March 2005 Meeting

Security Report

Roger finally received the computer parts needed for the gate, and it was made operational on Saturday, February 19, 2005. But, then the date recorder failed and the gate would not rise two days later. Roger is able to reset the computer from his home on a daily basis, and he will continue doing this until Kurt from Signature Control can resolve this issue.

There was another unauthorized entry into our property on Sunday evening, February 20. This incident was reported to me and in turn I asked Roger to check the videotape. It revealed several youths who, when they found the gate lowered, manually raised it to gain entry. The video also recorded the license plate number attached to a truck. The registration is in South St. Louis County. It was learned the violator was a youth, 17 years of age. His father was contacted and stated his son wanted to enter the subdivision to visit a friend. He has agreed to pay the standard fine for illegal entry to our property.

Because the gate continued to malfunction, even after Roger would reset the timer, he investigated and discovered some of the switches in the control box had been tampered with. It seems someone has a key to access the control boxes that allow entry to and egress from our property. Roger requested permission to have new locking mechanism installed for the control boxes, for the cost of $85.00. This request was granted and the new locks were installed on March 1, 2005. Since we are not aware who possessed keys to the control boxes, the installation of the new locks will prevent the unauthorized access to those controls.

Roger told me on February 28, that there are still problems occurring with the computer controls for the gate, and he has been in contact with Kurt from Signature Control. They are working diligently on getting this problem resolved, so that the gate will be open when scheduled, and be down during the times we expect that to occur.

There are no other security problems to report.

Because I am now a full time resident here, and drive the roads as frequently as possible, I've noted an increase in the amount of debris strewn alongside the roads. Mostly we find aluminum cans and plastic soda containers that have been discarded from passing vehicles. I hope these are not items discarded by our residents, but instead by visitors. Regardless, the shoulders of our roads are becoming very unsightly. I would ask that property owners help the appearance of our subdivision by picking up, and discarding, any trash thrown on their property. I attempt to clear as much debris as possible from the vacant lots as I pass by. It's a never ending job, though.

If we all take the time to clear the trash left by other thoughtless people, we will once again have a lake area we can all be proud of.

We are attempting to obtain cost estimates for having signs painted which will advise that unauthorized use of the lake for boating or fishing can be cause for arrest on the charge of trespassing. This will be further reported on when additional information becomes available.

Finally, a lake resident advised me after last month's meeting that he has signs in his possession that will show our speed limit, and to caution drivers about children playing in front of their homes. As soon as posts are obtained, we will install the signs.

Should anyone have concerns about security issues here at the lake, please feel free to call me. Our phone is 636-285-3328.

Submitted by Ray Lauer, vice-president, Security