Security Report July 11, 2006
I would like to first take this opportunity to thank Ray Lauer for his work on this committee in the past. I hope to continue to consult with Ray on future matters.

In an attempt to cut down on the trespassing andlor poaching by non-residents, I am preparing for the Board a plan that may solve some of these problems. This plan will include identification stickers for each car, boat and trailer owned by residents of Lake Tishomingo. The registration process is going to be a difficult one. Therefore, I would appreciate any assistance in this matter. With the new stickers and with increased monitoring and reporting of suspicious activity by each member of our community, we can maintain a safe environment for our residents.

Another area of concern has been the lack of adherence to the rules and regulations of the Lake by boaters. The stickers will again help identif' the violator and enable us to contact the responsible party. In this regard, we need volunteers for Lake Patrol. It is vital that we have adequate representation on the water.

I have received CD's of more than one individual deliberately breaking the gate. I have been asked by the Board to prosecute these offenders through Jefferson County. These vandals are costing our community money and time.

It is our intent to prosecute vandals, etc. when we have the evidence that is needed to do so. We have these guys on film.
I look forward to serving as Security Director for the coming year and will greatly appreciate any and all help that you can provide.

Thank you.
Larry Kimmel
Security Director