10 JANUARY 2006

My name is Clarue Holland -- homeowner at D-31 since 1957 -- 6375 S. Lakeshore Dr.

I wish to address you this evening (very briefly) regarding the Dry Hydrants we currently have here at the lake. At this point in time, none of the three are

functional, and I was dismayed to learn the day of the Farwig disastrous fire, that the south side dry hydrant has never been functional! (That was never installed properly, never operational at au,) Our home is on the south side, so you see that I am extremely interested in a proper and operational hydrant in our neck of the woods as well as the entire Lake Tishomingo area. We all have a large investment here, we need to protect it to the best of our ability, plus we may be able to reduce our insurance premiums.

I have made several inquiries regarding repairing or re-installing the hydrants and have reached a time when this information needs to be passed along the board for further investigation and implementation. With the lake at the current low level, any repairs and or new installation needs to be done shortly.

The first big question, of course, would be costs and money available for such a project. I have found that the State of Missouri has grant money available for dry hydrants. In fact, the south side hydrant and the hydrant at the dam were both installed with grant money that was received by the Goldman Fire Department a number of years ago. Grant money was also obtained by the Goldman department for installation of the dry hydrants at Lake Loraine and Lake Bon-o-dell.

There is also a Tax Credit Program available (up to one half of the cost not to exceed $5000). This, too, is through legislation of the State of Missouri.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak with Gary Peters, the Fire Chief of the Goldman Fire District. He was most helpful with his ready information and is very anxious to not only co-operate with us here at the lake, but to see that we can advance our situation so that we may be more adequately protected.

I have also spoken with the owner of a dry hydrant-contracting firm who was more than happy to answer my questions and would be willing to discuss or answer specific installation questions in the future.

I have prepared a packet for you to read -- it includes drawings and specifications of a dry hydrant installation, grant information and the tax credit legislation as approved this past year. I also am including some of the remarks made by Chief Peters. (Chief Peters is very well versed on dry hydrants and the grants used in prior years.)

One point that I want to make in closing -- the cost without any grant money, is not all that much!! A steel dry hydrant, including engineering, excavation, material, installation, back-fill and planting grass would be around $2500. (This per my conversation with the owner of Wintect, Inc.) Chief Peters guesses PVC installation, etc, would be around $1000. (My Wintect contact thought no more than $1500). I feel this would be a valid expenditure for this board to make. I have learned that the LTPOA does pay income taxes and these tax credits do carry over if unused in a tax year. I believe that grant money is a real possibility or that money could be raised from donations to cover, or to partially cover, the expense of upgrading and expanding our system.

I thank you for your time

Clarue Holland -- D31

8626 Moran Place
St. Louis, MO 63114