LTPOA Board of Directors Meeting Sept 13, 2005

The meeting opened at 7:10 p.m. with the following board members present: Matt Holloran, Ray Lauer, Ron Sansone, Pat Harting, Marilyn Meyer and Larry Kimmel. 23 lot owners were present.

The minutes of the August meeting were approved with the following corrections:

Treasurer's Report the cash outflow figures for taxes should read $886.18 making the total outflow $17,329.85.

President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the corrected minutes, motion made by Ray Lauer, seconded by Matt Holloran, motion approved.

Treasurers Report

Cash Inflow
Regular Assessments 2004 2,023.23
Regular Assessments 2005 60,629.19
Special Assessments 2004 200.00
Special Assessments 2005 1,333.78
Gate pass revenue 25.00
Penalty & legal 1,155.86
Interest 68.20
Total 65,435.26

Cash Outflow
Loan 4,489.55
Gate & Security
Will Electronics 249.56
Signature Control 583.00
Gate overcharge 250.00
Security Guard (30 hours) 1,024.20
Taxes, patrol boat motor sales tax 270.11
Legal, second quarter 1,027.72
Utilities 115.13
Total 8,009.27
Checking Account Balance 153,942.59
Money Market Account 3,389.30
Total Cash on Hand 157,331.89
Special Assessments (2004-05) outstanding 456.58
Regular Assessments (2004-05) outstanding 1,519.73
Loan Principal (August 21, 2005) 155,765.70
Interest per day $23.80

Motion was made by Ray Lauer, seconded by Matt Holloman to accept the finance report, motion carried.

The following invoice was presented for payment: Insurance $13,960.66

This bill is due the 30th of the month, Matt Holloran will try and negotiate a lower rate. Marilyn reported that this was an increase of $181 from last year. Gail Lents asked how much the LTIA pays of this invoice. Marilyn said she would check into this a report back to Gail.

Motion made by Ray Lauer, seconded by Larry Kimmell to pay the bills as presented. Motion carried.

Finance Committee

Janet Hirsch reported that the Finance Committee and the LTPOA Board met and decided on the annual budget for the coming year. The figures will be used for the year-to-date financial reports.

Security Report

Ray Lauer read thesecurity report.


Prior to Matt Holloran giving his report Ray Lauer requested the floor. His request was granted and he read a report  as his personal reflection on certain events which have transpired in the past few months. Upon finishing, Ray was met by applause of appreciation from those present.

Matt began his report by thanking Ray for his support and said that as the positions on the board were strictly voluntary, there was no way that you could satisfy everybody all the time. He then proceeded with his maintenance report. He said that he had 4 bids for sealing the centre seam in the new road prior to winter. This is necessary to protect the road from water damage. The low bid was $11,500 with the high bid at $16,000. Ray Lauer made a motion, seconded by Larry Kimmel to accept the bid of $11,500.

Matt then said that the surface of the new road needed to be seal coated in order to preserve it. He stated that squegeeing is the best way to seal the road. He had obtained the following from the same contractor; the contractor was prepared to hold a bid of $57,800 until next year if it was approved this year. The other bids ranged from $60,000 to $66,000. It was noted that we would not be held liable for this bid if circumstances changed, such as installation of sewers. This bid was strictly for the roads inside the gate.

Matt's third item was for two loads of rock to smooth out the dropoff as you come into the parking lot. The cost of this would be based on the amount brought.

Ray Lauer made a motion, seconded by Ron Sansone, motion passed.

Matt then reported on the pad requirement for those driveways (both lakeside and second tier) which were presently not paved. These would require a 6" rock base and 3" of asphalt, with a minimum of 20ft from the roadway. These should be in by June 2007.

Building Director

Larry Kimmel reported on the following permit requests:

There had been a request for permission from a homeowner to change the location of path between two of their lots. There was no objection from the neighbor bordering the lots. This was thought not to be possible from the original bylaws and only one path was known to have been moved in the past 25 years. Mr. Covington from Jefferson County would be consulted prior to contacting the attorney.


Gail Lents reported on the following upcoming events:

Web Site

Janet Hirsch reported that the most recent addition to the web site was the Farwig fire, information about Irene Ross's house in Biloxi and bringing broadband internet service to the lake. The deadline for the next newsletter is October 23rd.

Old Business:

Grass cutting of the dam: An invoice for $1,200 for grass cutting of the dam was presented to the Board by the LTIA for payment. Neither board considered they were responsible for payment of the bill.

Matt Holloran explained the responsibility of the LTPOA board with respect to the requirements of Jefferson County for maintenance of the dam. The dam passed the County's inspection and will not require further inspection for three years.

Three bids had not been received by the Board for the work to be performed and the Board was unaware that the dam had in fact been cut until after the fact.

The LTIA stated their position saying that the LTPOA was responsible for maintenance of the dam and the Fire Marshall requested that the grass on the dam be cut before he could issue a permit for the 4th July firework display. This was later rescinded as a fire truck would be made available. Authorization was given by someone for the dam to be cut although who actually gave this is not clear.

After much discussion on the need for three bids and who was responsible for payment a motion was made by Pat Harting, seconded by Marilyn Meyer that the LTPOA pay 50% of the invoice, motion carried.

New Business:

The question of a possible assessment increase was brought up so that grass cutting type maintenance could be hired. Although it was pointed out that the volunteers do a good job there is much more that could be done to improve the appearance of the lake. President Sansone pointed out that taking into account inflation, the original 55 cent assessment charge would now be $4.55 and we pay $4.00. This will need to be discussed prior to the next election and will need to be decided 90 days prior to the election for inclusion on the ballot.

The gate overcharge had been discussed with Roger and the matter taken care of.

Jerry Uhlenbrock read his report from the Health Department. A form will be put in the newsletter so that houses with obvious faulty septic systems can be reported to Jefferson County for them to investigate. There will be no charge for this. The County will also continue monitoring the lake.

Chyree De Roode questioned the progress of the aquatic planting around the lake requested by the anglers. She was concerned that this would cause the same problem the lake had in the past, when it was almost impossible to go into the lake because of the heavy vegetation which was a problem for swimmers and boaters. Larry Kimmel did not have anything to report and it was suggested that Miss Flores from the MO Dept of Conservation be contacted.

The need to examine the fire hydrants around the lake was discussed. This will be taken up with Kevin Seelbach from the Board as he is a fire fighter.

Pam Otero C24 & 25 requested information on registration of her dock for insurance purposes. Larry Kimmel will assist her.

The question of attorney fees was raised. Marilyn replied that they were dependent upon a number of factors.

A request was made for a handrail to be placed next to the new steps and a sign stating "No Skateboarding" be erected by the Community House.

The problem of dumping in the lake was discussed. This will be addressed with the Anglers Association to ascertain what exactly is considered fish cover and for removal of surplus items.

There being no further business, President Sansone requested a motion to adjourn, motion made by Ray Lauer seconded by Matt Holloran. Meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Pat Harting, Secretary