September 9, 2003

The meeting started at 7:35 pm. 6 board members present and 20 lot owners. Minutes were read from July and August 2003 meetings and unanimously approved with no corrections.

Chairmen Chris Townsend opened the meeting with the following comments: " It has been 1 year and 3 months since I have served on the Board. Furthermore, I have the utmost respect for all those who serve with me, and before me in this thankless position. Last months meeting I felt was one of the worst meetings I have sat in on, and because of the outburst things have changed. I, like many before have been polite to try and let all have a chance to talk in open forum session. It is apparent that this cannot be done in a civilized manner. Those who have personal gripes, or comments on things that are not within the Boards power to look into, please take those issues up with the proper authorities that do have that authority. If the issue is within the Boards' power, please get in contact with a Board member immediately, not a month later. Rumors will not be tolerated to fuel the fire for a month anymore; so that everyone has their pitchforks and lanterns out on the hunt.

The Board will work within the tools provided to them, Restrictions, By-Laws, and other adopted Rules and Regulations. Since some folks have a problem with the framework in which we have, I recommend a Committee to form and report to the Board monthly any possible solutions to bring 1948 Recreational Ideology to a 2003 and beyond framework for a Subdivision with Recreational Water amenities. I personally would help and serve on that Committee if I have Volunteers.

Furthermore, I would like a Budget Committee formed to help with the Financial aspects of the Lake's Operation's. I have gotten with my CPA to give us a bid on our Audit, and a possible advisement to better our Financial Records. I would like to assist Dale in this area, and welcome any volunteers. I ask that those Volunteering, please place personal interests aside and volunteer object fully. I want solutions not Band-Aids. I ask for pro-action not negative re-action against 7 strong shoulders. Plagiarizing the late President Kennedy, "Ask not what your Lake can do for you, but what can you do for your Lake."

Treasurers report: Dale Farwig
Report read by Dale and unanimously approved by the board.


Due to the overwhelming response to the August meeting proposal to have the gates down on weekends, the operating hours will be 10:00am to 2:00pm gate will be up for postal carrier to deliver mail and down all day Sunday. The boat patrol has been catching boats that do not belong on the Lake. Many violation letters were placed on vehicles parked by boat ramp without Lake stickers. September 3rd more lights were installed at the gate, which proved there worth at 7:41pm a vehicle drove through gate arm, the license plate # was retrieved from video. Police were given plate # and photos for prosecution. YEH!! A no loitering sign has been displayed in the parking lot of the Community House to help our Security Guard enforce this rule.

Report given by Ron Sansone in Carol's absence:
(Due to the illness of a family member, I am unable to attend this meeting. I apologize, and am submitting my report to the Board to read in my absence. Thanks for your understanding.)

A 9, 10 & 11 dock replacement - unanimously approved by board.

Violation letters sent to the following: F 37-39, I 38-42, G 1-4, K 11&12, N 42&43, M 59-63, K 25 & 26, M 12, B 5, H 8-10, I 9-17, X 03, G 62, G 9&10, G 63&64.

Reminders: If you are repairing or replacing items like roof shingles, windows, boards on existing decks/docks etc. a building application may not be required contact carol before repairs are made. Please send in your application 10 days prior to LTPOA meetings. It would certainly be appreciated. Let's all try to keep our properties up. I know it's easy to get lazy or too busy to take care of things, but with a little effort, this place could be incredibly beautiful.

Some residents love looking at the night sky, but with high-wattage outside lights.the stars can't be seen. There are also those who like to boat or swim at night, but are blinded by unnecessary lighting. This can be dangerous. Please be considerate of that when using your outside lights. You'd be surprised at all you can see after the few seconds it takes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Thanks.

Ron Sansone and I have discussed the possibility of LTPOA sponsored fundraisers to get us through these difficult times. With approval, I'd like to start getting some info together on promoting some small events for LTPOA residents, their families and guests. Because of the nature of our "private community", we should not encourage the outside public in when we have problems keeping trespassers and fishermen out as it is. I'd like to look for small theatre productions, some intimate concert possibilities, perhaps some sort of tri-athalon combined with a festival or mini-carnival, etc. Anyone with suggestions, call Carol or Ron.

Report read by Becky Harper as Eddie was absent due to the death of a friend. The men have been working on equipment needed this winter, cleaning up maintenance yard, and repairing problem areas on the road.

The cable on the dredge broke on Sept. 15th. It is the original manufacturer's cable, which was in very poor condition when we purchased the Dredge. There is not enough left to make a full pass. The cable currently in stock is only 500 ft long and we require at least 1000 ft, so the company will have to special order for us. The Dredge has moved 21 ft by 1800 ft since August 4th start-up. The men will replace the knives while they are waiting for the cable to be delivered.

The Website is up to date at this time, and I would like to thank all of the people who have financially supported, encouraged, and participated in the success of the Website.

Morris repaired Patrol Boat. A Big Thank You is in order, we can always depend on your help!!

B 17 requested common ground in B cove be mowed.

I 1 asked if orange ribbon could be put back on cable to dredge? C 27 expressed to the board that standing timber on common ground could be logged for revenue. Board will discuss this possibility. Someone asked the direction in which a boat dock should be built? New building restrictions do not state this. According to the 1993 edition, it should be perpendicular to the seawall.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42pm.

Becky Harper