November 11, 2003

Meeting opened at 7:35 pm. Approximately 20 lot owners were present and 4 board members. Carol Kline, Gary Ryan and Ron Sansone were absent.

Chairman Townsend opened the meeting by welcoming the residents present and stated due to the colder weather, the meeting would be short and simple as possible. Any questions or concerns please wait until the floor is addressed. Let the board conduct it's business in a timely order.

September minutes were read by Secretary, Becky Harper and approved unanimously by the board. President Townsend read the October minutes, after some discussion, the board approved, pending minor corrections.

President Townsend stated that we are currently trying to reduce the burden of Insurance cost and has someone looking into this and hopes to hear something soon. At this time, Carol Kline has taken a leave of absence, due to her job. We, as a board, will be taking on her tasks. Currently, Becky has taken on some of this burden. I would like to make clear that if you are found in violation, the board, has the means through our regulations and restrictions to use whatever means are necessary to achieve compliance. I plan to make phone calls to these violators, give them 2 weeks to show some sign of progress to which they have been sited. After that time frame, either a letter of appreciation for cooperating or of further legal proceedings due to lack of cooperation.

Treasurer's report: Dale Farwig
Dale read both September and October 2003 financial statements. September was approved as read, and October was approved pending corrections and review of maintenance budget.


SECURITY: DALE FARWIG read in Gary's absence.
2 gate breaks, received restitution for both. November 1st someone threw a bottle at the Bulletin Board and broke the plastic cover. Same night, resident had a party and a fight was broken up by other residents, no damage done.

BUILDING: CHRIS TOWNSEND read in Carol's absence.
A 23-26 application for new home construction. Board holding pending a variance from Jeff. County for proper working septic on under 40,000 sq ft. Chris assured everyone that we will be making a diligent effort to take care of all violations that are now pending and address any others that may be found. D 9 stated concerns over Jeff. County not having our current Building Regulations! Chris stated he would verify this.

Men are working on roads and have equipment ready for winter. The rumor that Butch & Al are not listening to what they are told is totally UNTRUE! They are always eager and compliant to whatever they are asked to do.

The men have dredged a little over 21ft by 1800 ft as of November 4th. The area the dredge is in at this time is littered with railroad tie. Four they can see right now. They will be removing them, as they are at an angle, lodged in the sand and mud approximately 2 ft. below the surface. I would like to ask all Lakeside lot owners to please not use the lake to dispose of their yard waste, and if you contract out this work, please let contractor know the lake is nor the proper place to dispose of these materials. The committee requested approval to make the birm higher on the creek side for accommodating more silt without all the cost of clean out. Request denied by board. We will ask again in Spring.

It has been 1 year now for the Website. We have a new advertiser/sponsor for the website, Lynn Marschuetz. If you have not purchased your x-mas cards from the Gardeners Club, please do so. There will soon be an Opinion Box on the website, and in the near future, a Survey.

President Townsend thanked the Garden Club for all their efforts in making the Lake more beautiful.

The boat is docked for the season. Thanks to all for a safe boating season!

The FEMA application we submitted for the Bridge repair has been denied. They feel because we are a Homeowners Assoc. we are responsible for repairs, they suggest an SBA loan, too expensive. We will be referring back to the bids we have on hand, and possibly getting a few more.

All unpaid assessments will be turned over to the attorney. There are approximately 27 unpaid at this time.

D 9 asked of anyone had seen the half of a lot for sale in the Leader? President Townsend replied yes, I'm going to contact this individual and let them know that a lot cannot be sold in this manner. It is a divorce case in which each party has an equal share of one lot.

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.