November 2005 Security Report

Once again the issue of dogs being allowed to run loose here at Lake Tishomingo has surfaced. On October 26, according to a property owner, his small dog was attacked and severely injured by a large German Shepherd that came onto his property. The owner had to separate the dogs and, in doing so, feared for his own safety. The property owner transported his injured canine for emergency veterinary care and incurred significant costs because of that treatment.

Almost simultaneous with the report of that incident, information was received of another pet being attacked by a resident's dog. In that instance, the owner was walking her smaller dog on the roadway, with a leash, when a large dog left the property of the owner and inflicted injuries requiring attention of a veterinarian.

I'm sure we all see dogs running loose in our travels around the lake. They frighten those who jog or enjoy walking the roads, leave unwanted deposits on lawns, destroy newspapers thrown by the carrier, and tend to scare young children who are guests or live at the lake. In other words, dogs that are not secured by owners at their homes are a bother and nuisance, and the owners are in violation of County laws. For anyone who enjoys walking or jogging, it's sometimes wise, to quote the words of a famous American, to "walk softly and carry a big stick".

Everyone should be aware there is a leash law in Jefferson County. Wandering dogs that are not under the control of an owner are subject to seizure by the authorities. Anyone who is bothered because of dogs on their property, or because they feel threatened when confronted by these animals, is invited to make a telephoned complaint to the Jefferson County Animal Control office at (636) 797-5577. Let's all make a concerted effort to keep our subdivision safe, and prevent injuries to humans as well as to other dogs.

* * * * * *

Several years ago, a boat motor was stolen from the craft used by those working the dredge. In the past several weeks a resident received a message, left on her home recorder, to the effect that motor had been recovered and waiting to be claimed. She believed the message was left by the Jefferson County Sheriff's office, however, when I contacted that agency was told they are not holding the motor. When I asked, it was discovered the message had been erased from the recorder, and we have no idea which police department recovered the boat motor. I have possession of the title to prove it is property of Lake Tishomingo, but have no idea where it can be claimed. If further information is forthcoming, we'll get the motor and determine its condition.

* * * * * *

Wayne, our guard, was on duty on Saturday afternoon, October 29, and while near the entrance, observed a couple in a car stop at the gate, which was lowered. The male driver was not observed attempting to contact anyone from the phone/speaker system, but the woman exited the car, and forced the gate bar up to allow the vehicle access to the lake. Seeing this, Wayne pulled in front of the car to force the driver to stop, and when Wayne left his truck, the driver made two attempts to strike him. Wayne contacted the Sheriff's office, as well as Roger. A deputy arrived within minutes of the call, as did Roger.

Wayne explained the situation to the sheriff's deputy while Roger was present during this conversation. The couple was given the option, by the deputy, of defraying costs of damages to the gate mechanism, or being cited and getting a later appearance in court at Hillsboro. The woman indicated she would consider the matter and contact Roger the following day with their decision. The couple, a man and wife, arrived at the lake to visit friends.

This week Roger informed me the woman called and elected to pay a fine. She has sent $175 for the offense.

* * * * * *

It seems, from complaints received during the month about the operation of vehicles on our roads, there is a common denominator between older folks, people of middle age and those who are young. A substantial number of people have a tendency to speed, or in some manner operate their vehicles carelessly. We had hoped once the roads were sealed, thereby providing a reasonable marking in the middle of the road, drivers would at least stay in their own driving lane. If one has driven here since the sealing was completed, you will find drivers still cross over to the wrong side of the roads, especially when negotiating the many curves on both North Lakeshore and South Lakeshore. Mostly, the cove roads are secure from these violations.

As has been reported previously, the sheriff's office is prohibited from enforcing traffic regulations here at the lake because the roads are not wide enough for that activity. That is the reason we do not post a speed limit. Through the benevolence of Kevin Seelbach,we will be installing some signs that remind drivers to slow their speed, indicating children are at play.

All we can do is appeal, once again, to all people who use our roads to drive in a safe manner and at a reasonable speed. Many children are at play; some walk to the bus stop in the morning and walk again to their homes after classes. They deserve a safe environment when on the roadways.

Please Slow Down, drive safely and prevent accidents, and possibly injuries.

* * * * * *

Submitted by Ray Lauer