LTPOA Meeting Minutes – June 8, 2004

[These minutes have not yet been formally approved by the LTPOA BoD -- jmh]



The meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with the following board members present:


            Chris Townsend, Matt Holloran, Dale Farwig, Becky Harper and

            Pat Harting


And 18 lot owners.


Chairman Chris Townsend opened the meeting by expressing his sincere sympathy to Donna Lowery on the drowning death of her husband Christopher last month.  He reminded everyone that summer is now upon us, the new board will soon be elected, lake activity will be at its peak and the firework display is only a month away.  He asked everyone to please be safe and courteous while on the roads and on the lake.


Chris Townsend read the minutes of the  May 11th meeting with the following corrections.

New business from the board:

a. The words “soap committee” were replaced by “silt committee.”

b. In connection with the election next month, the following replaces paragraph 4 :  At the election next month there will be four positions open.  Matt and Pat will have to be voted in.  Gary and Dale’s terms are up and they will also have to be voted on.


Matt Holloran made a motion to accept the minutes with the above corrections, seconded by Becky Harper.  Motion passed unanimously.


Treasurers Report:

The treasurer’s report for May was read by Dale Farwig.  Total receipts for the month were $26,891.90 on special assessments.  $8.93 on interest from the bank.  Expenses for lake operations was $2,811.39.  $4,000 was taken out of the bank on the loan.  The balance in the checking account is  $6,700.48.  The balance in the money market account which is all the special assessments, minus $1,000, is $27,355.47 for a grand total of $34,055.95.


The amount of $29.76 for internal revenue for 2003 was questioned.   Dale responded that a fee was imposed by the bank due to a misunderstanding in the date for filing.  This should be filed in August at the close of the lake’s fiscal year.  Matt Holloran questioned a fee of $2 from the bank for a statement.  Janet Hirsch said that the fee was because we requested an extra statement because the February statement was lost.  She said that it had been suggested that we have online banking to avoid this in the future.  Dale said that he has only received “new” assessment money, no regular assessments have been received.  Chris Townsend is in the process of contacting Eagle Bank and one other bank to look into refinancing the loan.  Matt Holloran said that he will also be contacting a bank to see if the interest on the loan can be reduced.  Dale reported that the amounts of $6,483 and $2,163 has been paid into the bank from the new special assessment and $600 was received today.  122 residents have not yet paid.  The question of whether residents can vote if they have not paid their assessment was discussed.  If a lot owner has not paid the “special” assessment they can vote, however if they have not paid their 2003 regular assessment they cannot vote.  Dale reported that $19,867 outstanding on the special assessment.  Janet Hirsch asked if letters would be sent to these lot owners.  Dale reported that letters would be mailed giving them until July 1st to pay and then they will be turned over to the attorney.  The finance committee will be sending these out on June 15th.  Dale said that $30,000 can be paid toward the loan.  Chris ask for a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Matt first, seconded by Becky, passed unanimously.  Matt Holloran made the motion to pay $30,000 off the loan, seconded by Becky, passed unanimously.    


Security Report:

In the absence of Gary Ryan, it was reported that the security gate is being left up because a gentleman is breaking the security gate by driving thru it during the course of the night.  Unfortunately, it has not been possible to get his complete license plate.  He is driving a S10 yellow pick up truck with an extended cab and a maroon dodge caravan.  If you see either of these vehicles on the south side of the lake please try and get the license plate as we wish to prosecute him.


Mike Higgins produced information from Somerset showing their lock boxes which allows the security gate to be in operation at all times.  $100 deposit is required from a contractor etc for a key to open the box.  When the work is completed, the $100 is returned to the contactor and the contractor in turn returns the key.  We could also entertain the idea of either keeping the security guard for the weekend as a possible deterrent or not, resulting in another $13,000 in savings.  Chris Townsend proposed that there be a vote to do this as it actually will pay for itself.  The cost is $692.50 for 16 boxes.  Mike Higgins reported that Somerset has had the boxes for over 20 years without any problems. This will be brought up again at the annual meeting.


Gary Ryan said that he will not be running again but would be very happy with to show whoever takes his place how to run the equipment etc.


It was asked how cars were driving round the gate. It was reported that they were driving into the ditch on the right side of the gate in spite of posts being placed there. John Hindricks D-6 reported that it was difficult for motorcycles to gain access, Becky said that the best way for a motorcycle was to go past the out gate as the in gate mechanism does not get “tripped” by a motorcycle to open the gate properly and the gate can come down on the cyclist.  Matt Holloran said that he would look into replacing the pole at the side of the gate.


Maintenance Report:

Matt reported that in the maintenance area there were a lot of aluminum cans for the fishing committee and requested that these be taken in.  He also requested that these be deposited properly -- close to the tree. 

The unleaded gasoline from the maintenance vehicles is now being used by the boat patrol.  After this gas is used up, donations will be requested.  Matt thanked all those who have volunteered to man the patrol boat.  It was suggested that a copy of the boating rules be placed on the boat so that when somebody is stopped the rules would be available.  It is very dangerous to have people going the wrong way around the lake.


The roads are in need of repair in quite a few areas and something needs to be done about them.  It is really a disgrace and with the heaviest part of our traffic being from now until September, we have to decide what to do.  Matt said that we should take $5,000 to address the situation and put it to the vote unless somebody else has a better suggestion.  He said that the $5,000 would not solve the problem merely be a band-aide and he was not sure that this would be enough to do all the major problems.  The worst section is the entrance road and on the south side where the first low water bridge is, this is because the tubes are too short on this section of the road.  If the tubes were extended and asphalt put down, it might last for a couple of years.  However, no matter what remedial measure is taken the main cause is heavy vehicles driving over the road and shaking it or trucks driving off the road. 


Chris Townsend asked what had been decided as far as the dredge was concerned, there was $80,000 to $90,000 which could be used to fix the roads.  If the dredge continues to just sit it will deteriorate and eventually not be worth anything.  Matt Holloran said that it needed to be put to a vote so that the lake owners could decide what needed to be done.  Unfortunately, there was not enough time to put this on the ballot for the upcoming election.


Ray Lauer was thanked for putting up yellow tape on the dredge lines.  Numerous volunteers were thanked for cutting the grass and replacing the shingles on the guard shack.  No leakage was noticed so the roof does not require replacing but all other cosmetic items have been done.   It was noted that the air conditioner had been left on and this was an additional expense.  Dale Farwig mentioned that he would have to check with Gary to find out if the computer needed to be kept cool.


Pricing out a new warehouse is being looked into as it needs to be replaced.  Most of the equipment is not even worth $10,000.  Most of the vehicles are dedicated to snow plowing.  We really only need two reliable vehicles and Matt said he would like to get everybody together to make a decision on selling everything and getting two good vehicles or repair the current vehicles and keep them inside and maintained.  We need two trimmers for the roads.  We need these for the volunteers who at the moment are using their own equipment.  With regard to the trucks, Matt said that the ‘blue’ truck started and the 1999 pickup truck could be used to assist the volunteers if the salt spreader was taken off.  He also said that the equipment had not been maintained.  In response to getting the salt spreader fixed, Matt said that it was on the list to be repaired but at the moment it was not a priority item.


Dave Fitzgerald again brought up the question of the dredge.  Matt responded that the same discussion had been brought up at the last meeting; the answer was the same, not enough money to run the dredge and nowhere to place removed silt.  Once again, it was reiterated that the people who bought the dredge should be the ones to vote on fate of the dredge.  Fitzgerald wanted to know what is an alternative to the dredge as he felt that the dredge should be working. 


Stan Schweiss. said that it was his understanding that the dredge we had was to remove gravel not silt.  Becky Harper said that when the dredge was first purchased experts came out to the lake to explain how to use the dredge and in her opinion it had benefited the lake but now as there was not enough money to run it it should be sold and the money from the sale be put towards the loan.  Matt Holloran said that as Becky had been on the Silt Committee and she recommended that as we do not have the resources to operate it properly, then the best thing to do was to sell it.  Dave Fitzgerald again said that for $15,000 a year the dredge could be run.  Matt again told him that for that amount of money we could have a working truck to snow plow the lake.  The dredge was no longer a priority.  The roads were.  We have overspent on the roads and we have to repay the bank.   Matt said that once we are out of debt perhaps we could bring someone in with their own equipment to give us a price on dredging the lake.  In response to numerous other questions Matt responded that for a community of this size we should have nice equipment and be able to pay people to come in and do things fur us but we cant, and we have to rely on volunteers.  Dale Farwig then brought up the problem of repairing the bridge and any other major repair job that would need to be done in the future.


The cost for replacing the roads was again brought up.  It was again stated that the patch in the access road to the lake was from asphalt left over from a job but  Matt again stated that all patches are temporary.  He again reiterated that the bid just to patch the road was $61,292.


On a final note on maintenance Matt said that volunteers are repairing the wheel and putting a new battery in the tractor so it can be used to cut grass.  The sickle bar will also be repaired and Henry will bush hog the dam for the 4th July.

Rotler will be called with respect to the termite problem.



Building Report:

The owner of D-30  called Chris Townsend expressing concern about a pending application next to his dock and he stated that  before the Board issues any permits to grant the applicant a boatlift, his dock be repaired.  Chris stated that he was in complete agreement with this.   The same applies to structural improvements on houses.  Someone needs to go and look at these applications.  Matt Holloran then asked – if Jefferson County approves a set of plans and they then come to the board, how can we turn someone down if they have county approval.  Regardless of the county, the board still needs to go and assess the situation.


Becky then stated that A27 and A28 - Harting - permit for a garage has been granted.


M29 to M32- permit for a boatlift – Holloran - Dale Farwig asked if the boatlift would stick out past the dock – no it would not.  Dale made the motion to approve, seconded by Becky.  Motion approved.


Lou Harting asked if boatlifts go through Jefferson County.  Chris stated that they do not.


Lou Harting asked if the rumor going around that Geiger was suing the lake was true. None of the board members had received any notification of this.


Lots D58 – D62 – New Construction – Skiles

Building permit has been submitted to the county and pre-approved.  New construction, 1,980 sq. ft. home on second tier, with drip irrigation septic system.  Pending the site survey, Dale Farwig made the motion to approve seconded by Becky Harper.  Motion passed.


Chris Townsend read a note from Donna Lowery whose husband Christopher had worked at Charter Cable prior to his death, saying that his bosses had proposed an annual fishing tournament in his name and she would like to know if the lake would be interested in hosting this on a pro-am type of event where a resident would take a Charter employee out.  She also said that she would like to have access to the dam during the afternoon of the 4th to have a moment of silence for Christopher.  It was recommended that Rick Hannock contact her with regard to the fishing tournament to ensure that each person is accompanied by a lake resident.  Concerning the moment of silence, the consensus of opinion was that the 4th in the afternoon was not good timing.  Pat Harting volunteered to talk to her about an alternative time.


Committee Reports:


Finance committee:

Janet Hirsch reported that the Finance Committee is preparing statements sheets and balance sheets for the annual meeting, and in conjunction with this Janet Hirsch and Marilyn Meyer have prepared an inventory of buildings and equipment owned by the lake. Nothing was found in relation to the dredge and Becky Harper said that there was no title to the dredge just a bill of sale.

Most of the equipment was in a very poor state of repair and most of the buildings are in need of repair also.   We need to ensure that this type of affairs does not happen again, we need a maintenance shed that will protect our expensive investments.


Chris Townsend said that they were in the process of getting three bids on refinancing the loan.


The Finance Committee will be meeting next Tuesday, June 15th  at 7 p.m. to review materials for the annual meeting.


Volunteer Committee:

Lou Harting estimated that so far the volunteers have spent over 260 hours working on lake projects.  He said that most people do not want to say how many hours they have worked.  He said that people now do not have to be asked to a particular project they simply go out and do it because they want to.  Dale Farwig said that he had received two letters from residents saying that they were glad to see the lake getting back the way it used to be.  More volunteers would be appreciated.   Many culverts still needed to be cleared so that the roads were not impaired and the sides of the roads needed to be cut.  Discussion followed on the use of a “water tank” on a truck to spray the sides of the roads so they would not have to be cut.


Boat Patrol:        

Roger Hovis was thanked for taking on the responsibility of heading up the boat patrol.   A total of 6 people have volunteered to man the patrol.  A sheet will be put up a sheet at the annual election for more volunteers. A list of lot owners who had been in violation of the boating regulations was presented.  Only one lot owner had an “attitude”.  It was suggested that the boating regulations be in the patrol boat and handed to people when they are stopped due to a violation.  At present all that  the regulations say is that after 3 violations they have to appear before the board which does nothing,  it is hoped that when the new board is formed we can diligently enforce the rules and regulations.  It was suggested that names of violators be placed on the web site and in the newsletter.  It was recommended that anybody who sees someone violating the rules, approach the person violating and inform them of what they are doing wrong.  Chris Townsend read the list of those who had volunteered to be on the boat patrol.   People who had donated money for the gas for the boat were also thanked.  Matt Holloran suggested that an account be started at the store for gas for the boat.    People can then simply tell the store to put money into the account.  Dale Farwig reported that we already have an account with the store for the lake but he had no objection to Matt starting one just for gas for the patrol boat.  Dale   recommended that only certain people should be allowed access to this account and ensure that it is specified for boat gas.  Chris Townsend also recommended that we have a can passed around at the general election for gas.


Sewer and Water Committee: 

Jason Covington brought information for the Board to look over.  However, Chris Townsend wanted to know where the committee stood as it appeared to have fallen apart and he wanted it to get back together again.  Matt Holloran said that the cost was the main problem.  With the new assessment just being placed it was felt that coming back with another assessment for the sewers it would not pass.  Chris asked Mike Higgins how much the property value would increase if we had water and sewers.  He said that replacing a septic system actually brought down the cost of the property for the owner.  He said that in 1997 it was estimated that it would cost $650,000 to put in water and sewers and now in 2004 it is at $1.5 million to $2 million.  We need to get it done before it gets even more expensive.  President Townsend said that he wants the committee formed back again.


Web Site:

Chris said that he has a list of the lots that the lake owns that are for sale.

Janet Hirsch said that current minutes are now being posted on the web site.


Tishomingo Alert Group:

Chris asked if anyone had an occasion to call this group.  He explained that it was a buddy system and people should take advantage of it.


Old Business – Board:

Election – Pat Griffero has received letters from people who want to run for the board.  Matt Holloran said that he would find out the number of people who wanted to run.  The question of conflict of interest was brought up with regards to relatives serving on the board.  Chris responded no as they were separate property owners however only one property owner could serve.


Chris asked about the whereabouts of last year’s annual meeting minutes.  Becky and Dale said that they would look for them.


Old Business – Floor:

Kenny Lanning said that had been a tent in the woods.  The police had been called and it was determined that nothing illegal had taken place, i.e. drugs or a meth lab.


Janet Hirsch reminded everyone that the deadline for the newsletter was June 20th.


New Business:

Sheets will be posted at the annual election for volunteers for a Restrictions/By-Laws Committee and also for a Boat Patrol Committee.


Roger Hovis will head the Boat Patrol for the coming year.


There being no further business Matt Holloran made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Becky Harper.  The meeting closed at 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted



Pat Harting