OCTOBER 8, 2002

The meeting started at 7:30 p.m.. All members were present except for Dale Farwig, Treasurer. Rick Hannick, President, opened the meeting with the following comments:

"I want to welcome everyone tonight, on a cool fall evening here at Lake Tishomingo. I hope that all of you enjoyed another beautiful and safe summer on and in the Lake. Our thanks to the volunteers who manned the Boat Patrol, once we got the boat back on the Lake." Dale Farwig, Treasurer is at home sick and consequently there will be no Treasurer's report this evening. This is due to both his illness, and the fact that he only received the bank's figures on Monday. However, Dale wanted to thank Kathy Hopfer for helping with the assessment notice.

All thanks goes out to those who helped with the Spillway. Hopefully, this fixed the problem.

A thanks also goes out to Phil Chambers, and Tim Schryver for helping get the Patrol Boat out of the water.

We had a couple of guest' speakers, Cindy and Ron from AIR EVAC LIFETEAM. Their information was quite informative; however the Board does not encourage sales type solicitation at its meetings. We, the board, did not know prior, and apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

The informative part of Air Evac is thus: They are an independent Helicopter type emergency lift and rescue unit stationed up the road at Big River Ambulance on Tishomingo Road. They were strategically positioned there due to the high accident and fatality rate on Highway 21. They are also located in other various parts of the State of Missouri, as well as parts of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas Their purpose, when called by ground emergency, is to get to an accident scene and hopefully help save a life or limb that could not have been saved if by ground type transportation.

They emphasized that not only are they resourceful when it comes to accidents on Jefferson County's Highways and other roads, but heart attacks, strokes, and drowning.

For the sales and food for thought part:

If called to a scene, they will come, and the pilot will do his job, and get you to the necessary medical center in which your case calls for. However, most major medical insurance companies cover very little, if any, charges for this type of emergency transportation. To offset this cost you can join their membership on a yearly basis, and if at anytime the ground emergency people call them for you, you would be covered, as long as your yearly dues are current.

If you want any further information regarding helicopter type emergency rescue, the Board urges you to please contact your medical insurance provider, AIR EVAC, ARCH, and other State or Local emergency agencies.

MINUTES (Chris Townsend)
Chris read the minutes from the September 10, 2002 meeting. Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Gary Ryan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

As previously stated there was no Treasurer's report to be read.


SECURITY (Gary Ryan)
On September 15, 2002 there was a black shopping bag placed over the top of the security camera. The culprit then stole the exit gate arm, and the mounting bracket. This inevitably left us without gate operation for 3 evenings until we received these Signature Control components by mail; so we could replace them. This cost us $65.00 dollars.

The stop sign next to the Shack was removed, because it is believed that this could have been what was stood upon to get to the camera.

For the sake of the children and the guard, the stop sign was placed there to slow and stop people around the Bus Stop and Guard Shack. The removal of the stop sign has now caused us to leave the exit gate down to hopefully gain the same effect around the Bus Stop and Guard Shack areas.

The Guard, Wayne, now has Lake Tishomingo Security signs for both sides of the vehicle, so he can easily be identified. He also has a C.B. radio and can be contacted by Gary with the C.B. Radio when he it at home. While Wayne is patrolling, please call Gary at home with knowledge of any incidents so he can immediately contact Wayne via this C.B. Radio.

Kathy had asked if it was OK for anyone to contact Wayne via C.B. Radio if they had one. Gary stated, "Yes." But to keep things simple Gary suggested for anyone with a C.B. Radio to get with him to form some sort of Communications station.

While patrolling, Wayne found an unoccupied house with a door left open and unlocked. There was no sign of forced entry or theft. He closed the door and monitored it while waiting the return of the expected owners. After no sign of return, Gary contacted the owners and they immediately came out and locked the door.

Wayne also witnessed a car that successfully tailgated its way through the entry-gate. Wayne stopped him, and after seeing that he was not a lot owner, Wayne made him leave. Wayne also let this individual know that if he was to do this again, and not come through the gate the correct way, he would then be considered trespassing, and handled accordingly.

The preliminary hearing for the 3 defendants from the March 10, 2002 property damage incident is to be held October 23, 2002.

BUILDING (Carol Kline)
Carol stated that she was advised not to go upon the Lowry's property without escort. She also stated that she did have a volunteer who would go there with her to visually inspect the shed.

Kenny and Kathy Allen's, A91-94, previous pending building application is still in pending status waiting the verification of surveyed plot plans.

Ed Almeyer's, K29-31, previous pending building application is still in pending status waiting the verification of surveyed plot plans.

Charles & Rose Zone, C16-18, are having Kenneth Marschuetz replace the wood on their existing dock with Trex Decking. Since this is simply a replacement, no building application was deemed necessary

Nicholas Betzold, K76-77, wants to build a patio. The Board reviewed this at the pre-meeting, and the set backs, at 7 feet, were visually inspected and verified by Carol. Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept. Gary Ryan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The Building Committee completed a proposed set of Building Regulations to the Board, and by next meeting there should be something set.

Ed stated that he is very busy, but if you see something that needs to be done to let him know.

Dan Cobb, F01-02, made a couple of suggestions: 1) Pathways 2) Fire-Hydrants

Rick asked if we had warning cones. Ed said, "Yes." Rick asked to let Todd know that next time he places a load of rock on the road to place these cones in view. Rick and Phil Chambers almost had an accident due to this.

Chris had asked if we had come up with an idea as to the cost and involvement of renting a Lane/Line Stripper to place on the roads in some key areas. Gary stated that we were still looking into it.


SILT (Becky Harper)
Repairs this month to the dredge were: patching of discharge flex hose, adding a coupler to the flex hose, adjusted clutch on service pump, and replaced two hydraulic hoses to the auger.

Purchases made included more cable, which was sold to the Lake at a discount price through Al Ferrell's business discount. Regular price $320.00 for 250 feet and Al's discount price was $350.00 for 1000 ft. Thanks again for saving the Lake money!

Due to the low water level on the north side of the Lake, the dredge has only been able to go from the middle of the Lake to the south side. There is only about 13" of water from the middle of the Lake to the bank of the north side, the dredge requires at least 22" to be able to float and operate properly.

The operators have changed the direction of the dredging from north-south to east-west. This should allow them to dredge farther with each pass/or recabling, thus making the project go a LITTLE faster.

Skip & Carleen Licari are letting us use trees on their north side lots and Jeff Marschuetz has offered his south side lots, which are directly across from each other. The Committee appreciates the kindness that both parties have displayed. We have been showered with acceptance and respect from the lot owners we have encountered during this project so far, and we very much appreciate you and your cooperation as well.

ROADS (Gary Ryan)
Gary addressed the concern he has been hearing from the roads being raised and that there are problems with the Mail carrier. He suggested to simply place a block of wood underneath the mailbox to raise it.

There have been a couple reports of gravel driveway entrances not being leveled out, and having a hump. The reason the gravel driveways were done in this fashion was to stay away from having Dura-Seal doing any, "feathering." A simple homeowners solution to this problem is to place more gravel at the entrance to level it back out. Or for those that consistently have their gravel wash away, is to look into an asphalt or concrete driveway, or entrance to the driveway.

Ken Lanning asked about sealing the roads. Gary suggested a possible committee to be formed, and write down were these locations of cracks and holes are at; so we can look into sealing those areas. As for the middle seam, Gary stated that he does see the need and concern to take care of our investment. Therefore, this type of maintenance will become a priority for further investigation.

Rick reiterated the concern for these things to be identified, so we can see if this falls under our one-year warranty with Dura-Seal.

Rick stated, "that even though the boat had sunk; thankfully, it is now floating again." We don't truly know how this happened, but Phil Chambers believes that the on board automatic sump-pump hose had fallen below the water line, causing it to take on water rather then its intended job to pump it out. There were no signs of holes or vandalism; so this is the best guess determination at this time.

It is also believed that from the boat and some of its components being submerged underwater that we may have some motor and/or other electrical problems with the patrol boat. We are going to remove it from the Lake at this time, and have someone look into diagnosing any problems this may have caused.

BUILDING (Carol Kline)
Carol stated that this area has already been addressed under Building in the Directors' Reports. She stressed that hopefully by next meeting the Board and the Committee will have come to an agreement on the New Building Regulations.

Carol asked if there were a way for us to advertise in advance when we are going to have guest speakers for any of the meetings. Hopefully, this would ensure a larger turnout, and more community involvement e.g. (The November 5, 2002 Prop S Sewer Issue). However, it was also at this time members of the Board apologized for their lack of knowledge on the solicitation efforts of AIR EVAC, and will from now on, in their best efforts', pre-screen Guest speakers.

Chyree De Roode, I33-35, had asked if the Lake owns the property following the fence-line of the Marler's. It is evident that the fence is falling in, and she was asking if there were a way for us to plant some trees or shrubbery there to conceal, and beautify this area. Yes, was the decision, but it was also stated to make sure that this is staked or marked so the Maintenance crew does not cut them down.

Janet Hirsch, F29-31, had proposed to put together a "Lake Tishomingo" website. This website will cost about $150.00 per year and will be funded solely by donations and ads from local businesses.

The outline is as follows:

If any information or organization was left out please let us know, for this was not done by any deliberate omission.

It was agreed upon that this would only be a public service website designed specifically to our community, and not a money generating medium such as the Jefferson County Leader paper.

Gary Ryan motioned to approve the development and establishment of the Lake Tishomingo website. Carol Kline seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m..