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LTPOA Meeting Minutes September 11, 2007

The meeting opened at 7:03 p.m. with the following board members present:

Janet Hirsch, Ron Sansone, Pat Harting, Marilyn Meyer, Larry Kimmel, Joe Hejnal and Kevin Seelbach.

President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the minutes which had been posted on the website. Motion made by Larry Kimmel, seconded by Joe Hejnal, motion passed.

Presidents Report

President Sansone opened the meeting by stating that the various projects, i.e. the dam and the roads were progressing to improve the lake. The Board is considering the possibility of lowering the lake this year. A special board meeting would be held to discuss a comprehensive plan on what could be accomplished this year, especially due to the fact that the lake is already down 27 ½" at this point. The main point would be to get a path from the boat ramp down to deeper water. Pricing had been obtained for temporary piping to do this which was much more reasonable than permanent piping.

Treasurers Report

Marilyn Meyer, Treasurer, reported for August

Marilyn presented the following bills for payment:

Weir Box - Dam Project 200.00

Leader Newspaper - Sewer Project 528.00

Tree Removal - Pavilion 400.00

Postage - Newsletter 88.61

Motion made by Janet Hirsch seconded by Kevin Seelbach to pay the bills. Motion passed.

Finance Committee

Janet Hirsch said that there was no Finance Committee report as it was basically the same as the Treasurer's report. She did however say that there was $4,000 outstanding in special assessments for this year. She said that once again CD's should be purchased to invest the $160,000 and begin earning interest on it.


Larry Kimmel reported that there had been two incidents of people tearing up the gravel in the Community House parking lot. He caught one offender on an ATV. Larry knew his father so the youth was given a rake and a shovel and he cleaned it up. So if we can catch the offenders they are made to clean it up. The second incident is a white Chevy Lumina, license plate number 4AT692 - the individual identified himself as John Stork. Mr. Stork will be asked to clean up the parking lot or charges will be pressed thru Jefferson County.

Larry said that there had been a mix up with the County on the gate break from last year but it is now in the Prosecuting Attorney's office and we are going to pursue it. Charges will be made. He felt that since it is now known that we do this, the gate break issues are less.

Larry then went on to say that he had talked to the Board regarding the issuing of fines. He said that recently three owners were requested to come to the board to explain either their lack of understanding or lack of compliance of the boating rules. He said that there would be meetings with the Board to come up with these fines and it would not be someone just haphazardly handing them out. He said he did not want anyone to have to pay fines. However, this will make people realize we are serious about it. He said all these measures are for one reason and that is safety. A lot of people are doing things they should not be doing and this has become a safety issue. Most people know the rules and about 90% of the people follow them but there are some people who feel they are exempt and this is a way to get their attention and stop them doing it. This will be worked on over the winter and by the next summer the fine schedule will be published. New stickers are being obtained for the boats just like we have for the cars. A schedule of Saturdays will be published for lot owners to come to the Community House to get them. Insurance requirements for boats are also being looked into. Larry emphasized that the bottom line is that we want to make it a safe place for everybody.


Janet Hirsch reported that the newsletter had been sent out a couple of weeks ago. If you did not receive yours yet, please let her know and she will get you one. A full color version is on the website. The results of the recent opinion survey will also be posted on the website. She went over a few of the items receiving the highest level of approval:

- Boat trailers should be stickered in the community parking lot to prevent illegal fishing

- The dam leak should continue to be monitored

- We should continue to test the quality of the water

- Silt basins should be built to catch incoming silt

- The lake rules and regulations should be more diligently enforced

Janet also said that comments sent in on the survey would also be compiled and published. She said that in the written comments, the leak in the dam was of major concern. If we lose the dam we lose the lake.

Building Director

Joe Hejnal reported on the progress of the driveway paving. So far 5 had been done and 5 more were scheduled for the next day. He said he was being given updates every Friday evening as to their progress.

Joe then reported the following permits:

· Lot G6-7-8 - Uhlenbrock: Replace existing sea wall with a Versalock. Same height and size. Joe will talk to the contractor to ensure that the footings were put in properly.

· A45-46 - Lovin: Repair of weathered boards on the dock.

· F-14 - Gray: Dock and Boat lift

· I9 - Haas: New sea wall. This had been discussed previously and the permit was contingent upon Joe ascertaining that everything was within the limits of his property. This has now been done.

President Sansone made a comment on the Lovin permit. There had been a dispute between two lot owners as to the ownership of the dock but the paperwork chain presented to the board clearly showed that the dock did in fact go with lots A45-46.

Motion made by Larry Kimmel, seconded by Kevin Seelbach to approve the permits. Motion passed.

Joel Critchlow (D-52) - Requested an extension on the time to pave his driveway. He said that he was doing extensive landscaping and the main driveway would be concrete. Critchlow is now going to pave an old logging type path that serves as a shortcut to his residence. Meramec Paving would be doing this in asphalt. He was given until December 1 for the concrete driveway.

Joe Hejnal again stated that no driveway would be paved without Meramec contacting the owner beforehand. There was a question of liability, guarantees and who gets the lien waiver upon payment. The association will receive a mechanic's lien when the work is completed and there is a 2-year guarantee and a further year's guarantee if it is sealed. As far as the extent of work is concerned, this is the owner's option and should be discussed with Meramec prior to commencement of the work. Meramec will probably be here for a couple of months.


Kevin Seelbach reported on the following:

1. Bids are being obtained to enclose the salt bin. It is very difficult in the winter to remove the tarp covering the salt when it has snowed.

2. Costs for a new maintenance building are also being obtained. As we already have a salt bin with concrete walls and a concrete floor, bids are being obtained to go up a further 6' and put on a truss roof and doors and eliminate the old building.

3. The entrance road -- 7 requests for bids were sent to contractors and 2 bids have been received to date. Kevin recommended that we go with West Paving. They are one of the largest road pavers in Missouri. They came out to inspect the road. Parts of the road are not draining properly and the standing water is causing the road to deteriorate rapidly. They have agreed to honor their bid from last year. A motion was made by Kevin Seelbach, seconded by Larry Kimmel to repair the entrance road from the 4-way stop to the gate at a cost of $53,454. Motion carried. $54,000 was set aside in the budget to repair the road.

The question of an express lane for residents at the gate was brought up. At this time, not enough money is available for this project.

The next project is the dam.

Also the possibility of turning over this portion of our road to the county was brought up. (Jefferson County would then be responsible for furture road maintenance.) Unfortunately, before the county will take over any road it has to their meet their specifications. The entrance road is not wide enough and repairing it to county specifications would cost more money than repairing it. The county had been contacted on several occasions but they were not interested.

The entrance road to the maintenance area will be included in the road paving project.

The question of sweeping the road to remove debris was discussed. Once again although we do have a sweeper, it is finding the volunteers to use it. The bobcat can always be used to remove a large amount of debris.

Dam Committee

Richard Hirsch reported for the committee.

On Saturday October 6, Dave Taylor will be here to discuss the dam. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Mike Leiweke has purchased a stainless steel box suitable to use as a weir box so that the leak can be measured more accurately.

The big lake at Raintree is down 6" less than we are at this time.

Old Business

President Sansone commented on the pig roast given by the combined boards to celebrate paying off the road debt. He said that there were a lot of new people in attendance and everyone enjoyed the good food and fellowship. He wanted to thank Lou Harting and Mary Leiweke for all their hard work and also everyone else who helped.

Rick Hannick asked about the blue truck. President Sansone said that at this time the lake did not want to put any more money into it and the lake was in the process of obtaining a price from a couple of junk yards. Rick said that he would like to bid on it if it was going to be sold for scrap. At the moment it was anticipated it would be around $150.

The lowering of the lake was again brought up. President Sansone reiterated that they were looking into the feasibility of not putting in a permanent set up. Pricing had been obtained for plastic piping which was much cheaper. The Board would meet to discuss all bids extensively and formulate a plan. Removal of the silt and where it would be disposed of would be a priority. As far as a timeframe for doing this was concerned, a lot will depend on how long it takes to lower the lake and how long it takes for the bottom to dry out enough for contractors to get in with their equipment to remove the silt. The lake lowering this year will basically be a feasibility study to determine how quickly the lake can be lowered etc.

Further discussion on how far down the bottom of the lake is, brought up the fact that two engineering studies had been performed in the past. One in 1976 and one in 1993. Rick Hannick said that the one done in 1976 shows the depths of the lake and how much silt was in the lake at that time. Unfortunately the whereabouts of the silt study and survey are not known. Rick Hannick said that Becky Harper said that she gave this information to a member of the board. It was known that members of the old board had taken boxes from the sales office but it was not known what was in the boxes. If anyone has a copy of this survey please let the current Board know.

The Board has received information from the DNR on drawdown rates so as to protect the dam when the lake is lowered. The question of how long the lake would take to refill was also brought up. This should not be a problem, generally spring rains take care of it, often over a weekend!

The silt basin question was also discussed and that we needed to have these in place to stop the silt coming back into the lake after it had been cleaned out. President Sansone said a road had been constructed along the side of the inlet stream so that trucks could remove the silt easily once the basins had been constructed. When asked how often the lake would be lowered, President Sansone said that other lakes in the area do it approximately every 5 years. Also, how long it would take to the lower the lake was also discussed. Rick Hannick presented figures he had calculated on how long it would take to lower the lake to various depths. Larry Kimmel said that a plan would be formulated so that we know what we are going to do and ensure that we do it right. A special open meeting for the lake lowering would be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday October 3rd.

Following a discussion on the extent of the dam leak and if the leak could be stopped completely, President Sansone said that an engineer would oversee the whole project once it got started.

New Business

Lisa Mahoney thanked the board for the use of the community house following the death of her grandmother. She also asked if there would be any objection to her repainting the entrance sign and planting flowers at the four way stop.

Free mulch, courtesy of Matt Holloran is available at the pump house.

There being no further business, Larry Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Joe Hejnal to adjourn. Motion carried. The meeting ended at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Harting