LTPOA Meeting Minutes April 12, 2005
[These minutes have not yet been formally approved by the LTPOA BoD — jmh]

The meeting opened at 7:03 p.m. with the following board members present: Pat Harting, Matt Holloran, Ray Lauer, Marilyn Meyer and Ron Sansone, and 24 lot owners were present.

The minutes of the March meeting having been posted on the website and passed out at the meeting, President Sansone asked for a motion to accept the minutes, motion made by Marilyn Meyer, seconded by Ray Lauer, motion passed unanimously.

President Sansone opened the meeting by saying that Linda Fulford had resigned as treasurer during the past month due to job changes. Marilyn Meyer had been appointed as intermediate treasurer and Bev Jost as building director to fill an unexpired vacancy.

Treasurers Report

Marilyn reported the following financial report:

Gate Damage 250.00
Late Assessment 1,100.00
Interest 35.00
Total 1,385.00
Utilities 133.14
Payroll 1,066.20
Loan 4,489.55
Gate Repair 85.00
Stamps 16.28
LTPOA newsletter 158.66
Total 5,948.83
Ending Balance checking account 70,660.12
Money Market as of 3/31/05 1,017.83
Loan Balance as of 3/31/05 301,868.87
Special Assessment to be applied to loan principle 5,111.05

Motion made by Pat Harting seconded by Ray Lauer to accept the Treasurers report, motion accepted unanimously.

President Sansone said that with the last payment of $5,111.05 the loan is now under $300,000 and within the past year the loan has been reduced by over $100,000 with the help of everyone at the lake.

Marilyn reported that as of today overdue regular assessments stood at $5,390, special assessments were $926 and that these 16 over due assessments had been turned over to our attorney for collection. Assessments for 2003 stood at $1.833 and these were already in the attorney hands. These amounts due did not include interest, legal fees or penalties. Marilyn reported that four people had prepaid their assessments and this would be taken into account when the new assessments were sent out. She said that she was talking to the attorney regarding the amount charged for filing these charges as it was considerably more than last year.

The following bills were presented for payment:

Atty Tesreau - ( 4th quarter of 04) $1,340.42

President Sansone made motion to pay the amount, seconded by Matt Holloran, motion passed.

Dave Wallwen - Snow removal $125.00

CC Automotive _ New Starter $309.25

Motion made by Pat Harting, seconded by Ron Sansone to pay the above amounts, motion passed.

Finance Committee

Janet Hirsch reported that the Treasurers report had again been discussed at the Finance Committee and she was pleased to announce that they were now working closer to the Treasurer to generate the financial reports. She said that the Finance Committee is available to give assistance with the mailing of the special assessments.

Dale Farwig asked if the income taxes for last year had been filed. Janet replied that they had and Marilyn said that the IRS first quarter filing had been sent out today.

Security Director

Ray Lauer opened his report by saying that some month we'll present a security report without any mention of the gate or problems associated with the gate but this was not that month.

He said that we had one breach of the gate, on Easter Sunday morning. Someone broke the gate bar to gain entrance to the subdivision. Roger is still investigating this issue of property destruction.

As you have noticed, the gate is still not functioning as designed, and Roger is attempting to rectify this situation. The repairman from Signature Control is not certain of the exact difficulty, so Roger has been experimenting to get to the root of the problem. He has had the company install anew main board, but the gate continues to show the same problems that we have had now for the past several months. The interface board, or modem, which is the device that allows the gate to make contact with an outside source, such as a computer or telephone, is new, having been installed last Wednesday, but problems persist. Roger reports that problems seem to occur after a phone entry is made from the gate, and that is why he temporarily is using the four-digit code for visitors to raise the gate. Roger is awaiting an opportunity to meet with Kurt, the repairman from Signature Control to study if there is some method for eventually getting our gate back to being fully operational. Kurt has been in contact with representatives of the Sentex Company, the manufacturers of the gate, and it seems that Signature Control will need to run various tests on the gate, replacing piece by piece the different components until this situation is resolved.

There was one report of a theft of property on the north side during the month, and this matter has been reported to the Sheriff's office and continues to be under investigation in an effort to identify the perpetrator.

With the recent warm weather during the past several weeks, we have noticed an increase in boating traffic, and some operators of pontoon boats have been observed violating lake rules by either going too fast, or not following the prescribed counter clockwise pattern. Perhaps some of these individuals are new property owners. The patrol boat is not yet ready for use by the volunteer, so we are asking all boat operators to adhere to the lake's rules. If anyone does not have a set of the Water Activity Rules and Regulations, they should contact Ray.

In connection with the above, Roger suggested that we change one section of the regulations concerning pontoon boats:

Section V, Item 4 _ Pontoon Boats _ of our regulations currently reads:

Pontoon boats should not be operated at a speed in excess of 5 mph. No wake behind the boat.

At present there is not method for the volunteers on the patrol boat to calculate the speed of a pontoon, so having 5 mph lake speed is meaningless. Therefore, Ray moved that the Board authorized that the following revision to Section V, Item 4 read as follows:

Pontoon boat operators are restricted to "No Wake" a very slow speed whereby the wake or wash created by the vessel would be minimal, at all times during their operation.

Finally Ray said that with the approaching summer like temperatures, water ski activities would soon be seen and he asked for everyone to abide by the rules that are in place when boat operators are pulling skiers. There are a number of regulations, which are easy to understand, which are in place to ensure that we all have a safe and happy summer season.

Kathy Hopfer asked if Ray had any knowledge of who broke the gate on Monday evening. He replied that he had just got back in town but he would check with Roger. Barb Rohm asked that when somebody goes thru the gate and breaks it, does that damage the internal mechanisms. Ray said that the gate was notched so that the whole 2 x 4 does not interfere with the leverage operation, but it could put the timing of the gate off.


Matt reported that we had had a great year as far as the snow plowing went and we had saved a lot of money because of the lack of snow. He said that snow removal equipment now required cleaning. He said that this coming Saturday he would be working on the back side of the dam pulling up as many trees as possible and cutting down the vegetation because we had a dam inspection coming up in July and requested any volunteer help from 8:30 to noon weather permitting. Chyree De Roode reported that there were a couple of cut cedar trees in the spillway. It was not sure how these trees got there.


Due to the absence of Bev Jost there was no building director's report. Kathy Hopfer asked if the Board has sent out unsigned letters to lot owners whose properties needed various kinds of repair. The board replied that it did not send out unsigned letters. Jerry Uhlenbrock and Jason Covington were working on a list of property and dock repairs but as of to date, only one letter had gone out from the board and that property owner had responded as to his actions concerning the necessary repairs.


Gale Lentz reported that the children had had an Easter party. There had been a St. Patricks Day dance. The lake clean up day will be April 23rd and ham sandwichs will be provided for the workers. Miss Hilda will be talking to the children on April 24th. There will be a Garden Club plant sale on May 7th from 9 am to noon.

Web Site

Janet Hirsh reported that the newsletters are now on the web site and the Garden Club and TAA sections have also been recently been updated. The next newsletter will have information about the upcoming election in June and the deadline for inclusion in the newsletter is April 24th.

Old Business

Matt Holloran said that one item in the upcoming election would be that all driveways, whether grandfathered in or not, would be required to be paved for at least the first 25ft. This would apply to driveways on both the lake side and upper tier. Rock and rubble is being washed onto the road during heavy rains and this is causing the road to be undermined. Matt said that maintenance would still need to be done on the road, but it would help cut the cost of maintenance if these driveways were paved.

Lou Harting wanted to remind everyone of the volunteer program. Grass etc. would need to be cut soon. Volunteers could work at any time during the month, not just on volunteer days.

Marilyn Meyer said that she had received notice from the County Commissioners that enforcement was now available to prosecute dog owners who violate the animal control regulations. One of the new regulations is that a violation of the order would be considered a misdemeanor with a punishment of not to exceed imprisonment for more than one year or a fine of $1,000. She said that people who have problems with dogs should call the animal control center. A dog can be picked up any time it leaves its owner's property.

President Sansone asked if the Sewer Committee had heard anything since its last meeting. Marilyn replied no but she would check before the next meeting.

President Sansone said that they were working towards having it on the ballot for next April.

New Business

A private dispute between two lots owners was brought before the Board. The Board informed both parties that this was not a Board issue.

Janet Hirsch said that since the election was coming up in June, she would be happy to conduct another opinion survey of the lake. Please send any recommendations to Janet at least one week prior to the election.

Another lot owner brought three poison pen letters which she had received. These letters were also anonymous. Fortunately she had seen the person who took pictures of her house and had turned the license plate numbers over to the police for them to investigate. President Sansone said that this was the second person who had received such a letter and said that this type of behavior was not appreciated and not helpful to the lake as a whole.

Barb Rohm asked if the Board new of any reason for pink ribbons being placed around the lake. Other than individuals having their lots surveyed, Ron replied that as far as he knew there was no official survey being conducted.

There being no further business, Ray Lauer made a motion, seconded by Matt Holloran to adjourn.

The meeting ended at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Harting