September 2005 Security Report

Summer will soon give way to Fall like temperatures and, in my estimation, we enjoyed a relatively good season at Lake Tishomingo. There were several instances when property owners seemed to enjoy not abiding by our boating regulations, and when observed, they were asked to obey the rules that have been in place for years, to guarantee the safety of all lake users. For the most part, these violations consisted of operating pontoon boats at an increased speed, or in the wrong direction, and on several occasions operating ski or fishing boats after dark at very fast speeds. I just need to emphasize that the rules are not anything that have been drawn up by this Board, but have been in existence for many years. When new property owners are identified, I make certain they are now provided with a set of these long established regulations.

Once again, we need to show our appreciation to Roger Hovis for managing not only the patrol boat, but the operation of the gate as well. Also, we are thankful for those who volunteered on weekends to man the patrol boat.

There are but a few things on which to report about the security operation.

As everyone is aware, there was a devastating fire earlier this month at the home of Dale and Janet Farwig. I had the opportunity to converse with Goldman Fire Chief Gary Peters, while at the fire scene, and he mentioned there was a need for firefighters to break the gate to gain entry. While Goldman firefighters have been given our assigned code to raise the gate, there were several other units from various fire districts that responded to the house fire. They were not provided with the code.

Chief Peters said that several years ago, he mentioned to Board members that some gate operations are equipped with a device so that the sound of an approaching siren causes a gate to automatically raise. I'm not certain if the gate we have from Signature Control can be outfitted with an automatic system as described, but I've asked Roger to make contact with our representative to make that determination. If such a device is available, and if the cost is reasonable, I'll report to the Board at the next meeting. Roger also told me he was informed we have a new representative from Signature, but he had not spoken with that individual as of last week.

There is another issue of concern that I wish to mention. As anyone knows who stood at the fire scene, there was a continual need for firefighters to drive to the beach area to load water in to their water tanks. Whether this would have had a difference in overcoming the heavy fire, I am uncertain. I do recall that some 12 or 13 years ago, dry fire hydrants were purchased and placed in some locations around the lake. The hydrants are inoperable now because of the low water level. Perhaps we should learn more about these dry hydrants and determine if additional ones can be installed. I know nothing about these hydrants, but if anyone recalls any matter about their purchase and installation, perhaps they would volunteer to research whether there is a need for more of those items.

Next, I want to report there was a boat trailer abandoned near the community house for more than three weeks. When the Sheriff's office was contacted last week, I was told we could make whatever disposition we cared. A property owner has taken the trailer to his home, and agreed that if the rightful owner makes a claim on the trailer that it will be turned over to him. Well, the owner, a new property owner, telephoned me this morning and will soon be reunited with the trailer. He believed it was all right to leave the trailer where it had been left.

Finally, it is always good to review safety tips that are made available to us. Each week the News Democrat Journal contains an article written by a Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper and another penned by a representative of one of our nearby fire districts. Both articles can be found on page 2-A. They make worthwhile reading. The Journal newspaper can be obtained, free of charge, from the display box next to the guard shack. The Journal newspaper can be accessed via Internet, however, I've not been able to locate the safety articles through this medium.