LTPOA Meeting Minutes, November 14, 2006

The meeting opened at 7:04 p.m. with the following board members present: Janet Hirsch, Ron Sansone, Pat Harting, Marilyn Meyer, Larry Kimmel and Joe Hejnal. 11 lot owners were present.

The minutes of the October meeting having been posted on the website, inserted in the newsletter and passed out at the meeting, President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the minutes, motion made by Larry Kimmel, seconded by Marilyn Meyer, motion passed unanimously.

Presidents Report

Ron Sansone began the meeting by reporting that the Sewer Bond Issue had passed by 122 to 77. He suggested that now would be a good time to write to our new Senator to solicit any funds for the sewer project. He said that now the bond issue has been passed bids can be sought so that we can find out exactly how much the project will cost. Once again he stressed that if the monthly fee is not reasonable the sewer project will not go forward. He said that as bonds would be issued, the Government will have to determine that we will be in a position to pay back the bonds before they will be issued.

Treasurers Report
Financial Report

Marilyn reported that 16 outstanding assessments for 2006-07 had been sent to the attorney for collection for a total of $2,125.68 special assessments and $7,902.73 for regular assessments.

Motion made by Joe Hejnal seconded by Larry Kimmel of the treasurer's report, motion passed.

Marilyn presented the following bills for payment:
Bobcat 1,166.30
Warbro Paving, last payment 17,800.00
Atty Tessreau, quarterly payment 3,989.00
Reitz & Jena Engineering, dam 204.92
Dam cutting 1,200.00
Newsletter, 2 issues 546.46

Motion made by Joe Hejnal seconded by Larry Kimmel for acceptance of the payment of the presented bills. Motion passed.

Finance Committee

Janet Hirsch presented the year-to-date cash flow for the first three months. Copies were available.


Larry Kimmel gave an update on the Spiros gate break which occurred last July 4th. The matter will be given to the District Attorney shortly and charges will be filled for the repair to the gate. This incident was recorded on the gate camera.

Joe Hejnal witnessed a red Chevrolet Cavalier making "donuts" in the new gravel of the club house parking. Approximately $300/500 will need to be spent to repair the damage. The license plate numbers were recorded and this incident is being investigated.

There was a report of mailbox damage on South Lakeshore Drive the week before school started. Nothing has been reported since this time.


Janet Hirsch reported that 363 copies of the newsletter had been sent out on October 23. The newsletter has also been posted to the website. If you did not receive a copy or have trouble accessing the website please contact Janet. The deadline for the January newsletter is December 20.

Building Director

Joe Hejnal reported on the following:

Edith Young F23-25, Extension to existing deck. Jefferson County permit has been obtained.

Glen & Patricia Deutsch D32-34, Room addition on side of house. Jefferson County permit has been obtained.

Joe Hejnal O21, Extension of permit for parking area.

Steve & Linda Blaha A16, Retroactive request for building permit to fill in portion of existing dock for safety reasons.

All of the above were inspected by Joe Hejnal and Larry Kimmel. Motion made for acceptance by Larry Kimmel, seconded by Janet Hirsch. Motion passed.

In connection with the retroactive request by A16 _ objections were raised by A15 - it was closer than 35ft to their land boat ramp and it was not grand fathered in and therefore was too big _ none of the objections prevailed because the dock was not new and was not enlarged, it was filled in for safety reasons. A15 requested that A16 put the dock back to its original condition, however no violations have occurred that the Board can take action against A16. Larry Kimmel then read a letter which had been sent by the board on another neighbor dispute stating that the board cannot adjudicate on such matters.


In the absence of Kevin Seelbach, Ron Sansone said that he would check on the salt supply and snow removal for the upcoming winter season.

Rock needs to be placed on the opposite side of the sales office to prevent wash-out. Two loads of rock will be ordered for any other areas that need to be addressed before the winter begins.

Web Site

Janet Hirsch reported that the results of the sewer bond had been place on the site. The Dam Committee reports and the new revised building permits had also been uploaded.

Dam Committee
Dam Report

There will be a meeting of the dam committee on Saturday November 18 at 11 a.m. weather permitting, if not Sunday November 19.

Gate Committee

Rich Hirsch reported that 5 occurrences were reported, two entering and 3 exiting none of which involved breakage. Ron said that Rich was looking into upgrading the old software which ran the gate and also the possibility of moving the entrance gate so that two entrance lanes were available, one for residents and one for visitors and one exit lane.

Old Business

The status of the lake decals was brought up. Larry is working on this so that all residents have new decals for their boats, ATVs and trailers by next season. By paying for car stickers all members of the household will receive one. It was noted that initially the reason for the car stickers was that prior to the new gate, this assisted the guard to determine who lived at the lake.

A light and camera for the new boat ramp were discussed. Larry requested that if anyone on the lake notices a violation please call him.

New Business

President Sansone reported on the election of the new officers for the LTIA. He invited those residents who have never been to a meeting and members who have not been for a long time to attend the upcoming Chili Cook-off on December 9. If you are good chili cook we need you at the next meeting. He said that the new board was looking forward to cooperation from residents to make the building more "user friendly" for community getogethers for events such as Super Bowl parties etc.

There being no further business, Larry Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Joe Hejnal to adjourn. The meeting ended at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Harting