Sewer Committee Meeting Feb 20, 2004   Hilda Schryver's Home
In attendance:  Barbara and David Fitzgerald, Mike Higgins, Janet and Rich Hirsch, Pat and Lou Harting, Ron Sansone, Ken Lanning, Hilda Schryver and Marilyn Meyer
 Our speaker was Bill Brunjes from Brunjes and Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers.  Bill went through the steps we should follow to put in a sewer system at the lake.  The Jefferson County Commission must be petitioned to form a sewer district.  It could be formed and functional in a year.  They would run the sewer district for the first 5 years, they would appoint the people to run it.  They must report to the County Commission every year.  After 5 years we would run the district with elected board members but have to report on a regular basis.  Then there would be a Revenue Bond Issue which would be the total cost of the project plus 50 per cent more authority to borrow.
 A Bond Council would be established, suggested Gilmore and Bell.  The Funding Source should be the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utility Services.  He felt the rate would be 4.5 percent for a 35 year loan.  He highly recommended a long term loan to be paid off with inflation dollars.  For the Legal Council  he suggested the firm of Roland Wegmann in Hillsboro.  He later elaborated on the importance of borrowing from the Dept. of Ag. to form the sewer district for 33 years.  The five member board would send the user fees to pay off the loan to the Dept. of Ag.
He would only consider an aeration system for our treatment plant.  They are forgiving, do not disrupt your facility, would have 30 days storage.  Suggested we use as much gravity as possible, stay away from lift stations because they are costly and have high maintenance.
As for the construction, they would build a 3 celled lagoon on compact clay base with a flat bottom.  It would be 200 by 1,000 ft. with a water depth of 10 ft.  It would have 2 air pumps that would create small air bubbles.  It would take 30-32 days from input to outflow.  There would be a blower building 12 by 16 ft. with blowers.  A maintenance man would have to be hired as a contractor to oversee its operation for approximately 2 hours per week.
Our second guest was Lannie Zavorka from Lake Wauwanoka.  She was also interested in Bill's discussion since they need to update their sewer system.  Lake Wauwanoka has bben using Jerry Weber of Thurman, Howald, Weber, Senkel and Norrick in Hillsboro.   Mr. Weber helped them circumvent their assessment limitation so they could raise funds to repave their roads.  She also recommended we become involved with the Mo. Stream Teams, get a $500 test kit so we could test our lake water on a regular basis.  They have felt it necessary to have a history of their water quality because of new land development in their watershed.