LTPOA Meeting Minutes - Oct 11, 2005

The meeting opened at 7:03 pm with the following board members present: Matt Holloran, Ray Lauer, Marilyn Meyer, Kevin Seelbach, and Larry Kimmel. 11 lot owners were present.

The minutes of the September meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report

Cash Inflow
Regular Assessments 2004 150.00
Regular Assessments 2005 21341.24
Special Assessments 2004 0.00
Special Assessments 2005 1151.09
Gate pass revenue 25.00
Penalty & legal 518.38
Interest 74.88
Total 23260.59

Cash Outflow
Loan 4,489.55
Gate & Security 0.00
Insurance 13960.55
Grass Mowing 600.00
Principal moved to loan 2000.00
Security Guard (30 hours) 1,024.20
Utilities 118.03
Total 22192.33

Checking Account Balance 155,908.31
Money Market Account 2,541.84
Total Cash on Hand 158,450.15

Special Assessments (2004-05) outstanding 456.58
Regular Assessments (2004-05) outstanding 1,519.73
Loan Principal (Sept 30, 2005) 150,013.87

The treasurer is sending letters to the attorney to prosecute delinquent assessments: twelve have been sent regarding owners have not paid any assessments and eight that have made partial payment will be sent Nov 1. Total delinquent amount is $12,820.89.

Bills presented for payment approval:
Newsletter $196.35
Postage & Admin $124.47
Crack seal of the roads $11,500.00

The treasurer's report and payments were approved.

Security Report

Ray Lauer read the security report.

Matt Holloran moved that an adaptor for emergeny sirens to open the gate be purchased for $595. Seconded by Kevin Seelbach. Motion approved.

Building Report

Ahlemeyer, K29-31, requests permission for a 6' x 16' dock located 40 feet from the neighbor's lot line. Approved.


The center seam of the roads has been sealed. Next year all the roads will be sealed. We are working on a budget for next year's road maintenance expenses.

The equipment is being readied for snow this winter. Henry Brym and Kevin Seelbach got the tractor and truck running and ready to use.


Barb McGlynn reported that there will be Halloween parties Oct 28 and 29. Everyone is invited.

The LTIA agreed to pay $600 for the cutting of the grass on the back of the dam.

Larry Kimmel stressed the importance of consulting with the LTPOA Board prior to submitting a bill for services.


New material at the website includes information from the Tishomingo Anglers about underwater hazzards.

Under "notices" we have a thank-you from the Hartings for the support and contributions after the death of their grandson and the Brick Networks proposal for broadband internet service. Everyone is encouraged to read these notices.

Deadline for the next newsletter is Oct 23.

Real Estate

Kevin Seelbach reported the four lots are being sold: E14, C43, H36, and H37.

Lakeside Gardeners

The Lakeside Gardeners are "Sprucing-up" the plantings around the Sale Office. Last week we planted a Blue Spruce in front of the building and Saturday 100 crocus bulbs were planted by Katie Hovis, Kinsey Freiderich, and Samie Freiderich.

Saturday Mike Leiweke replaced the broken screen door of the guard shack with a new one donated by Gail and Charlie Lents.

Old Business

Fran Hovis asked why Lakeview had not been sealed. Matt Holloran said that road did not have a center seam and did not require sealing.

New Business

John Hindrich asked about the status of sewers. Marilyn Meyer said that the sewer district is being formed, every house will have to connect but there will be no up front charge to homeowners unless there is a small connection charge.