LTPOA Meeting Minutes, January 10, 2006

The meeting opened at 6:30. with the following board members present: Matt Holloran, Ray Lauer, Kevin Seelbach, Pat Harting, Marilyn Meyer, Larry Kimmel, Ron Sansone. 34 lot owners were initially present.

The minutes of the November meeting having been posted on the website, inserted in the newsletter and passed out at the meeting, President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the minutes, motion made by Ray Lauer, seconded by Matt Holloran, motion passed unanimously.

President's Report

President Sansone opened the meeting by explaining that Jefferson County Stormwater Management personnel were coming to talk to us immediately following the meeting on maintenance of Belew Creek. The board meeting would therefore have to be concluded by 7:45 p.m.

President Sansone reported on the unexpected snow storm. Problems were experienced with the salter making it impossible to plow the roads. A new stainless steel salter has therefore been purchased and it is now here. The truck is in good running condition and a loaner bobcat is available to load the salt. President Sansone apologized for the problems with snow removal due to the salt spreader. However, the problem was area wide as the snow hit very suddenly on cold pavement and immediately turned into ice.

Treasurers Report

Marilyn Meyer, Treasurer, reported the following:


Cash Inflow:

Regular Assessments 2005 2,352.36
Special Assessments 2005 329.36

Legal 80.92
Gate Revenue 285.00
Insurance Refund 503.00
Interest 63.19
Total Cash Inflow 3,613.83

Cash Outflow:

Loan Payment 4,489.55
Security Guard (30 hrs/week) 1,024.20
Patrol Boat Gas 85.12
Legal Third Quarter 3,426.00
Utilities 123.77
Loan Principal 2,000.00
Total Cash Outflow: 11,148.64
Checking Account Balance 136,683.89
Money Market Balance 1,311.08
Total Cash on Hand: 137,994.97

Outstanding Assessments:

Special (2004-2005) 50.00
Regular (2004-2005) 300.00
Special (2005-2006) 1,003.53
Regular (2005-2006) 4,994.62
Loan Principal October 31, 2005 140,419.41
Interest - $21.45 per day.


Cash Inflow:

Regular Assessments 2005 100.00
Special Assessments 2005-6-7 315.44

Lot Sale 1,500.00
Gate Revenue 250.00
Advertisement 45.00
Interest 60.67
Total Cash Inflow 2,271.11

Cash Outflow:

Loan Payment 4,489.55
Security Guard (20 hrs/week) 710.80
Personal and Property Taxes 3,008.25
Children's Bus Shelter 300.00
Employment Taxes 844.60
Utilities 137.95
Total Cash Outflow: 43.55
Checking Account Balance 130,023.76
Money Market Balance 1,598.77
Total Cash on Hand: 131,622.62

Outstanding Assessments:

Special (2004-2005) 50.00
Regular (2004-2005) 300.00
Special (2005-2006) 1,003.53
Regular (2005-2006) 4,994.62
Loan Principal October 31, 2005 136,578.04
Interest - $20.86 per day.

Marilyn explained that on the November statement there is a cash outflow of $2,000 to the loan principal from the money market. This is special assessment money designated to the loan. The only payments we are making to the loan with the exception of the $75,000 from the dredge are:

  1. The monthly automatic payment of $4,489.55
  2. The special assessments

The confusing part is that when there is a payment on a delinquent assessment it usually comes in one check for both regular and special assessments. The check therefore has to be deposited into the checking account and subsequently moved to the money market and the money market then gets moved to the loan principal. No extra payments are being made.

On the December report shows $1,598 in the money market. $500 can therefore be moved to the loan principal.

She then said that the top entries of the cash inflow, the regular assessment deposit of $100 on the top of the December is from a new owner of one of the lots that we sold. She said that the special assessment is included in the $315.44. The special assessments for 2005, 06 and 07 were paid in advance at closing. Some title companies insist that these special assessments be paid for the full extent of the loan. Therefore there is now change listed in the outstanding special assessment at the bottom because the entries at the top of the cash inflow for December were not delinquent. Those were for new properties sold and transferred. We presently have 14 property owners who have been sent to our attorney for delinquent payments.

Marilyn said that $48,000 would be invested the coming week in 3-month CDs. These will be short term because of planned maintenance work and costs are undetermined for the April 4th vote authorizing the sewer district.

Marilyn then asked for bill approval.

Larry Kimmel made a motion for $300 to be applied to the expenses for repairing the bus shelter. Motion made by Matt Holloran, seconded by Ray Lauer, motion carried.

The following bills were also presented:
Parking Lot rock _ 2 tandems _ (70 tons) 772.93
Henry Brym_ Quick Shop bobcat diesel fuel/Asphalt hot packs/battery 199.08
Janet Hirsch - Newsletter 108.40
Dale Wallen 537.50
Post Office _ Permit 150.00
LTIA _ Heating Fuel 300.00
Charlie Lentz _ Light bulbs 12.00
Rich Hirsch _ Light bulb 6.00

Ray Lauer made a motion, seconded by Larry Kimmel to accept the treasurer's reports for November and December. Motion carried.

Finance Committee:

Janet Hirsch reported that the Finance Committee had reviewed the next three months spending and recommended that the Board invest in short term three months CDs

Security Director

Ray Lauer read the Security Report for January.

Clarue Holland, D-31, raised the question of the dry hydrants. She said that working dry hydrants could help with insurance. Missouri has grants to help with dry hydrants and tax credits up to of the cost (not to exceed $5,000) are also available. Approximate costs per steel hydrant would be $2,500. PVC would be cheaper at $1000 to $1500.  Clarue gave a detailed report to the board for their consideration. Her letter to the board on her research is attached.

A short discussion on the various non-functioning dry hydrants by lake owners followed.

Building Director

Larry Kimmel reported on the following activity:

1. Scheirich _ I51 _ I57 _ Second Tier

New dock construction. Larry & Kevin have looked at this and he is within the 35ft boundary. A letter has been obtained from the Hannicks granting their permission.

2. Duffy _ G11

New sea wall _ The requested adjustments have been made to G10 for the 4-6ft setback.

3. Kimmel _ M21

Construction of 2 docks

Motion made by Matt Holloran for approval, seconded by Marilyn Meyer. Motion passed.

Maintenance Director

Matt began by thanking Henry Brym and Kevin Selbach for the efforts in trying to plow the roads following the recent snow storm. He said that due to the salt spreader not working this had not been possible. However, he said that due to this learning experience, a new salt spreader had been purchased and also a Case loaner bobcat. The tractor is also being worked on. So far it is known that the starter is bad. Matt also thanked Kevin Selbach for rocking the parking lot. Not having to pay for the use of the bobcat helped defray this cost. Thanks was given to Gary Ryan for cleaning up the huge amount of aluminum cans in the maintenance yard. $240 is now available for stocking the lake.

A budget has been submitted to the Finance Committee for items that will come up for repair/replacement in the next few years. We do not have adequate monies coming in under our current assessments or future assessments. He said that even if we were fortunate enough to pay off the existing loan early, he would be surprised to see any of the assessments go away. No budget figure has been given for the silt basins, he requested that if anyone knows of a contractor please get in touch with him. The silt basins are very important and several residents are trying to clean out their own coves and with the lake so low at the moment it is a good opportunity. Matt then brought up that he and President Sansone have been discussing the question of lowering the lake even lower than it is. A letter has been received from the DNR stating that it is fine to lower the lake. How long this would take is at present unknown as is the cost. A lot will depend on the ground saturation and the size of the siphon to be used. Ron explained the various methods of removing the water, with pipes mounted either through or over the spillway. Kathy Hopfer asked if a vote would be needed to lower the lake. Ron replied that no decision has yet been made they are just in the process of getting pricing. Matt said that the DNR had been contacted because of concern about lowering the lake with respect to the dam. They had replied that there would be no effect on it as long as it was a controlled lowering of the lake.

Lowering the lake would also assist with the rebuilding of the boat ramp. One bid has been received. (Janet Hirsch brought pictures of the new boat ramp at Lake Wauwaunoka.) The location of the ramp needs to be moved more to the middle of the wall to make it easier to get the boats in and out and also make the ramp wide enough for two boats. This location would also ensure that boats can be put in and out when the building has been rented out. Rick Hannick asked if electric could be put into the design. Matt replied that he was getting the plans together so that all bidders would be looking at the same plans. Mr. Pithan, M57-58, expressed concern over lowering the lake because when it was done some ten years ago, there was very little rain and so the lake was very low that summer.

Ron said that he was trying to get more of the silt removed. The county said that there are no problems with removing it off the lake. Presently they have an offer of $75 a truck load to remove it. He said the ground will then be leveled and made it look nice again. Residents can take silt if they need it for fill in their yards. Barb Rohm asked if we could advertise it and help people load it etc. Ron said he would prefer for people to do their own because of liability etc. Jerry Uhlenbrock asked if the name of the person removing the silt could be published so that residents could use him to get silt for them.

Marilyn Meyer brought the fact that we were almost too late to lower the lake this year. She said that we should make a plan for next year to lower the lake in September and bring this to the June meeting. She said that many lakes routinely lower the lake level in the fall for maintenance purposes and she felt that it was time for us to do this also. Matt and Ron both said that the fire hydrants should be looked at as soon as possible.

Web Site:

Janet reported on the two new entries on the web site. One was the newsletter, if you are not receiving it please let Janet know. She also said that she sends out an email of lake happenings. Please contact her if you are not receiving this and would like to. Pictures of the Tishomingo calendar are also up on the web site. The deadline for the next newsletter is February 19th .

Sewer Committee:

Marilyn Meyer reported on the Sewer Committee which met on January 9th .

Dennis Siders from the Midwest Assistance Program came to talk to us. He was recommended by Donna Martin of the USDA regional development office in Farmington. Donna has attended at lease three of the meetings. Dennis will set up, organize, tabulate and submit income survey data to the rural development office. The purpose of the income survey is to see if we qualify for grant money from the USDA. If we qualify we should receive about 20% of the sewer project. Dennis's services are free and he will be the independent agent administering the survey. Nobody at the lake will ever see any of the survey. She encouraged all to come on Wednesday January 18th at 7 p.m. for the next sewer meeting when this will be discussed in detail. Engineer Bill Brunjes will also be in attendance. President Sansone explained that at the April election we will be voting to become a sewer district. This is the first step in the project. The next step will be the income survey. Marilyn emphasized the need to be registered to vote. If you are not registered here in the Tishomingo precinct then you are not eligible to vote. In response to the question how many people outside of the lake were involved, Marilyn replied that we were getting the Metro Scan which would identify the area. The people out side the lake would have to be notified that it will not cost them anything to be included in the district. With respect to the size of the building lots, Larry Kimmel replied that these would remain the same (40,000 sq.ft.) as we were only getting sewers, not water.

Rick Hannick asked what effect this would have on the people outside the lake, would they be able to build on less? Larry replied that it is Jefferson County who dictates the 40,000 sq.ft. Larry said he would research this further and report back. Larry said that what he has at present on undeveloped land is that all newly created lots with onsite sewage treatment systems shall have a minimum of 87,120 sq. ft. (2 acres). Only one on-site system is allowed per recorded lot. Larry said he would research this further and report back. A lot of concern was expressed with regard to future development using our system. Larry reported that future development cannot alter the lot restrictions. President Sansone said that anyone who wished to be hooked up after the initial installation would have to pay for the installation upfront.

New Business

Jerry Uhlenbrock introduced Reggie Weiss from the Jefferson County Health Department. Reggie one of the people checking the lake for pollution problems. He was instrumental in identifying the septic system which was dumping up stream from the lake. Reggie was thanked for his help in monitoring the lake.

A question from the floor was on the results of the monitoring. Janet replied that these had been published in the newsletter.

Kathy Hopfer asked how articles got put into the newsletter. Janet replied that you have to request that it be published. Inflammatory articles are not published however.

Al Ferrell volunteered to video tape the meetings and put this on a DVR. The board will discuss this.

Jerry Uhlenbrock suggested that the board look into purchasing a vacuum for leaf removal.

Amy Wells questioned the amount of monies paid to the guard and we should therefore consider not having one. She said that she had never seen him even though she comes in and out of the lake. Matt replied that he has been here on several occasions when there has been a problem and even though she may not have seen him, he is necessary.

There being no further business, Ray Lauer made a motion, seconded by Matt Holloran to adjourn. The meeting ended at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Harting