LTPOA Meeting Minutes June 14, 2005

The meeting opened at 7:27 p.m. with the following board members present:

Pat Harting, Matt Holloran, Bev Jost, Marilyn Meyer, Ron Sansone. 36 lot owners were present.

The minutes of the May meeting having been posted on the website, inserted in the newsletter and passed out at the meeting, President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the minutes, motion made by Matt Holloran, seconded Bev Jost, motion passed unanimously.

Kathy Hopfer questioned the board on the authorization for Matt Holloran to do the emergency work after the flood. She asked President Sansone if he polled the board at the time or did he personally just make that decision. Ron replied that he did not really remember, he did speak to some of the board but that this was an emergency and he had to act quickly. She also wanted to know what the commissions were from the sale of the dredge. After an explanation from Matt Holloran, the secretary said that an error had been made and the word should have been commission not commissions. Chris Townsend who was not at the May meeting said that stickers were necessary and also wanted the minutes altered. A comment from the floor said that Ray felt that they were necessary and minutes could not be altered once they had been approved, only additional comments from the floor could be entered into the next minutes. On the question of signs at the lake, our restrictions state that no signs are permitted on any lot except for the property owners name or address. He wanted clarification of this. He also stated that Jim Marler came before the board to request an additional driveway but Mr. Marler discussed the driveway after the meeting had adjourned. Jerry Uhlenbrock reported that the contact at the health department is Kathy Ryan. Kathy Hopfer again questioned the placing of silt. President Sansone again asked for acceptance of the minutes, motion made by Matt Holloran seconded by Chris Townsend, motion accepted.

Presidents Report

Ron said it was phenomenal how the debt had been lowered. A couple of years ago we were at approximately $460,000 and you will see from the Treasurers report that we are now under $200,000. He thanked the Garden Club for the sign and the work they did at the entrance and to Rich Hirsch and Robert Hovis for the work on the actual sign.

Treasurers Report

Marilyn Meyer passed out copies of the financial report and reported on the following items:

Gate Damage $ 250.00
Penalties 58.00
Interest 25.00
Ad 45.00

Utilities 116.00
Administrative 428.76
Insurance 285.00
Payroll 711.00
Legal 2,902.00
Bridge & Parking Lot 8,873.00
Loan 4,490.00
Entrance Sign 224.00

Checking Account as of 5/31/05 $42,836
Money Market as of 5/31/05 $3,948
Cash on Hand $46,784.00
Loan Balance as of 5/21/05 $189,980

So far from the special assessment we have taken in $28,620.38 as of the end of May. One delinquent assessment of $100 was also received from 04. Marilyn also wanted to report the good news that our interest payment which was $44.87 to $28.47 per day. She wanted to congratulate all those who voted for this special assessment. She said that she had received 280 special assessment payments and collected $42,110 for the special assessments.

Marilyn reported that the audit had been completed by a Terry Bouska and he reported that all materials were provided in good order and based on his observations all income and expenses had been reported and no questionable transactions were found during this process. In his opinion all procedures used to collect revenues and pay expenses were adequate to prevent any misappropriation of funds. Marilyn said that the audit was available for inspection. The audit was from August 03 to July 04. On a comment from the floor on the need for audits, the current board said it will ensure that the audit is carried out yearly. Due to time restraints the books this year will be available for inspection

Marilyn presented the following bills for payment

Termite treatment 276.00
Payroll 355.40
Ray Lauer 52.00 - (timber, cement for sign)
Marilyn Meyer 106.00 - (annual meeting postage)
Accountant 250.00
Janet Hirsch 450.42 - (March & May LTPOA reports)

Rick Hannick wanted clarification of the $42,836 in the checking account. It was again explained that this is all the $3 regular assessment money.

Chris Townsend asked why the total amount of $28,620.38 from the special assessments from May had not been moved from the money market account. Marilyn explained that she had moved $25,000 leaving a balance of $3,000 in the money market account. There is now $39,000 in it. She said that she can only make transfers three times per week. Chris then asked that as of 5/13 the $42,110.35 is the total amount received from special assessments. Marilyn replied yes.

Jerry Uhlenbrock wanted to know how it was determined which group received money from an ad in the newspaper. If the ad is in connection with the LTPOA the money goes to them, if the LTIA it goes to them. He wanted to know if money could go into the LTPOA as it was a non profit organization, yes it can. He then wanted to know who pays for the newsletter, Gail responded that the LTIA pays for the postage permit and the LTPOA pays for the postage and supplies.

Matt Holloran made a motion to accept the treasurers report and pay the bills, seconded by Chris Townsend, motion passed. Pat Harting made a motion to pay the bills as presented, seconded by Bev Jost, motion passed.

Finance Committee

Janet Hirsch presented the spread sheet on the finances based on the treasurer's report. She said that there had been some questions and complaints voiced about the treasurer's report. She said that she was happy to report that as of May the report was now in good shape with an easy to understand format.

In answering Rick Hannick's question concerning the special and regular assessment monies, Janet explained that the very top line is regular assessments and the second line shows the special assessments. She said that our annual regular assessment budget is $163,068 and of that we are committed to paying $53,875 for loan repayment. She explained that the restriction was written that the regular assessment was increased to $3 per front foot so that is why it is reported as regular assessment. Chris further explained that it was for loan repayment on major projects. She said that the spread sheet would be available for the annual report and also last years spread and also a summary of the past five years.

Security Director

Matt Holloran read a letter from Roger Hovis concerning the boat patrol and the gate. A copy of the letter is attached. Matt wanted to express gratitude to Roger for all the time he volunteers to both the boat patrol and gate and said that if Roger approaches you for a violation, it is because he is concerned for your safety and the safety of all those at the lake and you should thank him when you see him. However due to apparent lack of cooperation and contempt by certain individuals both he and Ray would no longer be assisting in misdemeanor offences. The Jefferson County sheriff would have to be called. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that residents who break the gate would be required to pay the same fines as non-residents. If they do not pay the fine, they will be turned over to the attorney. Concern was expressed at the size of the arm. It was recommended that the size of this be looked into as apparently they are designed to break so as not to damage the gate or the shaft. President Sansone wanted to say that Roger should be given all the support he needs for his excellent work on such difficult tasks.

Ray Lauer was not present at the meeting and his report was read.

Rick Hannick requested that the guard check that the fisherman who fishing down by the club house on Friday and Saturday are actual residents. President Sansone said that he would request this.

Car stickers were again discussed. Because stickers are expensive President Sansone requested Jerry Uhlenbrock to look into the cost and report back to the board. Jerry suggested that the stickers be sent out when the assessments were received.


Ed Ahlmeyer, K29-31 has requested permission to move his boat lift from its present location to the other side of his dock. There were problems associated with putting the lift in and it was placed on the other side of his dock. He now wishes to move it back to where the original permit was for. Permission granted.

Charles Lents, A5 has requested permission to build a garage and a hobby room addition. All permits and plans have been reviewed by the board and Jefferson County. Motion made by Chris Townsend, seconded by Matt Holloman, motion passed.

Kathy Hopfer wanted to know if the oversized boat dock on the south side which used to be a boat slip and a dock had been checked out. Bev reported that she had measured it and looked underneath and saw the original pipes were still there. A letter will be sent to them informing them to put the dock and slip back to the original size.

Ken Marschuetz reported that Mrs. Huckenbeck has an oversized dock that is in need of repair and she would like to repair the dock back to 6ft wide by 7ft long. Bev said that a permit would be required. President Sansone asked for a motion to grant the permit, motion made by Chris Townsend seconded by Marilyn Meyer, motion carried.


Jerry Uhlenbrock has a form from Jefferson County if you have any questions or concerns with regard to neighbor's septic tanks. Currently there is one property with a septic tank problem. The home owner has been given 30 days to proceed and an engineer from the county will inform the home owner how to proceed. Once the county has been notified of a problem, even if you try and fix it yourself, the county will still tell you what to do and how to do it. Jerry said that as most of the tanks at the lake are at least 10 years old you should have them checked to prevent future problems. Various companies offer this service and Jerry said that he would be willing to assist homeowners with locating their lines.

Jerry said that Jefferson County will be testing the quality of the lake for another 6 to 8 months. They send him a cumulative report. If you wish to see the report Jerry has them available so that in five years time we can look back and see the quality of the lake.


Matt Holloran reported that we had received the dam report. There were a couple of maintenance issues. We were being asked that when the trees were cut at the back of the dam they are cut down to level and the stumps are covered with polyurethane to prevent ragout. They also require the log removed from the spillway. They also require that all the woody vegetation downstream that involves our property be removed. Matt stated that he was not aware of pine trees growing down there but it appeared that that they were being cut off and thrown into our spillway. He said that he had received a couple of calls with regards to this, and he responded that unless they had a picture of somebody actually doing this it was only hearsay. He asked that if anyone sees people throwing trees down the spillway, a photograph would help with the solution. The woody vegetation referred to was the vegetation in the bed because it is diverting the water to one side or the other. Matt then went on to report that the left side of the dam is seeping at a rate of 1 to 2 gallon per minute but no water was flowing at the time of the inspection. It was therefore recommended that this be inspected. It was mentioned to the inspector that this was on ongoing occurrence. Rick Hannick said that everyone he had ever spoken to with regard to this problem had said that the water coming from this was ground water from a spring. In connection with the dam report it was recommended that the stream be diverted so that it "wears" evenly on the bed. Matt said that the board was still accepting bids from reliable contractor who has insurance to do the renovation work on the parking lot and the sink holes along the road. So far only one bid has been received from a contractor in Washington, but we need to see if we can get someone closer as they will very likely be less expensive. The rocks in the boat launch area was also mentioned. Matt was explaining to residents when they called him that he was trying to get 3 bids to get this taken care of. Jerry Uhlenbrock mentioned the downed trees that were half in and out of the water. Matt questioned the home owner in question and he said that he knew nothing about it. Jerry said that the tree had been cut down from the homeowners yard and Matt replied that once again without a picture its one neighbor against another neighbor. Fish cover is one thing but this obviously was just cut down and allowed to fall into the water. Matt went and looked at it and it is still possible to walk around the lake so no rules are being broken in respect to access. A discussion followed with no conclusion being made.

Gail Lents reported on a maintenance issue related to the 4th July firework display. She said that the back of the dam must be mowed prior to this or the fire chief will not give permission for the display. Matt said he would try to get the required 3 bids. The cost would be taken out of the regular fund.


On July 3 there will be the coronation for either Miss or Mr. Tishomingo. She encouraged all lake residents to attend to support the candidates. The ceremony is scheduled for 6 p.m. The boat parade on the 4th will commence at 3 p.m. This year there will be trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The fireworks will be at dusk. The August meeting will be an ice cream social. She said that after the annual meeting of the POA the vote count would be posted on the bulletin board due to the fact that the building was rented for a wedding.

Web Site

Janet Hirsch reported that the web site was doing very well. There are now two new entries. One is the new sign donated by the Lakeside Gardeners and also a "Recent Catches" section. She said that the young girls were doing a great job fishing. The deadline for the next newsletter is June 19th.

Old Business

Janet Hirsch wanted to remind everyone to fill in the new survey which would be given out at the AGM. Jerry Uhlenbrock asked if individuals could obtain bids. Matt responded by saying that he would like individuals to contact him when they get someone to bid so that he could walk them thru what was needed.

Marilyn Meyer said that the sales office was in the process of being cleaned up If you donated a computer and would like it back please do so and if you would like any of the various parts please let her know. The old copier was also going to be disposed of so if anyone wanted it please let her know. She was going to see if an agency would take them off our hands. Jerry Uhlenbrock said that he had located a "scrap" yard located a short distance past M on 21 which only charges $5 per truck load. They will charge $10 to take compressors from refrigerators etc. One of the wooden desks was also available. The oil tank which was used for the dredge belongs to Home Services and they should be called.

New Business

The Garden Club will be meeting Thursday June 16 at the home of Bev Jost. Dixie Bryant asked for permission from the Board to replace the railing around the sales office and also renovating the guard shack. They eventually would also like to replace the railing down to the spillway. President Sansone said that this would not be a problem.

Marilyn reported that Bill Reinheimer has counted the number of posts that will be needed along the path. 28 posts and 26 2 x 6 railings. Due to the location of the posts, President Sansone will obtain pricing from a fence building.

Gail Lents also reported that someone has taken down the fence from the highest part of the spillway and stacked them up in a neat pile.

Dennis Leiendecker O13 & 14 stated that since 1970 his family has asking the board to address the spillway which runs between his property and Ron Sansone. There is also a creek which runs along a path. He said that were always being turned down due to a lack of funds. He said that in 2003 he thought the board had had this area surveyed but nothing more was done. He said that during the recent flood this areas was washed out his landscaping. He said the road will be lost if something is not done. Matt responded by saying that it was on his list of things to do and he would take off the reducer pipe which goes between his house and Mr. Sansone's. Matt further stated that if that was being done the pipe should also be done on the other side of the road where the silt is dumped. He said that it was on the list to get a price. Mr. Sansone said that he has replaced at least 8 tandem loads of dirt into this area. In response to the problems of the flood, everyone said that they had the same problems in respect to the debris from the high water and the roads was also impassable on the south side of the lake in two places. Matt again reiterated the need for three bids but he pointed out that it is very difficult to get contractors to come to the lake. A problem of people throwing fish carcasses back into the lake was brought up. If you see anyone doing this please report it. Kenny Lanning suggested that a committee be formed to keep an eye on the streams at the lake.

Larry Kimmel, M21 & 22 thanked the board for all the efforts on behalf of the lake. He said that he appreciated the responsibility shown by Ron and Matt in their decision making even though at times others disagreed with their decisions.

He went on to say that in his opinion security should be given the authority to check on the boat trailers on the weekends. He felt that the investment in new stickers would not cost that much money and we would then know who belonged here. He said that if they were residents and did not have new stickers they were not being responsible residents. He said give security the authority to call the sheriff if stickers were not on the boats. He also wanted to report on vandalism and the problem he had experienced when his house was "egged" twice in the past 5 days. Why he was singled out he had no ideas. He said if he did know who had done it he would have reported it to the police. Matt Holloran, who lives three doors away, has also experienced vandalism. Matt commented that a lot of the issues mentioned could possibly be greatly improved by giving more time to the security guard. President Sansone suggested the guard be given another 8 hours per week in the summer to address some of these problems and asked for a motion to this effect. Matt made the motion, seconded by Bev, motion passed.

Mr. Kimmel concluded by once again thanking the board and said that for all those who raising hell for the board, for everyone one there are a lot more people out here who are saying thank you.

Wilma Davis asked the board for raise the limit for the engines for boats. The board unanimously said no.

Rick Hannick requested to know whose terms were going to be up for the next election. Chris Townsend and Bev Jost's terms are up. Marilyn has to be reelected. Ron Sansone, Matt Holloran and Pat Harting all have one more year. Ray Lauer has two years.

There being no further business, Matt Holloran made a motion, seconded by Chris Townsend to adjourn motion passed.

The meeting ended at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Harting