May 2006 Security Report

This month's report leads off with the proverbial Good News, Bad News theme.

The good news is that apparently everything is going well here at the lake. There have been no reports of problems presented to me, and that could be the end of my presentation. The bad news is that I need several more seconds to offer some matters for our attention. Not all of the issues are related to security matters.

First, when having a discussion with the other board members recently, I offered that we could perhaps bring some extra dollars into our coffers if we had a paper-recycling bin placed on the parking lot outside. They asked that I look into this issue. When I telephoned the Abitibi corporation last week, the firm that supplies newspaper recycling containers that seem to be everywhere, the firm's representative said we did not qualify to have a bin here. These are only provided to schools or churches that wish to generate funds for their operations. So, we will not have a receptacle for old newspapers and other paper products. If you are into recycling newspapers, guess you need to go to church!

Second, last week I went to a neighbor's mailbox to remove any accumulated materials and to store them because the people were away for vacation. What I found instead of mail was a swarm of ants. Just as I was making an effort to rid the mailbox of the pests our mail carrier, Missy, arrived. When I explained what had been found, she gave us a worthwhile tip. Missy said that a homeowner experiencing a problem with wasps, ants or spiders can place one mothball in the back of the mailbox, and this will keep the mailbox free from all those pesky things that can be a menace both to the property owner and the mail carriers. This has nothing to do with security matters, but is a tip to remember as we approach the summertime temperatures.

Finally, this is a message for all those who drive on our roads in a careless manner and at imprudent speeds. Within the next month the many school children who reside in the subdivision will have ended their classes and be home during their summer holidays. There are no sidewalks here, so they will be riding their bicycles and walking on the roads. It's incumbent on us to slow down, drive safely, and give the kids a chance to enjoy their summer vacation without fear of careless, non-caring drivers. Let's vow to not have any tragedies with our younger population, and everyone for that matter, who will be on the roads during the summer months.

Submitted by Ray Lauer