SEPTEMBER 10, 2002

The meeting started at 7:30 p.m.. All members were present except for Dale Farwig, Treasurer. Rick Hannick, President, opened the meeting with the following comments:

"I hope that all of you are as pleased with the new road surface as we are on the Board of Directors. We know that it has taken a long time to reach this goal, but we think it has been worth taking the extra time to see that it was done right. I, and the rest of the Board would like to thank Gary Ryan for the countless hours he has invested in this project. Right after the reading of the minutes and the treasurer's report we will hear from Martin Toma, Glen Corbett, and Addie Corbett, who are going to address the meeting regarding the November ballot issue of sewers for Jefferson County."

MINUTES (Chris Townsend)
Chris read the minutes of the August 13, 2002 meeting. Carol Kline addressed the issue of the minutes, and to see if their was a way for the Minutes to be posted for review by the people, and do away with the 20-25 minutes it takes to recite all of it. Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Gary Ryan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Rick Hannick, President, read the Treasurer's report in Dale Farwig's absence. Chris Townsend made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report as read. Kathy Hopfer seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

It was at this time that the representatives from the Jefferson County Sewer District gave their presentation. A brief synopsis of this lengthy presentation will be given for those persons unable to attend the meeting.

The Jefferson County Sewer District was formed 3 years ago by the County Commission. They have 3 critical needs and goals. 1) The short-term critical goal is to provide solely to septic residences as well as smaller community treatment plants discharging into loosing streams. 2) The middle term goal is to consolidate these smaller subdivision treatment plants such as Raintree into a single treatment plant into gaining streams. 3) The long-term goal is to get single treatment plant areas connected to larger expanded treatment plants.

The COSTS: A 30-year projection was given. They anticipate that over the next ten years that it will take 50 million to do all the work to get to the long-term goal. These monies will be gained and used through a State Revolving Loan Program borrowed at 2% or less. This will help keep the costs down to the customers.

The proposed costs to the customers will be a $750.00 dollar hookup fee, $30.00 dollars a month service fee, and $10.00 per foot from the septic system to the trunk of the service line (excluding rock removal). For those residences below the gravity line, they will need a Grinder Pump, to pump up to the service line. This Grinder Pump costs an estimated $1500.00 to $1800.00 dollars. Additionally, there will be NO TAX dollars, and NO payment until you hook on. For those residents less fortunate on cash flow all at one time, they stated that the costs could be amortized out on your bill per each individual case.


SECURITY (Gary Ryan)
Gary stated that if you haven't met the new security guard yet his mane is Wayne Allred. His experience includes having done a commission police chief for Lake Timberline Police Department, and the city of Leadwood. He has completed numerous hours of training in Law enforcement. In addition, he is working about 30 hours a week, currently 6 hours on Friday and Saturday, and three additional days during the week for 5 hours. He has the flexibility to scatter these hours around to deter predictability. There were three known problems with Gate operation. One of these was addressed with Signature control. It entailed the Gate not going down at 6:00 p.m. This was caused by a malfunction in the configuration module. The second incident was a failure in accessibility to some resident cardholders card's not being read. After Gary opened up the box he had found a Wasp's nest weaved around the electrical connection. Some three- dozen dead Wasp's later everything was back to normal. Lastly, the gate arm came down prematurely and clipped a motor of a boat being brought in by a truck. Gary adjusted the sensitivity, and hopefully this solved the problem. Gary stated that the One Hundred a Sixty Dollars ($160.00) concerning the July 5th, 2002 Ricotta employee's failure of judgment incident, has been paid in full. Phil Chambers, K07-08, asked if can we or should we call Wayne in the case of an emergency? Gary stated, "yes," if he is working. The number to the Guard Shack is 285-9054. If he is not at the Guard Shack, Gary stated to call him personally, and he will try and contact Wayne via CB-Radio. Gary stated that he ordered Lake Tishomingo Security signs for Wayne's truck.

BUILDING (Carol Kline)
Three septic violations were reported. One has been found in violation by Jefferson County, and have been granted a permit to remedy the problem. The other two Carol stated she is waiting to be followed up on, and stated she will stay on top of them. In addition, one possible septic problem was addressed to her right before the meeting, and she will follow up on it.

Kenny and Kathy Allen, A-91-94, submitted a building application, for a garage. The Board stated it remains in pending status until they can see the actual plans, and surveyed plot plans. Carol made a motion to accept this per the contingencies thus stated. Gary seconded the motion the same, which passed unanimously per the contingencies.

Ed Almeyer, K29-31, submitted an application for a garage and attached breezeway. This application remains in pending status until a permit per the County has been issued, and the Board can review the surveyed plot plans. Ed made a motion to accept this per the contingencies thus stated Rick seconded the motion the same, which passed unanimously per the contingencies.

Carol stated that the Building Committee stated, "absolutely not," to the Boards discussion of the Building Regulation with the Lake's Attorney.

Due to long lengthy argument and discussion, it was agreed upon that the Building Committee and the Board would get together and agree upon these Building Regulations so desperately needed, before submission to the people collectively.

Ed stated that Todd is still working on cleaning the ditches even thought the roads are done.

Ed stated we got a trailer, so Todd can load the Back-Hoe on it and take it with him where he needs to do work.

Someone from the audience stated, "we need to remind the maintenance crew not to park the equipment in front of a mailbox." This causes the mail carrier not to place mail in the box.

The issue of concrete in a culvert at 6621 N. Lakeshore Dr. we believe has been resolved by a little more digging on Todd's behalf. The last rain we had shown this to be promising. However, the owner stated that his driveway has been this way for 14 years, but if this doesn't solve the problem he agreed for full removal of all the concrete.

Phil Chambers, K07-08, had asked about the repairs to the spillway. Kathy stated that the maintenance crew did find the leak in the spillway and are working to get this issue resolved. Rick stated that the master plan is to have a concrete truck in on Thursday and anyone with a wheel-barrel is more than welcome to help in the project.


There was nothing from Silt Committee at this time. Kathy stated that the Lake is very low, so be cautious and careful when trying to remove your boat from the Lake.

ROADS (Gary Ryan)
Gary stated that thankfully the Roads are done since are last meeting. He wanted to additionally thank Frank for his poem in the last LTIA newsletter. Ironically the last cove road was completed the day that newsletter came out.

Additionally, we were able to get Tishomingo Forrest paved from S. Lakeshore to the top of that hill. Likewise, they paved the dam service road and the 3 one-lane roads on the North side. They also placed a couple of birms on Meadow that may help divert storm water to an asphalt ditch. This work was at a total cost of eleven thousand six hundred and fifty dollars $11,650.00. This brings the total contract to three hundred ninety four thousand six hundred and fifty dollars $394,650.00.

Gary readdressed the issue of the alleged insufficient ness of the 2-inch overlay with Dura Seal. They brought to Gary's attention the mixture that was needed to prepare the unleveled roads to standard before the overlay could be placed on the roads. Therefore, the amount of overlay is closer to three inches rather than two.

Gary suggested if we let small repairs go by, they would soon become costly repairs in the future. Therefore, he suggested for a little money be set aside each year for road maintenance to ensure good roads for many years to come.

Jerry Uhlenbrock, G06-08, asked if there was a way could borrow or rent a lane stripper. Gary stated that we would look into this. Jerry along with some other member stated that they would be more than happy to do it.

Kenny Lanning stated that he believes that on the low water bridge there was no two-inch overlay done. Gary stated that he would check into that. Kenny also asked what are we going to do bout the seam in the middle? Gary stated that he definitely wants to make sure that they are sealed in some fashion.

Gary asked if we could remove the Stop sign and place a School Bus Stop sign closer to the gate in the side culvert on the Guerrero side. He believed from personal observation that this will not only eliminate cars driving around the gate arm, but also help reduce construction trucks, and other vehicles to slow down.

In closing, the main road coming in from the four way stop was only repaired, and not a part of the contract, as well as the circle entering into the Lake. To complete the circle alone would have been an additional sixty three hundred dollars.

BOAT PATROL (Tim Schryver)
There were no reports from Boat Patrol at this time.

BUILDING (Carol Kline)
Carol stated that this area has already been addressed under Building in the Director's reports.

The proposal from Dewitt Insurance had only arrived earlier in the meeting, and Rick stated that the Board had not had a chance yet to thoroughly review the proposal. However, he did notice that we are roughly looking at a 20% increase this year as opposed to last year. Due to the insurance being set to expire on September 30th, 2002, and the Board not having ample time for review, they had agreed to meet next Tuesday, September 20th, 2002.

The next order of business related to the Lowery shed. Rick read the following letter from the Lakes Attorney Dennis Tesreau:

Carol stated that she would try and check to make sure that this building is attached.

Jerry Uhlenbrock, asked for the compliance of a residence located at G44, which allegedly does not have running water or electricity. The Board stated that that would be a Jefferson County question since the Board at this time does not have any Building Regulations to go off of.

Kathy Hopfer made a motion to adjourn. Chris Townsend seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

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