LTPOA Meeting Minutes, December 12, 2006

The meeting opened at 7:02 p.m. with the following board members present:

Janet Hirsch, Ron Sansone, Pat Harting, Marilyn Meyer, Larry Kimmel, Joe Hejnal and Kevin Seelbach. 15 lot owners were present.

The minutes of the November meeting having been posted on the website and passed out at the meeting, President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the minutes, motion made by Larry Kimmel, seconded by Marilyn Meyer, motion passed unanimously.

Presidents Report

President Sansone began the meeting by thanking the volunteers for the great job they did at clearing the roads during the recent snowstorm. Their time and effort saved the lake a lot of money in snow removal charges.

Treasurers Report
Financial Report

Marilyn reported that there are 12 homeowners with overdue assessments for 06-07 which amounts to $1,696.17 for special assessments and $3,740.14 for regular assessments.

Marilyn presented the following bills for payment approval:

Columbia Insurance quarterly 1,543.25

Kevin Seelbach Carport cover for bobcat 179.03

Morton Salt 993.20

Bobcat Maintenance 346.21

Concrete Blocks Protective salt bin 653.35

Dale Wahlen Final dam mowing 300.00

County Property Taxes 525.71

County Personal Property Taxes 634.05

Motion made by Larry Kimmel seconded by Kevin Seelbach to accept the Treasurers Report as read and for payment of the submitted bills. Motion passed.

Finance Committee

Janet Hirsch reported that a YTD spreadsheet had been prepared by the Finance Committee. She was very happy to report that the Board was within 1% of budget for the past 4 months.

President Sansone congratulated the Finance Committee on a job well done and said that by the summer the special assessment would be done and the roads had been repaved, the volcano had been removed and the lakefront had been redone. We also had over $80,000 in the bank. He said that it was remarkable that we had accomplished so much in such a short period of time and had made well over $100,000 in improvements and we are still in good shape financially.


Larry Kimmel said that he had not heard of any incidents. He was still following up on the gate break which occurred last summer. The matter has been given to the District Attorney and charges will be filed for the repair to the gate.

Larry has the license plate number of the individual who severely damaged the parking lot and he will try to contact the individual to obtain a settlement. If not, this too will be given to the Sheriff's Department.

Gate Report


Janet Hirsch reported that the next deadline for the newsletter is December 20. If you have ads, articles or anything you want published in the next issue please get them to her by that date.

Building Director

Joe Hejnal reported on the following:

1. Leslie & Sharon Lauer had requested a permit for new construction on the south side on Mohawk opposite the entrance to the forest. All Jefferson County permits are in order. Motion made by Larry Kimmel, seconded by Marilyn Meyer to issue the permit as requested.

All debris from the house which was torn down on the south side has now been removed,

Joe reported that he will be out of town from January to March. In his absence Larry Kimmel will take care of any requests etc.


Kevin Seelbach began by thanking all the volunteers for handling the ice and snow so quickly and efficiently. He said that a salt bin had been built out of concrete blocks to protect the salt and a tarp had been purchased to cover it over. He also reported that a portable 10' x 20' carport had been purchased to protect the bobcat. The 50-hour maintenance on the bobcat has been completed. On a comment from the floor as to why not take the old tractor out of the shed and put the bobcat in the shed, Kevin and Larry Kimmel both replied that the shed was in imminent danger of collapsing. Kevin reported that the salt is chemically treated so that it will melt the ice even at low temperatures. He is also looking into adding sand to the salt for future use.

Web Site

Janet Hirsch had nothing to report on the web site for this month.

Dam Committee Dam Report


Lou Harting reported on the chili cook-off with 10 pots of chili being judged. Jenny Kimmel won first prize and Ken Jost was second. He thanked all participants for making it a success. He said the following events were planned for December.

Saturday, December 16 3 p.m. - Caroling around the lake (north side versus south side) followed by a chili and hot dogs in the club house. The carolers will be collecting food items for the Hillsboro food pantry.

Saturday, December 16 Holiday light contest will be judged in the evening.

Sunday, December 17 1p.m. - 3p.m. Children's Christmas party. He said for parents to bring a gift for their children and encouraged them to come to meet Santa. Janet Farwig is in charge of the party.

Sunday December 31 8p.m. Karaoke party at the club house. Free to all residents. Please bring snacks and drinks and come and bring in the New Year with other lake residents and guests.

President Sansone asked Mr. Harting about the proposed motion from the November LTIA meeting namely that the building should become a non-smoking building. Lou stated that a notice to this effect was being placed in the upcoming newsletter to conform to the regulations regarding a change in the by-laws of the LTIA and this motion would be voted on at the January LTIA meeting. This was met with enthusiasm from those present. The Board encouraged everyone to come to the meeting and vote on this important issue to make the building non smoking.

Old Business

Janet Hirsch reported that $2,000 had been budgeted for dry hydrants. One lot owner on the north side has already personally put in a dry hydrant on his property. Janet made a motion that Clarue Holland be given permission to work with the Fire District to determine the best location for the dry hydrant, motion seconded by Marilyn Meyer, motion passed. Kevin Seelbach explained that a dry hydrant was a source of water for the fire department to fill their tankers. It is dry until needed. It works by water being sucked out of the lake by pumps.

New Business

Sherri Anderson (I38-41) brought a petition to the board that the proposed buyer for her home be allowed to clean out the cove and replace the boat dock. Larry Kimmel said that a property survey would be needed before any decision could be made so that exact lot lines could be determined. On the lake plat, the property does not actually go up to the water line. The dock also does not qualify under the grandfather rule because it is on the dilapidated list and it does not touch the property, the dock actually sits in the 25-ft pathway. Neighbor Charles Miller spoke on behalf of Anderson and stated that his dock was not in front of his lot. Joe DeRoode agreed with Larry Kimmel that a survey was needed not only for the lots but also to determine the original shore line. Erosion has been a problem due to lack of a seawall over the years. Concern was expressed that there was not enough room to put in another dock at the end of the cove. The matter will be looked into further once the survey has been completed.

There being no further business, Larry Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Janet Hirsch to adjourn. The meeting ended at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Harting