July 11, 2006

Lake Tishomingo Property Owner Association

Board of Directors Meeting

The meeting opened at 7:05 p.m. with the following members present:
Joe Hejnal
Larry Kimmel
Marilyn Meyer
Ron Sansone
Janet Hirsch

Kevin Seelbach
Pat Harting

and 38 lot owners were in the audience.

Minutes were approved as posted on the website. (jmh motion/lk second)

President We will all work together and use the annual opinion survey results to help guide decisions. Thank you for voting, everyone got to voice their opinion. 134 people voted.


June 2006 Financial Report

Cash Inflow
Special Assessment 2006 and 2007 17,718.97
Lot Sales 3,000.00
Gate Passes 35.00
Interest on both accounts 26.31
Total Cash Inflow 20,780.28

Cash Outflow
Loan Payment 4,489.55
Payroll 670.80
Real Estate Taxes 83.83
IngersolL-Rand Bobcat Payment 1,166.20
Election Authority -Sewer Vote 11.27
Perimeter Protection - Gate Passes 437.94
Lake Tish Quick Shop Patrol Boat Gas 31.00
Rock, Screening 965.04
Biller Hauling 1,852.50
Labor 2,861.25
Utilities 116.09
Money Market Payment to Loan 20,000.00
Total Cash Outflow 32,685.47

Checking Account Balance 46,434.22
Money Market Balance 5,561.57
CD 12,000.00
Total Cash on Hand 63,995.79

Special Assessments (2004-2005) outstanding 50.00
Regular Assessments (2004-2005) outstanding 300.00
Special Assessments (2005-2006) outstanding 903.53
Regular Assessments (2005-2006) outstanding 3,542.09

Loan Balance June 30, 2006 ($11.90 per day) 69,892.06

Treasurer's report accepted and the following bills were presented for payment and approved. (jmh/lk)
Legal, Q2 Y2006 160
Pipe 6100
Stone 1018.71
McClaren Grading 7055
Concrete 892.46
House Springs Quarry 2702.68
Diesel fuel 617
Ingersoll Rand, Bobcat 1166.20
Reininger copies 15.15
Stamps & envelopes 128.39
Mowing of dam 200
Insurance 200
Arch Asphalt, road repair 8400

Our attorney, Dennis Tesearu, is raising his hourly fee to $115. The board voted to continue to use him as needed. (lk/mlm)

Finance Committee: Finance committee assisted the Treasurer with the preparation of the year-to-date financial summary and with the preparation of the Fiscal Year 2004-2005 financial data for the audit.

Communications: We have three media for getting information to lot owners: newsletter, website, and weekly email. And we obtain information from the website opinion page and the annual opinion survey. The survey statistical analysis was reported in the last newsletter and tonight we are distributing the comments that were written on the survey forms. Opinion survey results.

The board will use the results to provide guidance and will review all the comments. There are some good suggestions included in the comments.

Communications means the exchange of messages and information. You don't have to wait for a board meeting -- you may contact any one of us. We all have mailboxes, telephones, and email.

Security: There were three deliberate breaks of the gate and we will prosecute the offenders. We need volunteers to help with the boat patrol. Invoice was presented for the recently purchased boat flags and tee-shirts for the volunteers. Payment approved. (lk/Joe H) Larry, Barb, and Ron Rohm patrolled on July 4 and asked folks not to water ski during the boat parade. Security Report. Gate Report.

Building: No new building requests to report.

Maintenance: New maintenance committee being formed

This committee will be responsible for maintaining the equipment and grounds. Some of the old unusable equipment will be sold or given away. If you are interested, contact one of the committee members. We will keep the tractor, small tools, salt truck/spreader, and a few other items. The rest will be disposed of.

The maintenance shed is in very bad condition. It should be repaired or removed. We have a very good concrete walled pad currently used only for salt storage. If we can cover the pad we will be able to provide more protection for the equipment.

We plan on two more days of excavator/hauling to finish the silt removal from the lakefront. If anyone wants a load of silt contact a board member. It will cost about $65 to have a truck transfer it to your lot.

The Bobcat will be available for renting with a certified operator. Contact Kevin Seelbach to rent or to be certified.

Dave Fitzgerald suggested that no Board member be allowed to operate the Bobcat and no payment be made to any operator.

Jerry Uhlenbrock suggested that we repair the docks at the lakefront and that an area at the entrance be converted to boat and trailer storage.

Jan Hunnicutt asked about the abandoned car in the parking lot. We have the license info and Larry Kimmel will investigate.

Tim Schryver reported that a culvert pipe on Meadow Dr should be repaired.

Website: 360 copies of the newsletter were mailed. Contact Janet Hirsch if you did not receive one. The newsletter is also posted at the website. Newest entry at the website is Fourth of July pictures. Russ Wilner is working to set up a lake photo facility where everyone can upload pictures and share them. Deadline for next newsletter is August 20.

LTIA: Winners of the boat parade

  1. Gary Ryan, Pirates of the Tishomingo
  2. Steve Blaha, Under the Sea
  3. Leiweke & Jost, Fish Lake Tish

Thank you to everyone who participated. Next LTIA event is Mystery Dinner, August 12. Dress and bring tropical attire and food. It'll be fun!

Old Business: Jerry Uhlenbrock reported that water testing will be done this Friday. This will be the first water quality test in 2006. After Friday's test we will have to pay about $150 for each complete test. ($12 per sample, about 12 samples are taken per test.) The watershed committee will be walking the creek soon.

A new leak committee has been established to investigate and monitor the leak at the back of the dam:

New Business: O'Dell (C-7, -8) and Marscheutz (B-24, -25) presented materials related to a use of private property and lake-owned path dispute. It appears to be a private matter that the owners must resolve. The board members will look at the path and investigate on behalf of the LTPOA.

Najbart (H-32, -33, -34) asked for clarification of the restriction in which a lot has to be offered to the neighbors on each side when it is being sold. The board believes that it is the owners' reponsibility to get legal advice on these matters.

Jim Gray (O-44) spoke about the difficulties using the new boat ramp. Ron Sansone said that we will be adjusting the slope of the ramp and that Mr Gray can use Ron's property in the meantime.

Meeting adjourned at 8:33 pm.