Dam Committee Report for Jan 08, 2008 LTPOA Meeting


The Letter of Intent from Dave Taylor (12/09/2007) that was signed by the LTPOA Board to repair the leak in the dam was sent back to Dave Taylor. In mid-February we should receive a detailed proposal/contract with his estimated charges.


On Sunday Jan 6, 2008 the flow rate of the leak was measured to be 250 gal/min. Temperature of the leak water was 40.5 deg F. (Temperature of the surface water off our dock at F-29 was 41 deg F.)


Lake level at 8 AM on Jan 8 was down 8 feet (96.375 inches).

Lake level at 12n on Jan 6 was down 8 feet 5 inches (101 inches).

Rain received on night of Jan 7 was 2.6 inches, which caused lake level to rise 5 inches. (We only need 16 more rainfalls like last night to fill the lake.)


n  Rich Hirsch for the Dam Committee