DECEMBER 10, 2002

The meeting started at 7:40 p.m.. All members were present except for Dale Farwig, Treasurer, Gary Ryan, Security, and Ed Mitchell, Maintenance. Kathy Hopfer opened the meeting with the following comments:

"On behalf of the LTPOA Board of Directors, we would like to extend our best wishes to each of you for a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year."

MINUTES (Chris Townsend)
Chris read the minutes from the November 12, 2002 meeting. Rick and Kathy pointed out the need for a spelling correction of the word, "rebar," for, "rhubarb." The correction was noted. Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the minutes as read providing this correction. Carol Kline seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Rick Hannick read the November Treasurers report in Dales absence. Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the Treasurers report as read. Chris Townsend seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

There was a question from Kathy Hopfer per the request from the LTIA members for the LTPOA to contribute funds to help pay for the gas bill. Rick stated that the Men's Club was contributing $100.00. The request was presented for the remainder of the bill, an estimated $155.00 to be picked up by LTPOA. Carol Kline made a motion to accept the $155.00 contribution. Kathy Hopfer seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

SECURITY (Gary Ryan)
Nothing was presented from or for Security at this time.

BUILDING (Carol Kline)
Carol wanted to let it be known that this coming Saturday the remainder of the debris and home of Mike and Wilma Davis will be burned. They did obtain a permit from the County to perform this burning. As soon as they receive a set of plans from the architect they will be submitting an application for building to the County and an application to LTPOA.

Carol also wanted to let it be known that if you are only replacing worn, damaged, or outdated material, and are not changing the size of the house, dock, or area in question then you not need to submit an application. However, it would be kind to at least give one of the Board members a call; so when asked they know what is going on.

Kathy said that it would be wise to have an on site notification and visual of all work. This way something that is said to only be a "replacement" doesn't become an "addition".

Nothing was presented from Maintenance at this time.

However, Kathy wanted to ask the members and audience how or what type of job Todd did at removing the snow.

Chris Townsend wanted to let it be known that he observed him driving much too fast, and in the middle of the road with the truck.

Rick stated that he had some complaints from over in "A" cove that no removal of snow was performed, and that they had to get out their shovels.

No repairs were made to the dredge. It is partially winterized right now, pending the weather.

The committee met on 11/21/02 to discuss the cleaning out of the back coves H and M. We are meeting with Matt Halloran Sunday 12/12/02 to discuss this portion of the project.

We will be cleaning out the berm again in July or August; it should be full enough by then.

There were several questions about the dredging method we are using. There are only 2 options for removing the silt; One method is to go down a foot and continue along the dredging path at that level dropping the auger with each pass forward or backward a foot. Or to drop the auger all the way down to the bottom while in a stationary position, then move forward and continue the same process. We have tried both methods, and in our opinion, the stationary mode works the best, because of the position the piping ends up in.

Butch Hopfer, Al Ferrell and John Hunnicutt measured the remaining distance to be dredged in the area we have marked off. Their findings were 175 yards. It takes approximately 2 days to complete one pass with the dredge without any maintenance issues. The pass width that the dredge is able to remove is approximately 6 ft. With this given information, it calculates to approximately 175 working days.

Committee Chairperson
Becky Harper

Kathy Harper and many in attendance wanted to thank John Hunnicutt for bringing up enlarged pictures that Terry Thorpe had done up of the silt that was once in front of the beach area, and John's lots.

Rick stated that most of his questions that he had for Silt Committee were already addressed in this report, but wanted to remind that the LTPOA Board of Directors and Silt Committee will get together over these winter months to see what area can be improved upon.

ROADS (Gary Ryan)
There was nothing presented from or for Roads at this time.

WEB SITE (Janet Hirsch)
There was nothing presented from or for Web Site at this time.

Rick stated as a reminder that sometime back in October the LTPOA Board Members along with the Building Committee came to an agreement of a new set of proposed Building Regulation to take place, if passed, that of the Building Regulations formally adopted by the Board back in April.

These will be published with the next newsletter that will go out, and set to be on the June Ballot for a vote.

This way the lot owners will have ample time to look them over to decide if they want to stick with the Building Regulation adopted in April, or would rather formally adopt the new Building Regulation drafted in October, and dated November 12, 2002.

At this time we are still going by the Old Building Regulation, but with a few tweaks.

Kathy Hopfer who received this letter from Al Ferrell, wanted to read this letter at this time:

Rick stated, "On behalf of the Board, we want to thank those of you who do appreciate what various Committee members and we are doing. We do the best we can from the input we receive. Thank you."

Rick stated that traditionally we have given Lake employees a Christmas bonus of $50.00. Rick asked for a vote to appropriate this Bonus again this year. Chris Townsend made a motion to grant these monies for the Christmas bonus. Carol Kline seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Ken Lanning made comment on a clogged pipe that was mentioned at set to be cleaned at a previous meeting has still not been looked at. Rick commented that he would get with Ed on this.

Ken also made comment on the Guard's schedule and what is it? The Board stated that his schedule is not known for obvious reasons.

If you need to get a hold of Gary his # is 274-7126.

Ken wanted it known that there was a man and a woman, supposedly hunting with guns walking up and down the road. Rick stated as well as others that the police were contacted and these persons were handled accordingly.

Ken also made comment of a car that tailed their way through the gate. This persons license plate # is 100-KN8.

Ken asked if there was any more discussion on the Patrol Boat. Rick stated that at this time there has not been, but this will be handled here shortly.

Ed Melchior stated that it at least needs a Tarp covering it.

Dixie wanted to let it be know that at this time the LTIA is still collecting canned goods. There will also be Santa on Saturday, and Chili dinner Saturday night.

Dixie said the North side collected more $$$$ than the South side during their caroling. Total there was $259.33 collected. Thanks to all those who enjoyed and participated.

Kathy Hopfer made a motion to adjourn. Carol Kline seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m..