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LTPOA Board of Directors
January 8, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7pm. Present were Kevin Seelbach, Joe Hejnal, Larry Kimmel, Marilyn Meyer, Ron Sansone, and Janet Hirsch. Absent was Pat Harting. There were 23 people in the audience.

Marilyn Meyer made the motion to approve the December meeting minutes as printed in the newsletter, seconded by Joe Hejnal. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report
Marilyn Meyer, Treasurer, reported for December

Larry Kimmel made the motion to accept the Treasurer's Report, seconded by Janet Hirsch. Passed unanimously.

Marilyn presented the following bills to be paid.

Larry Kimmel made the motion to approve payment of the bills, seconded by Janet Hirsch. Passed unanimously.

Larry Kimmel reported that the night of Dec 29 there were several vehicles on the south side that were vandalized and subject to theft.

Janet Hirsch reported that the newsletters were sent out Monday, Jan 7 and everyone should have received one by now.

Joe Hejnal reported the following applications for building permits.

Kevin Seelbach made the motion to approve the building permits, seconded by Marilyn Meyer. Passed unanimously.

Janet Hirsch reported that the Millers, I-65-69 & I-37, contacted Jefferson County about a neighbor having about 12 truckloads of excavated silt from the excavation of the L-M cove on the north side dumped on his property. Also, this individual is delinquent in his assessments. He will be sent a letter stating that he must pay the assessments and he must contain the silt with proper controls. He will be held responsible if silt comes across the road. Unpaid assessments will be turned over to the attorney for prosecution.

Ron Sansone reported that a new silt basin was constructed on the lake side of the southside bridge. The rock dam forming the basin will be raised about another foot. Currently the rock dam is at the level of the bottom of the main pipe in the southside bridge.

Rich Hirsch reported that we received 2.7" rain Monday, the new silt basin restrained the flow of water into the lake and the lake level is now down 8'1" and the water temperature is 41 deg F. This rain raised the level of the lake about 6 inches.

The boat ramp has been removed and will be replaced. The large culvert pipe that ran parallel to the road approaching the southside bridge has been removed because vehicles could not get across it and when plugged it blocked water coming along the road.

Kevin Seelbach reported that the snow removal crew did a good job in December and there is salt and sand in the bins on S Lakeshore.

We need to replace the blade on the snowplow and order a new load of salt. This Spring the salt spreader has to be removed from the truck and the truck bed repaired.

Several areas on the lake roads need repair and will be done when the weather improves.

Dam Committee
Rich Hirsch submitted this report. [The letter of intent to repair the dam was accepted by the Board, signed, and returned to Dave Taylor. The estimated cost is $100,000 - $120,000 and we will need a special assessment to pay for the repair.]

Silt Removal
Ron Sansone reminded everyone that at the Nov 27, 2007 meeting the Board approved spending an additional $50,000 to excavate silt from the east end of the lake. He reported that we are probably at $55,000 and recommended that we continue with the silt removal as long as the weather permits.

Many Board members and people in the audience spoke for and against continuing silt excavation. A summary of the arguments:

With a show of hands, the audience indicated about 50% of those present approved of continuing with silt removal.

Kevin Seelbach made a motion to go up to an additional $100,000 from this point to continue to remove silt, if the occasion arises, until June 2008. Motion seconded by Joe Hejnal. Voting in favor of the motion: Kevin Seelbach, Joe Hejnal, Larry Kimmel, and Ron Sansone. Voting against the motion: Marilyn Meyer and Janet Hirsch. Motion passed.

The excavator removing the silt will be instructed to stay at least 50 feet away from private docks and shore. Any property owner who wants his shore area excavated should contact McLaren Excavating directly.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.