March 2006 Security Report

Sorry I can't be with you this month, however, we are away from the lake for vacation.

Last month we reported that Roger had offered to relinquish responsibilities for the gate, and we asked for someone to step forward in his stead. As reported in the recent LTPOA Newsletter, we are pleased to announce four of our lake residents have volunteered to be supervisors of the gate.

We offer our appreciation to Jason Covington, Rich Hirsch, Mike Leiweke and Fred Steinmetz for volunteering their time to be responsible for operation of the gate.

Jason and Rich, in that order, will be responsible for issuing gate cards or a replacement, if necessary. Mike and Fred will take care of any necessary repairs. I can be called on for that, too, when necessary.

While Jason has offered to be available at each monthly meeting of the Board of Directors to issue cards, they can be obtained at any time of the month. We, of course, understand that people move in to our community at various times each month, or cards can become inoperable because of malfunctions, mutilations, and the like, or sometimes they are lost, so cards will be issued as needed.

The following telephone numbers are provided for anyone needing to contact those above named.

Jason Covington 636-285-0527
Rich Hirsch 636-285-0813
Mike Leiweke 636-274-9002
Fred Steinmetz 636-274-2853

Anyone having concerns about security is invited to call me at (636) 285-3328, or contact me via E-mail at

This report covers the period of the time from our last meeting to our departure from the lake on February 27, 2006. I'm pleased to advise we've had no reported problems in that period, despite the gate being non-operational during that time.

Finally, I was remiss in not announcing at last month's meeting that long time resident and property owner, and former Board member, Phil Dodge has found it necessary to vacate his home due to health reasons. He and his wife now are residing with a daughter in our neighborhood, on Marty Martin Road. Phil has done much to improve conditions at Lake Tishomingo, and in fact, until recently was the man responsible for getting our books audited annually.

If anyone would like to talk with Phil or his wife, feel free to call either at (636) 285-4564. I'm sure they would be glad to hear from their friends.