Sewer Committee
March 10, 2004 at the home of Tim & Hilda Schryver

In attendance were: Tim and Hilda Schryver, Lou and Pat Harting, Dixie Bryant, Barb Rohm, Dave Fitzgerald, Charlie Lents, Ken Lanning, and Mike Higgins.

The committee met with Kristi Perrin from Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR). She is the Community Assistance Coordinator in their Outreach and Assistance Center.

Kristi gave us a lot of good information on funding available from the state. She recommended that we file (through our attorney) to become a 501C3 corporation, which is a not-for-profit sewer corporation. With this done, we would qualify for state funds at less (25%) than market interest for a period of 25 - 30 years. She touched on the Neighborhood Improvement District but mentioned that a NID wouldn't have the ability to get funding as the 501C3 would. Anyone who would like a copy of the handouts can get one from Dixie.

She also recommended we talk with USDA Community office in Hillsboro and with the Economical Development of Jefferson County for information regarding "free" money that we could use to help pay for the initial costs of feasibility studies and consulting costs that would not be covered by the state funds.

Lastly, Kristi recommended we look at a "wetlands" type of treatment facility which is similiar to a sand filtration system, but would have less costs and maintenance associated with it. It would also require less acreage that some of the other facilities we've talked about.

The meeting ended at 8:15 p.m.