June 2005 Meeting

Security Report

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy … if we all act responsibly.
by Ray Lauer

Every one of us has a responsibility to help protect our great investment that is known as Lake Tishomingo, the gem in mid Jefferson County. Summertime fun only can occur if we all obey the boating rules and drive safely on our roads.

The Patrol Boat, the motor of which was inundated while on a boatlift during the great flood of ’05, is now repaired and should be operational for the volunteers to ensure that our boating regulations are followed. We have witnessed many violations during the past several weeks, primarily by operators of pontoon boats who insist on operating at a speed greater than allowed. Sadly, some of the violators are long time property owners who show disdain for our regulations, and then chide the patrol boat operator when asked to slow their boats. It appears some people have a desire to be confrontational, rather than acting responsibly when operating a boat on the lake.

We are all hopeful of having a great deal of fun while on the lake, but this can only occur if everyone assumes responsibility for their actions. The volunteers who you will see on the Patrol Boat are property owners, just like you, who give of their time because they are desirous of ensuring safety regulations are followed. None should be thought of as Barney Fife. Please cooperate and pledge to follow our regulations.

• • • • •

There have been several breaches of the gate again this month. The information recorded on the video recorder has been made available to the Sheriff’s Office and hopefully the violators will be identified and prosecuted.

On May 19, 2005, our guard Wayne was on the property near the front gate at 11:05 p.m. when he observed a young man allow another driver onto our property via the exit gate. When confronted, the youngsters stated they came here to fish and were a guest of a schoolmate who lived on the south side. They stated they didn’t want to awaken their friend who was a classmate at Hillsboro High School. When further investigating, Wayne found yet a third vehicle on Mohawk Trail, and the driver of that car was fishing. Wayne escorted all three young men from the subdivision.

• • • • •

During the past month several people have called me to report trees being removed from the property. We were away from home at the time, and messages were left on our recorder. The calls were from people who live at the lake, and each accused a neighbor of removing the trees.

Anyone witnessing a law violation should contact the sheriff’s office and request a deputy to prepare a report. When an infraction of the law is observed, enforcement can only occur if that person wants to be a responsible citizen and testify against the violator.

• • • • •

One More Thing, again! All property owners who also are boat owners are reminded of the necessity of abiding by the Water Activities Rules and Regulations. Specifically, your attention is directed to Section III of the rules, pertaining to boat and motor identification.

  1. - Boats must be registered with LTPOA.
  2. - Boats are to have an LTPOA decal, placed on the left (port) side of the craft.
  3. - The owner’s lot and block number is to be displayed on each side of the craft. Placement should be near the front of the boat if possible.

Anyone needing a set of boat rules should contact the Patrol Boat operator, call Roger Hovis or Ray Lauer. Ray also has the decals if needed for your boat.

Displaying the decals along with the lot and block number makes it easy for the Patrol Boat operators to identify people who have a legitimate use of our lake.