Gate Report, 7-11-2006

Gate Operation

There were three intentional entry gate breaks in the last month:
· June 18 (Sun) at 10:32 PM
· June 30 (Fri) at 12:24 AM
· July 4 (Tue) at 11:00 PM

In all three cases young men left their cars and physically broke or damaged the gate arm. In two of the cases we have the license plate numbers and a good description of the cars involved. Evidence will be turned over to the Jefferson County Sheriff in these cases. In the third case we have a good description of the car, but not the plate number.

Gate Cards

Gate access cards are now available from members of the Gate Committee. Cards are still $5 per card. Forms are available at the website or from members of the Gate Committee.

Ambulance Entry

Because of a question Ray Lauer asked about an ambulance that visited Lake Tish on July 4, I looked at the video surveillance tape. From the video I saw the ambulance pause at the Lake's entry gate for a couple of minutes until someone with a gate card let him in. I was bothered by this, so I called Big River Ambulance and this is what I learned:

They thought the code number given to them to operate the gate no longer worked and that the siren sensor was now the only way to get past the gate. (I told them the old code still worked and that I would program in an additional code specifically for them that is easier for them to remember.)

Rich Hirsch, for the gate committee