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LTPOA Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2007

The meeting opened at 7:05 p.m. with the following board members present:

Janet Hirsch, Ron Sansone, Pat Harting, Marilyn Meyer, Larry Kimmel, and Joe Hejnal.

President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the November minutes which had been posted on the web-site. The following change was made:

Marilyn Meyer said that lot A60 will be sold on the county courthouse steps for over $3600 in back taxes. We are owed this year's assessments on the lot but to us the lot is not worth paying $3600 to purchase. A decision was made not to buy lot A60 from the county. Motion made to accept corrected minutes by Marilyn Meyer, seconded by Larry Kimmel, motion passed.

Janet Hirsch read the minutes of the November 27 lake silt removal progress meeting. These have been posted on the website.

Presidents Report

President Sansone began the meeting by reporting on the progress of silt removal. He said that approximately 1200 to 1400 loads of silt have been removed to date. The recent rain has stopped work for the moment. He was hoping that we could get a few more days of dry weather in order to dig a 200ft wide channel out to the deeper water. However, once the creek starts running they will have to stop. The equipment operator said that he thought that we had caught the silt at the right time, any more would have become a real problem. President Sansone said that he had spoken to the operators regarding putting a shot rock silt basin at the end of the creek. This location would be easier to keep cleaned out due to the road access. The creek has also been dug out to solid rock at this point. Without adequate silt basins the silt will come back in after a heavy rain. There is a property owner who has a dock where the silt basin will be located and this owner will be contacted to discuss the matter.

President Sansone then reported on the dog which had recently been run over and killed on the north side. He said that people are driving too fast and it is beginning to get dangerous particularly on long straight stretches. He said that the board was looking into getting speed limit signs up. However, because we are private it is very difficult to get any police assistance in enforcing a speed limit.

The possibility of putting in speed bumps will also be investigated and our attorney and insurance agent will be contacted. The consensus of those present was that people should take responsibility for their own actions. Larry said that many people drove responsibly and he thought that it was unfortunate that the Board has to legislate compliance for a few individuals. However, people are driving cars too fast, going round corners on the wrong side of the road and thankfully this time a child or an individual had not been killed. The problem of ATVs was again discussed. These vehicles are prohibited from using the lake roads and lot owners should not invite people to come out here to use them. This problem hopefully will be addressed with the new stickers.

Janet Hirsch made a motion that pending favorable response from our attorney and insurance agent that a total of 5 speed bumps be installed, motion seconded by Larry Kimmel. The vote was 2 yes and 4 no. This will be brought up again after all the ramifications are investigated.

Janet Hirsch said that she thought that speed bumps would be a very good solution right now. President Sansone said that maybe one should be tried to see how it worked. A lot of service vehicles, e.g. ambulances and fire departments do not like to have to negotiate speed bumps. Larry Kimmel said that he appreciated the emergency services do not like them but he would hate to feel that that was the only reason for not installing them as he does not want people to continue driving so fast. President Sansone said that he would be installing the five speed limit signs as soon as possible. Russ Wilner asked how the rules could be enforced. Larry Kimmel said that the board does have the authority to make new rules. At the moment legal action has to be taken against offenders and they have had success in fining people who break the gate. Perhaps a neighborhood watch can be started to help enforce the lake rules and regulations.

Treasurers Report

Marilyn Meyer, Treasurer, reported for November

There are 10 Delinquent Regular Assessments for 2007-2008

There are 10 Delinquent Special Assessments for 2007-2008

There is 1 Delinquent Property Owner for 2004-2006

There is approximately $3,000 to $4,000 now owed in delinquent assessments

Larry Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Janet Hirsch to approve the treasurer's report. Motion passed.

Marilyn presented the following bills for payment:

Culvert Pipe 500.00

Joe Hejnal jr - Repair of Salt Truck 65.00

Two Quit Claim Deeds 54.00

Extra Liability Insurance 60.90

Taxes 1,821.82

McLaren - Silt removal 30,407.50

(This amount will be paid as follows - $10,000 this month with the remainder 90 days same as cash.)

Motion made by Janet Hirsch seconded by Joe Hejnal to pay the bills.

Motion passed.

Finance Committee

Janet Hirsch reported that copies of the year to date summary of income and expenses are available. She said that as of the end of November we were still in very good shape with regard to the budget having spent $41,000 out of a budget of $51,000 however we could run into trouble in the next few months when the bills come in.


Larry Kimmel reported that most of the security issues had been already addressed as most of what he would have reported was the incident on North Lakeshore Drive where a NuWay truck struck and killed the dog. He again expressed concern for the safety of people walking on the roads and hoped that somehow a solution to this problem could be found. The use of reflective clothing may help. It was suggested that a copy of the incident be sent to the owner of NuWay.


Janet Hirsch said that the deadline for the next newsletter is December 20. A revised project list has been posted on the website. Russ Wilner has separated this into current projects in progress and completed projects.

Building Director

President Sansone said that the dry hydrant located at the dam needs to be lowered. He asked that if anyone would be willing to give access to lake residents where the lake is deeper please contact him. He said the Board would improve the property the 20ft needed for boat access. He also said we need to find suitable places for the needed dry hydrants. Insurance rates may be if you are within 1,000 ft of a dry hydrant. Unfortunately, there are very few places suitable for dry hydrants around the lake. Larry has spoken to a lake resident who is currently in the process of digging out his cove but the timing issue made it not feasible. Larry said he discussed this at length with him and left the situation open.

Joe Hejnal reported on the following building permits:

· Winslow - F57-60 - Replace existing driveway with concrete.

· Hegger - C23-24 - Construct concrete seawall.

· Holland - D31 - Construct concrete ramp at water's edge.

· Blaha - A36-37 - Replace seawall - Moveable boat slide - if the boat slide is made permanent it will have to be attached to the dock.

· Bruckhardt - Nll - Replace dock removed during cove excavation.

· Fluegel - D17-19 - Add 10ft to existing patio on east side of house. Repair existing dock.

· Lane - A9-11 - Build fence along edge of lot A11 next to public path. A survey is required for this as the fence cannot go into common ground or lake property nor on the public path.

· Schopp - G1-G4 - Cove excavation

· Frauenfelder - K32-33 - Further discussion required.

Motion made by Marilyn Meyer, seconded by Joe Hejnal to approve the permits. Motion carried.


Joe Hejnal reported that the blade on the salt truck needs repairing. At the end of the winter season, the truck bed will need to be sand blasted. Janet Hirsch said she had been contacted by Barbara Fitzgerald concerning a very dangerous corner in the 5900 block of North Lakeshore where brush and trees need to be trimmed. This is a stretch of undeveloped lots. Ron said he would look at it and possibly use the bobcat to knock the trees down.

Joe Hejnal reported on his meeting with Meramec Paving. He said he went over all the sites with them on the south side that had been marked for repair and the entrance to the forest. He said they were in the process of giving him an estimate for the repair and also would provide a list of what had been done and what still needed to be done. Several residents still needed elective work and it was disappointing that Meramec had not yet contacted them.

The siphon will be turned off this coming Saturday.

Web Site

Janet Hirsch reported that she is receiving a lot of emails on the site. She received one from Ray Lauer expressing his opinions and concerns on the silt removal project. He feels that a lot of people feel they were lied to in that it was first announced it would be lowered 4ft and then more recently taken down to 8ft. He was very unhappy about this and wants the siphon stopped and the silt removal stopped also. President Sansone said that the biggest cost (approximately 60%) in the silt removal is having somewhere to take it. Fortunately we currently have somewhere and have taken advantage of that fact.

Lake property owners who have received silt will be billed $65 per load.

Dam Committee

Richard Hirsch reported for the committee.

Janet Hirsch made the motion to accept Dave Taylor's letter of intent to repair the dam this spring. Marilyn Meyer seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


The following events are planned for December:

December 15 - Christmas caroling and food pantry collection

December 16 - Children's Christmas party

December 31 - New Years Eve party

New Business:

It has been reported by the Quick Stop that their dumpster is being used by someone. The police have been called.

A lake resident asked if the bobcat was available for private use. Unfortunately, it is not due to insurance liabilities. Certain members of the board are certified to use it.

The Wiler truck is being parked illegally on the grass at the lakefront. There is concern that this will tear up the grass and leave big ruts which will have to be addressed next spring.

The problem of people parking on the road was brought up. This will be looked into with regard to lake restrictions.

Rock needs to be put under the pipe at the southside bridge to prevent further erosion from spring rains.

There being no further business, Larry Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Janet Hirsch to adjourn. Motion carried. The meeting ended at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Harting