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LTPOA Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2007

The meeting opened at 7:05 p.m. with the following board members present: Janet Hirsch, Ron Sansone, Pat Harting, Marilyn Meyer, Larry Kimmel, Kevin Seelbach and Joe Hejnal.

The following correction to the May minutes was noted: Old Business - Ron Sansone will be paying assessments on all lots O39 - O43.

President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the corrected minutes, motion made by Janet Hirsch, seconded by Marilyn Meyer, motion passed unanimously.

Presidents Report

President Sansone began by thanking Larry Kimmel for taking out the old docks at the Community Center and also for driving to Springfield to pick up the two new 6' x 16" docks to replace them. This saved the lake a considerable amount of money in delivery charges. It is anticipated that more docks will be added during the course of the summer.

President Sansone then reminded everyone that the Annual General Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, June 16 beginning at 11:30 a.m. He wanted to remind everyone that the special assessment would be taken off. He said that significant progress had been made on the remodeling of the bathrooms despite the fact that two concrete floors had been found, both of which had to be removed. He said that the ladies bathroom would not have one regular toilet and one handicapped and a double vanity and the men's bathroom will be the same.

Bathroom bonds are for the renovation are for sale. So far $4,500 has been raised for the renovation.

Treasurers Report

Marilyn Meyer, Treasurer, reported for May

Marilyn reported that there are only 4 delinquent property owners for the years 2004-2006.

She said that $30,000 had been moved from the money market account and put towards the loan, so that the loan is now at $24,053.03. More money will be moved when the loan becomes due on July 1st and the balance needed to repay the loan in full will be taken from the general checking account. Marilyn then said that the bank was very impressed with how quickly we have paid off this loan.

A motion was made by Larry Kimmel, seconded by Janet Hirsch to accept the treasurer's report as read. Motion carried.

Marilyn presented the following bills for payment:

Larry Kimmel - gas for Springfield 67.00

Dave Whalen - mowing 285.00

Mickey's Portable Toilets 90.00

Clarue Holland - Pipe for dam leak 58.98

Leader Publication - ¼ page environment sewer notice 528.00

McBee Systems - Printing of checks 114.79

Wholesale Plumbing & Supply - Pipe for dam leak 348.53

Marilyn again reiterated that monies spent on the sewer project will be reimbursed to the LTPOA when the sewer project gets underway. Janet Hirsch made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Larry Kimmel, motion passed.

Finance Committee

Janet Hirsch reported that the year to date cash flow statement and analysis of the loan balance was available. She said that initially the loan was based on a 5-year special assessment to pay back the loan. However, due to diligence on the part of the Finance Committee it will be paid back in 4 years. The balance of $17,000 will be paid from the regular checking account.


Larry Kimmel reported that the main problem that the boat patrol is encountering is people going too fast particularly in pontoons. A discussion followed on how we can enforce citations to people violating the lake boating regulations. Loss of boating privileges and schedules for various fines were suggested with repeat offenders having to come before the board. How other lakes enforce safety regulations was also discussed. These regulations are for the safety of lake residents and the rule is no wake for pontoons and for speed boats after 7 p.m. Janet Hirsch reported that on the opinion poll taken at last year's general meeting, 71% of the people agreed on enforcing the regulations. Larry reported that it is not only speeding that is a problem, other violations are just as dangerous, e.g. skiing without a spotter in the boat, going the wrong way around the lake, no lights at night etc. He said that the first step in getting this under control was to begin to get people mindful of the rules.

Larry reported that he is still working on getting stickers to everyone. If you need a sticker please call Larry. It was brought up from the floor that Raintree has a two part-sticker system - one for a car and one for a boat - and these stickers are replaced every year. However, the cost and lack of manpower for us to do this would be prohibitive.


Janet Hirsch reported that changes to the website had been made and it now carries a copy of the newsletter in color. The project list for the lake was also posted. This list, put together by Russ Wilner, lists all the projects both LTPOA and LTIA which are in progress. She said that we now have a long term plan and if you have a question you can call the project leader listed on the plan.

Building Director

Joe Hejnel reported the following requests:

Timmersman - I38 - I41. Requested permission to remove silt from their cove

Hejnal - O19B-O21. Repair old dock and replace steps and railroad ties

Frauenfelder - K32-K33 and Betzold K76-K77. Build dock in front of K32 for two boats

Motion made by Larry Kimmel to grant building requests, seconded by Kevin Seelbach, motion carried.

Bryant - K9-K10. Requests permission for dock. More information is needed

Joe then reported that he had been approached by Jimmy Marler who requested permission to use the salvage yard easement to put a driveway to a piece of property he was buying. It was noted that the road already has the three easements originally granted him and he asked for the same request a year ago and that request was denied. Concern was expressed as to how many houses he could build on the new property and it was decided that legal counsel would be sought.


Kevin Seelbach reported that he was tying to get the volley ball court finished. He then reported that pricing was being sought to replace the fence by the spillway as it was very dangerous not to have one there with such a big drop off. He estimated that it would take 2 days to install.

Rick Hannick was interested in purchasing the blue truck. Kevin would get together with him.

Dam Committee

Rich reported that the pipe to repair the dam leak could be done before the AGM. Clarue Holland has a video on dam maintenance and a time to show this will be looked into.

Old Business

Ron Sansone reported that he had received another bid for the pipe to lower the lake. He said that it was considerably cheaper due to the fact that the pipe would now be placed on the east side of the dam rather than over the spillway. He said that he would be receiving two other bids in the near future. Clarue Holland said that you have to check with DNR for their rules and regulations before you do anything with a dam and President Sansone replied that we had been in contact with them and the pipe would be going over the dam not through it.

Clarue reported that she was obtaining measurements which needed to be taken for the inspection of the fire chief.

New Business

Lake resident Michael Mattina from the Wild Life Center of Missouri, an organization which takes in injured and orphaned wildlife, came to talk about the program. He said that he would like us to consider being a release site for rehabilitated wildlife. When any animal was released from the Center they wanted to ensure that it would be going to a suitable location and we are a wildlife preserve. He said that we could be selective in which wildlife we were prepared to take. Janet Hirsch took the form which lists all the animals they take care of and release into the wild.

President Sansone said that Joe Hejnal and Pat Harting would be standing for re-election at the AGM. Mary Lieweke, election commissioner, said that she had not received any other requests to be placed on the ballot.

Ray Lauer said that there was now a problem with muskrats and he had seen them in his cove. He said that they could be very destructive and burrow under seawalls. When the lake had the same problem a few years ago, a professional trapper had been hired to trap them. He said that they feed on water willow and vegetation. A letter will be sent to those people who have planted water willow in the lake as water willow is very invasive.

Chris Townsend wanted to clarify an opinion which was reported in the March minutes. He said that according to number 16 of the restrictions, every property owner had the right to use the lake and no one had more right than anyone else. Property owners could use the easement around the lake and could have docks. He said that on the initial advertisement for the lake, it stated that all lots would have a dock. However, it was pointed out to him that it was just that an advertisement and not a legally binding document and should not be considered as such. He said that there was enough lake frontage for everybody on the lake to have their own dock and to this end he suggested that all pathways be reinstalled. If there pathways were next to an unbuildable lot then eminent domain should be used to gain access to the lake for upper tier residents who wished to place a dock at the end of the pathway. He also wanted to bring up the liability issue of the new public docks with unsupervised children having access to them and the possibility of fire due to cigarette smoking. Discussion followed on various issues such as, lake front lots/homes are more expensive because they do have lake frontage, docks are not allowed to be built at the end of public paths, there is property owner access to the lake at the community center etc.

There being no further business, Larry Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Kevin Seelbach to adjourn. Motion carried. The meeting ended at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Harting