Interest rate 4.125%.
Nov 2007
PWSD #13 is added to the MDNR Water Protection Program list of projects that could be funded based on the project's "priority points."
Jan 2008
PWSD #13 is placed near the top of the “contingency” funding list for fiscal year 2009.
Mar 2008
PWSD #13 is placed at the top of the contingency list based on recalculation of priority points.
July 2008
PWSD #13 moves up to the fundable list and is authorized to receive about $2 million in grants from MDNR.
July 2008
Facility Plan approved by MDNR.
Aug 2008
Wastewater treatment plant design completed. PWSD #13 submits application for wastewater treatment plant construction permit.
Nov 2008
Surveyors begin on-site work to establish locations of individual STEP tanks, sewer lateral, and main lines.
Dec 2008
LTPOA transfers real property located behind the dam and all rights to install sewer pipes and appurtenances to PWSD #13.
Mar 2009
Sewer main and lateral lines collection design plans complete. Submit application for collection system construction permit.
Apr 2009
Sewer update meeting. Electrical easements due 4/30/09.
Jul 2009
Submit complete sewer project plans to MO DNR and USDA-RD for approval.
Sep 2009
MO DNR approves sewer project plans.
Mar 2010
USDA-RD approves sewer project plans.
Apr 2010
PWSD#13 advertises for contractors to bid on sewer project.
Jun 2010
TGB Contracting awarded construction contract
Aug 2010
Construction begins
Oct 2011
Connection and monthly billing of sewer users begins
Oct 2011
Scheduled end of construction project
Apr 2012
Final $2.094 million loan closing with USDA-RD
May 2012
Scheduled end of restoration
Jul 2012
Construction project completed and one-year warranty period begins

Pictured above: October 9, 2007 USDA Rural Development presents $2,243,000 mock check to Jefferson County Public Water Supply District No. 13.

From left: Rich Hirsch (PWSD #13 Secretary), Terry Luetkemeyer (USDA RD Area Director), Bob Burns (Senator Clair McCaskill's STL Office), Ed Kemp (First District Commissioner), Gred Branum (USDA RD State Director), Cathy Coffman (USDA RD Hillsboro), Frank Taylor (Taylor Engineering), Donna Martin (USDA RD Farmington), Dennis Siders (Midwest Assistance Program), Marilyn Meyer (PWSD #13 Treasurer), Ron Sansone (LTPOA President), Larry Kimmel (PWSD #13 President), Kathy Waltz (Representative Russ Carnahan's Crystal City Office), Tim Robbs (Taylor Engineering)

Dateline Lake Tishomingo, October 9, 2007: "Mock" is the key word here. We don't get any money until we are able to fully fund the $4.3 million project. Later this year we should learn more about the status of our application for $1.6 million DNR sewer grants.

Sewer Bond Election, November 7, 2006

Election brochure

Ballot issueElection results
"Shall PWSD#13 issue sewerage system revenue bonds in the amount of Eight Million Dollars . . . ?" YesNo

District Formation Election, April 4, 2006

Ballot issueElection results
"Shall PWSD#13 be formed as a public water supply district pursuant to Chapter 247 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, which includes the authority to provide sewage treatment facilities?" YesNo

LTPOA Sewer Committe Documents

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1997 Engineering Study
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