Sewer Committee
Dec. 15, 2003

The Sewer Committee met Dec. l5 at Hilda Schryver's home. The committee members present were Ken Lanning, Dixie Bryant, Charlie Lents, Mike Higgins, Ron Sansone, Chris Townsend, Hilda and Marilyn.

Our speaker was Martin Toma from Jefferson County Dept. of Land Use Development and Code Enforcement. He delineated the specific procedures for us to form a Lake Tishomingo Sewer District.

  1. Define the area, how big is the district?
  2. Number of land parcels, identify parcels, so county can figure acreage
  3. Preliminary Cost Ask Dan Dowell the cost of updating his report of 1997
  4. With the preliminary cost , figure the cost per home owner
  5. Gather the legal petitions from homeowners, must have 66 2/3 of acreage in favor
  6. Ask the County Commission to establish the Tishomingo Sewer District as a legal entity
  7. Engineering design drawings are to be made for the district
  8. Design drawings are submitted to the County and let out for bids
  9. Construction
  10. After the completion of construction, bonds are issued, assessments made for home owner

Additional comments: Original 1997 report was for $485,000, Martin guessed it would be probably $100,00 more.

There would be another $110,000 ($25,000 County Administration fees, $80,000 legal fees to issue bonds. $5,000 legal fee to establish sewer district.

We can decide to allocate the cost by homeowner, by lots owned or by road frontage.

We can deed the property for the treatment plant over to Jefferson County, or employ them by contract to maintain it for us.

The original design was for 500 homes, with our current number at 279, the original design for 500 is adequate.

According to Chris, our covenant requires all homeowners to participate with connections to sewers.

Marilyn Meyer