LTPOA Meeting Minutes – December 9, 2003



     Meeting opened at 7:35pm.  Board members Ron Sansone, Eddie Mitchell, Gary Ryan and Becky Harper were present and 21 lot owners.


     Acting Chairman Ron Sansone requested minutes be read for November.  Secretary, Becky Harper read minutes, Mr. Sansone asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes, after no objections, he stated “the minutes stand as read”.


Treasurer’s report: In Dale Farwig’s absence, Mr. Sansone read the report.  No vote was taken for adoption of the report there were many questions which needed answered.


G12 asked if a bulletin board could be used to display the financial statements for a more visual effect?


     Mr. Sansone stated that Mr. Townsend has asked for volunteers to head up a Budget Committee many times.  We need to have some volunteers for this task.  The Budget Committee was formed with 11 volunteers and the first meeting to be held on Dec. 16th at 7:00pm.


BUILDING:  Nothing to report.



     Equipment is ready for Winter!!  There were tires dumped at the Maintenance Yard despite the very large sign that is hanging on gate stating “NO DUMPING OF ANY KIND” The yard is cleaned up and we want it to stay that way.  We will be cleaning the creek along the road from maintenance shed to bridge, in the event we have another big storm all the debris will not wash down into the bridge pipe.  The bridge is eroding underneath the part that was damaged already, we need to do something about this to prevent further problems.

B17 asked if maintenance was aware of water deterrent strip in B-cove when plowing?  Eddie assured him that they would make every effort to keep this in mind when plowing.  L 6 asked if the burning of leaves in the ditch was the Lake’s or property owners responsibility?  Eddie stated that most people burn there own, but if they are not taken care of, it will be done by maintenance. 




I 33 stated that years ago, it was the property owners responsibility to maintain their own ditches.

D 29 stated it was that way until we had to fix the ditches for the new road, then people started getting lazy about clean-up.  We need to implement this again.   L 6 asked if the lake could contract out all of our maintenance needs?  Eddie replied, he will be working on getting bids this Spring.




     Trespassing problems should be addressed with Jefferson County Sheriffs Dept.  The board has no jurisdiction in this matter.  We as a board,  would be happy to help find out who the trespassers may be in order to aid in catching the person or persons.  Posting No Trespassing signs would be the 1st step in making violators aware.  The two gate breaks in Oct. have paid restitution. 1 for $80.00 and 1 for $357.00. 


Floor comments were: Dogs running wild again. Animal control states if you catch them they will come get them.     People were loitering and using the Dam as thoroughfare from North to South side.   Please make your company aware of our rules and regulations, they are there for everyone’s safety!   Also, a deck on A32-34 not within standards.



  Again this month the most popular page on the website is the unofficial LTPOA report.  And now on that same page, we now have an opinion box which you can click on and give your opinion.  The report on the lake conditions last week was updated with a Temperature of 45 degrees and the water level is almost at full capacity.


SILT REPORT: BECKY HARPER      Nothing to report as there has been no dredging.


       Mr. Sansone stated he would like to dissolve the silt committee we presently have and form a new one.  The present committee consists of ALL BOARD MEMBERS, Ken Lanning, John Hunnicutt and Elmer Richars.  For the time being, there is no money to dredge, so it is on hold anyway.



OLD BUSINESS:    Bridge needs repaired!  And we need a special 1 time assessment  increase to help the deficit we are now facing. Mr Ryan stated  that we could ask for pledges instead of an increase to help repair the bridge.    All donations are welcome!!   We currently have 2 bids for the bridge repair.   Sewers are a must in our community..  There will be a meeting set-up with the proper officials to find out what our options are.  Approximately 8 people volunteered for this committee.


          THANK YOU garden club for the clean-up and beautiful decorating!!!!


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm….



Secretary Becky Harper