May 13, 2003

The meeting started at 7:35 p.m. All members were present except for Carol Kline, Building Director, and Ed Mitchell, Maintenance.

Rick Hannick, President, opened the meeting with the following comments: "Another Annual Meeting is rapidly approaching, and there will be two Board positions up for election. If anyone is interested in running for an open position, everything you need to know will be published in the next newsletter due to be mailed the first part of next week. There will also be three issues on the ballot:

  1. A decision on which set of Building Regulations you prefer.
  2. A decision on whether to increase the assessments by 50 cents per front foot, to a total of $3.50 per front foot.
  3. A decision on whether to adopt a rule prohibiting the carrying of firearms within the boundaries of our subdivision except for our security personnel.

The next newsletter will contain a side-by-side comparison of the two sets of Building Regulations so that you may choose which you prefer, and also the proposed new rule banning anyone from carrying firearms.

MINUTES (Chris Townsend)
Chris read the Minutes from the April 8, 2003 meeting. Gary Ryan made a motion to accept the Minutes as read. Dale Farwig seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Dale read the April 2003 Treasurer's Report. Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report as read. Chris Townsend seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


SECURITY (Gary Ryan)
Gary stated that he did talk to Wayne about staying till midnight. Wayne did observe a few kids loitering, and forewarned them that there is no loitering after 10:00 p.m.

A check for $80.00 was received from the Jefferson County Courthouse for restitution from the July 25th gate incident.

On May the 11th, 2003, Charlie Wilson heard a noise outside at 4:00 a.m. He investigated and noticed that his gate pass card was stolen from the rearview mirror of his car. Charlie then contacted Gary immediately, and the card number was then immediately deleted from the system. BE CAREFULL WITH YOUR CARDS!!! If you do have yours stolen contact Gary IMMEDIATELY!

Gary stated that he was able to program the exit gate to also be on the same time from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. as the entrance gate while the gate was inoperable due to some of the recent storms. PLEASE, WHILE YOU ENTER AND LEAVE, TRAVEL AT A SAFE SPEED.

Rick asked Gary if it was possible to have the Guard, Wayne, stay later on Fridays or Saturdays? Gary stated that he would talk to Wayne, and see if this was possible.

Jan Hunnicutt, H-25-27, asked Gary about some kids that she stated she saw down at the beach later than 10:00 p.m. Gary stated that she, or anyone observing this type of activity should call 636-262-3945.

Phil Chambers, K-07-08, asked Gary if every time there is an update to the system why his 3-digit code changes? Gary stated that he was not aware of this happening, but that he would look into it next time there is an update preformed.

There was a question on why some time the gate light takes longer to turn red than others? Gary stated that once a car goes thru there is an approximate 15-second delay until the light turns from green to red. However, if you place your card in front of the panel before it turns red, it will restart the 15-second process all over again. A little confusing but green light with the gate down means stop and wait, red means swipe your card, green means drive thru.

BUILDING (Carol Kline)
Carol, in her absence sent a letter to Rick to read on her behalf. Rick read the following:

At April's L.T.P.O.A Meeting the Board withheld Holloran's, M-29-32, approval pending location of the lift. It will be East of their eastern most dock, and it will not stick out beyond the Dock. Carol requests a motion to accept. Gary Ryan made a motion to accept. Dale Farwig seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

A question from the audience at April's meeting regarding the possible erosion that may happen to Holloran's neighbor. I, Carol, have informed Matt of the concern, and he assured me that the erosion is not taking place because of the pipe. I saw the erosion problem on visual inspection.

There was a question from the Board on April's meeting, asking whether Kurt Will's Boatlift will stick out beyond the dock. It will not. Carol requests a motion to approve this application as well. Chris Townsend made a motion to accept the application. Dale Farwig seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

At April's meeting Carol asked for a motion to approve Larry Giger, F-50-51, 63 & 64 new home application. The Board asked for a site plan indicating septic drain field. The existing system will be used while he's building on a burn-downed house. However, he will bring a site plan showing the location of the system to the meeting in May. He did deliver this information to Kathy Hopfer. Dale stated that as long as the house is within its five feet side setbacks he is fine with it. Upon review of the plans Dale Farwig made a motion to approve the application. Gary Ryan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Phil Chambers, K-07-08, asked since our new restrictions restrict a new construction to be on less than 40,000 square feet, do we have anything set that would prohibit a house (i.e. burned downed or destroyed) that is on less than the 40,000 square feet currently from being built or enlarging the structure? Answer: We will wait to see what the people vote for regarding Building Regulations.

Carol stated that she still has been unable to reach Ahlemeyer, K29-31, to advise him of several concerns of construction, possible road damage and an unattached structure. Carol stated that she has tried to get in contact with the Ahlemeyer's, but there appears to be no answering machine. She has resorted to notifying him by mail. If the Board or anyone is aware of an alternative address, please let Carol know.

Someone in the audience at the previous meeting asked about storage and construction material on the side of the Sansone, O 15-17A, residence. Carol stated that she asked the owner about this, and he showed her the gardens that were being installed, and the stones were for that landscaping project.

Carol stated, "that she wanted to thank the people who volunteer to cite violations. She stated that she has spent much time contemplating it, and she only resist these kinds of offered help. This way she can assure herself of conflicts from other neighbors. She's afraid that these people will be singled out as snitches, and you all know how these small communities can be. If anyone is going to be perceived as the bad guy, she feels it should be her. She is used to it by now. No really, it hasn't been that bad, but she thinks many calls that she has followed up on have led to encouragement before violations have to be issued, and that's fine with her. She welcomes any calls that you feel to be a problem, or a potential problem. Call Carol at 636-274-0468. She adds, most days you'll find her quite friendly."

Carol called Mr. Ricotta, M-59-63 to ask him about the Trucks that many residents have reported at the meetings. He said that he is using the property he has in the city for his trucks, and his people are not checking into his Lake house every morning or evening. He understands everyone's concern, but he fells he is not abusing any of his privileges. He maintains his property, and even has plans for improving it. This improvement planned is closing in the existing lower deck. He said that any trucks here are providing service at his house.

Carol has notified C-25, 26 & 27 of violations and will have a meeting with Ed in the near future on how much it will cost the Lake in maintenance and disposal of dilapidated sheds, etc. If the lot owner does not have this rectified within the allotted time frame, the Lake will take the necessary steps to remove this, and the lot owner will incur the fees. If these fees are not paid within a reasonable time frame, other legal steps will be taken, and those legal fees will also be the responsibility of the negligent lot owner.

Carol has had to resubmit a violation of derelict vehicles on the North Side.

Chris Townsend stated for the record, "that the statement by Mr. Ricotta concerning his trucks is a farce. No one residence could need service three to four times or more a day. It is a Heating/Cooling business. If his current equipment does not hold up, and needs service that much in one day. I am certain not to use his products or service."

Someone from the audience addressed the backhoe, and bulldozer that has just sat in Mr. Ricotta's yard. Rick stated, "address it with Carol."

Rick stated:" as all are aware there was substantial damage that occurred to the culvert going underneath the road going over to the South Side from these past storms. This replacement, even though temporary will need to be fixed right. We are certain that this will be costly, but necessary to ensure the accessibility to the South Side. Thanks to Todd, Butch, Al, Dale, Ed, and anyone else I forgot to mention in the emergency effort to get things back in some sort of control."

More study will have to be done to make sure that this problem will be done within reasonable effectiveness and costliness.

SILT (Becky Harper)
Repairs made to the Dredge in April were 2 hydraulic hoses, 1 hydraulic line, auger bearing reverse stub shaft, auger bearing and auger grease line. Please keep in mind that all lines are old (1979) and under pressure. When they are in water they tend to rust and are being replaced with a neoprene waterproof hose to keep repairs to a minimal.

Thank you once again to Ken Lanning for your clean-up efforts, we can always count on you.

Silt Committee Chairperson, Becky Harper

WEB SITE (Janet Hirsch)
Gary stated that Gordon Cassen called him to tell everybody at the meeting that he really appreciates the Board Meeting Minutes being on the site.

We are running but we still need to drop the floor in, and screw it down. In addition the Patrol Boat needs a new battery.

Tim Schryver, B-17-19 will be running the Patrol Boat again this year, and all other Volunteers are welcome. Please get in contact with Tim at 636-285-7474.

There is a tournament this Sunday at 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Registration is at the Community House at 5:45 a.m.

The Annual Meeting and Election is fast approaching. There will be two seats that need to be filled. Please get with Phil or Dee Chambers to get your name(s) on the Ballot.

It was at this time that Dale Farwig, Treasurer, made a proposal for a .50-cent assessment increase. Dale read the following:

Proposed budget for 2003-2004
Administrative $7,000
Maintenance $50,000
Security $ 18,000
Insurance $20,000
Legal $8,000
Interest $24,000
Silt $65,000
Total $192,000

Current assessments bring in around $150,000. With the increase we will have $175,000. I do feel that Maintenance, Insurance and Interest have been projected on the high side; however, we still fall $17,000 short of our budget. The Board is looking at ways to cut any possible but still do things right and safe

If we can get the assessment money collected by September 1, 2003, we can use that money to buy down the loan for 6-8 months, and this will help with the Interest part of the budget. This is why I have mentioned in the last few meetings that things will be different this year and any late assessment will be turned over to the Lake's Attorney by October 1, 2003.

I did increase insurance by $5,000, I could be wrong but it really would not surprise me if it goes higher than that.

All I keep hearing is lets get things done; however it takes money and every year things go up in cost. The Board is looking into other ways to save money, but there is only so much you can cut. I do feel that if the Lake does not get this increase we will never be able to keep up with things. We have nice roads now, and I would be willing to bet that the value of everyone's property has gone up (mine went up over $20,000 in one year).

I would also like to ask for help with the Haynes judgment. The Lake has a $20,000 judgment against them, however I do not know how we can go about collecting it. I do not want to waste the Lake's money be having Wegmann Law Firm look into it anymore. I cannot get a straight answer from them, if they can do anything without costing the Lake large Attorney fees.

I will be honest with you; I really wanted to ask for $1.00 increase so we can start buying down the loan so we would have money to keep this Lake a nice place to live. I have been told that it would never pass and that I need to come up with something else. I have had people talking to me that are on both sides of this increase. With this Board being made up of volunteers and most of them having a full time job is hard to know everything going on, but I can assure you that when things have been brought to our attention we have tried to address them."

Thanks for your time.
Dale Farwig

Phil Dodge, G24-25, stated that he saw a place out Highway 61-67 that said, "Chris Haynes." A couple of people said that down 21 just the other side of De Soto they saw a place that stated Haynes also.

Phil Dodge asked Dale that if we have only $500.00 left over at month ending, how could we pay the payroll? Dale stated that the loan can go up to $450,000, and as of currently it is around $420,00, this is how payroll is getting paid.

There is still around $8,000 left out in assessments. There were two judgments in the Lake's favor on some property.

Phil Dodge asked if we are getting more money, or more lots. Dale stated, "that as of right now these people are getting letters stating that the Lake has won the judgment against them. The question become do they want to pay, or forfeit the lot? The 2 in question do not have houses on them. However there are three that do have house's on them, and it would be hard to believe that someone would be wiling to give up there house for assessments."

Dale stated that he would like for all the assessments to be in by September 1, 2003; so he could buy down the loan a $100,000. This way the loan is only at $350,000. Then only have to borrow back against it when need be. Keep in mind that the Lake can only do that for 1 year. Then after that we have to start buying it back down.

Assessment notices will be mailed July 1, 2003. Any help in making sure this will be accomplished would be greatly appreciated.

Rick asked Mike Higgins or Chris Townsend if there was any way to get the lots that the Lake owned into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) without paying for it. Both Mike and Chris stated, "no."

Rick asked the Board if there was any objection to listing the lots with a Realtor. Kathy asked how much it would cost. Rick stated that it would not cost anything until it is sold. Mike stated that on $1,500 lots the commission needing to be paid is around $500 through his Brokerage. Chris stated the same, and that only the actual Brokers or the Managers can list it through a default system, but there is still a commission involved for both the listing brokerage and the selling brokerage.

Rick asked why can't we just place the lots on the website, and stick signs in the yards? A few in the audience stated it would not look good if we stuck signs in all the yards. It was agreed that they would be placed in just a few, and to contact the Treasurer for the purchase.

Jan Hunnicutt stated that she would get with Terry Thorpe to see if she could get him to maybe put a few laminated signs together.

Someone asked how much each lot is worth. Dale stated that he needed to get with Phil Dodge on that. Rick stated that a year or a year and a half ago there was a list that stated: a lot less than 10,000 square feet is $750 dollars, 10,000 to 20,000 square feet is $1,500, 20,000 to 40,000 square feet is $3,000, and 40,000 plus is $5,000 dollars.

Kathy stated that after the storm on Tuesday she and Jan were taking a walk, and were down by the spillway. The railing is missing an entire section, and there is a huge drop. Rick stated that we would have to look into fixing it.

Rick asked for a motion to approve the proposal of a 50-cent increase on assessments to be placed on the June Ballot. Kathy and Dale stated that hey feel it should be $1.00. Becky Harper stated that she agrees, but it is easier to ask for 50-cents now, and then another 50-cents later. Kathy made a motion to accept the proposal of a 50-cent assessment increase to be placed for vote on the June Ballot. Dale seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Phil Dodge & Becky Harper asked if the Board had a quorum being that the only Board members present were Rick, Dale, Chris, & Kathy. Rick stated that we did have a quorum being it that 4 of the 7 members were present. Becky stated that the President couldn't vote unless there is a tie. Rick stated that she is correct, but that there is a quorum.

The Third thing on the ballot is a proposal to pass a rule prohibiting anyone from carrying firearms within the boundaries of Lake Tishomingo subdivision unless they are directly employed by the subdivision as Security Personal. After much heated debate there was a decision to rewrite this before its placement on the ballot. The proposal shall now read: Shall a rule be adopted by the L.T.P.O.A. Board of Directors prohibiting carrying of firearms within the boundaries of the subdivision except within the confines of there own private property or except by employees of the subdivision working as security personal. Kathy made a motion to accept the proposal in its proposed revised state to be placed on the June Ballot. Dale seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Rick stated that he had contacted FEMA after the culverts destruction from the storm. They sent him some literature and an application for an SBA loan. Rick stated that on the application it shows his salary from the Lake as $160,000. In no way is this correct. This is only the assessment revenue. Chris stated that SBA loans are usually tied to the applicants' property; therefore tied to Rick, Dale and Chris's property. Rick stated that this is why the lady was asking so many personal and property questions. It was determined that that was not going to happen.

A couple of questions from the floor concerning why the new, and newer residences have not complied nor been enforced to comply with their driveways being paved within the allotted timeframe. It was stated that Carol has been briefed on these, and they will be notified to comply to have their driveways paved or other steps will have to be taken.

Kathy Hopfer made a motion to adjourn. Dale Farwig seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 10:08 p.m.