MARCH 11, 2003

The meeting started at 7:33 p.m.. All members were present except for Ed Mitchell, Maintenance Director.

Rick Hannick, President opened the meeting with the following comments:

"It seems we have a pretty good turn out here this evening, and I want to welcome you all here. We appear not to have much on the agenda this evening so hopefully we can make this short and sweet."

MINUTES (Chris Townsend)
Chris read the Minutes from the February 11, 2003 meeting. The following corrections were noted:

Under the Silt Report the second paragraph, second sentence shall now read: Butch and Al are helping Todd clean out a concrete ditch near the entrance on the South Side.

The seventh paragraph, third sentence under Security shall be removed in its entirety, and replaced with the following: Gary plans on getting in contact with Mr. Kley to find out whether or not he is aware of hunters on his property, and if aware to make it known that the Lake discourages these hunters walking or firing guns along coming ground and in close proximity of the bus stop.

(SIDE NOTE) Gary stated that there is nothing within the Lake's Restrictions that strictly state what can and cannot be carried in one's possession on Common Ground. Furthermore, he feels it necessary that the Board of Directors need to adopt such a provision that strictly states that guns and other types of weapons will not be allowed in one's possession on Common Ground.

Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the Minutes as read providing these corrections. Dale Farwig seconded the motion the same, which passed unanimously.

Dale Farwig read the February 2003 Treasurer's Report. Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report as read. Gary Ryan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

It was at this time Kathy Hopfer, Communications/ Public Relations, read a letter dated March 6, 2003 from Al Ferrell N 20-23:


SECURITY (Gary Ryan)
On February 14, 2003 at 1:00 a.m. some lake residents and their friends had a campfire on the concrete patio underneath the shelter at the Community House. They also saw it necessary to break up all their beer bottles on the concrete as well as leave all their trash. Gary stated that he had talked to Lt. Marschak, who is overseeing the Jefferson County task force to prevent underage drinking. This task force responds to calls involving alcohol in order for the regular patrol not to have to respond to these instances.

If you see what looks to be underage drinking call 636-262-3945.

If you see possible property damage such as the fire under the pavilion call 911.

Besides the major mess that was left, there appears to be fire damage to the metal bench seats. Since it was not known if any of the three identified residents were still at the pavilion involved with the fire, they were not notified.

Wayne, our Security Guard is now working till midnight on weekends. In order to give him authority to late night loitering, a sign needs to be erected stating: "No Loitering after 10:00 p.m." This rule has been in our Security Guard Guidelines for years. The Guard can request identification because there is to be no loitering after 10:00 p.m.. With the sign this will help Wayne and the Police enforce the rule.

Gary stated that he mailed a letter to Mr. Kley the property owner who has several people firing guns and hunting next to the Lake, and our School Bus Stop. In the letter, Gary asked whether or not Mr. Kley was aware of this. As of yet, Mr. Kley has not gotten back with Gary.

The fact that Gary initially and mistakenly wrote a letter to a different landowner next to Lake Tishomingo was a good thing. The Barnett's lease 82 acres and a house behind the 2nd tier on South Lakeshore. This is where past suspicion of non Lake Residents coming in to the Lake and burglarizing houses has stemmed from. The Barnett's said that they would always keep the gate locked and will call if they suspect any intruders coming in to the Lake from their property.

It appears that the gate arm that was thought stolen about six months ago was found by Wayne behind the Community House. This is thought to be from the incident where the bag was placed over the camera. However, the gate bracket still remains missing.

BUILDING (Carol Kline)
An extension for a Building Permit was submitted by Matthew & Margaret Holloran M 29-32. Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the request for an extension to the Building Permit. Chris Townsend seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Dave Kaucher, B 08-10, submitted an application for a deck. The application is approved pending any Jefferson County Permits, as well as any measures and inspections. Kathy Hopfer made the motion to accept the application in its pending status. Chris Townsend seconded the motion the same, which passed unanimously.

Submitted this evening was the proposed format of how the Old and New (Proposed) Building Regulations will be submitted for mailing to all lot owners. It is anticipated that all property owners should receive this mailing sometime in May. This way all owners should have enough time to look them over for their vote at the June Annual Meeting and Election.

Carol stated that she received a phone call from a lot owner concerning knowledge or lack thereof of Todd taking the Lake Truck home. Most of the Board members present stated that they also received the same phone call from the concerned lot owner. Rick Hannick stated that he had discussed this with Ed, and Ed stated that permission was given to Todd to take the vehicle home on Snow days to ensure him getting to work. Todd was strictly told that he is only allowed to take the vehicle from the Lake and to his home, and back.

It was also asked by Carol if anyone else besides her received the phone call concerning Todd's driving too fast with the Truck in the snow. Most of the members present indicated that they did receive this phone call as well. Dale Farwig who also helped Todd remove snow this snow season stated that part of the problem is adrenaline and maintaining a certain speed to be able to perform the removal. However, Todd was advised that excessive speed would not be tolerated.

While on the conversation of phone calls. Kathy asked Gary if he received a phone call from an individual who called her house asking why the gate was not working. Gary indicated that he did not receive the phone call. However, he probably knows what happened. One evening he was changing and updating phone numbers in the system while the gate was down, and it appears the system blacks-out while it is receiving the information.

Rick asked Gary if there is a way for Gary to distinguish on the gate system Gary, Security Director, from his father. Gary indicated that there should be a way. Gary stated he will either place a S.D. (Security Director) at the end of his name, or a J.R. / II (even though technically he is not a junior).

Nothing was presented from or for Maintenance at this time.

SILT (Becky Harper)

The Silt Committee was informed we would be able to dredge until July with the current budget. After that, it will depend upon how fast the assessment money comes in for this year. I have a problem with this concept. What happens when we catch up to the assessment money and there is no budget for this project? Do we leave a $150,000.00 piece of equipment setting idle because the budget has been poorly managed? We were continuously being told by Mr. Hannick that here would be funds available to complete this project! The committee has done everything it can to save the funds so that there would be money for both major projects, but it seems to have been in vain. You, Mr. Hannick have done many things to make the Silt Project be much more complicated than it should be and now you have put this project in a major bind, I wonder who's side you are on!!!


Rick stated that he feels he is on the Lake's side. He also stated that he and Dale have talked about the loan situation and where the budget stands as of this time.

Dale stated that there are some outstanding monies needed to be collected from back assessments. These people have been informed to bring this up to balance or the issue will be handed over to the Lake's attorney for collection.

Dale stated that between the balance in the money market and the checking there is an approximate $11,000.00 dollars. This combined with the $45,000.00 dollar draw on the loan from Eagle Bank & Trust gives us an approximate $56,000.00 dollars.

Rick asked Dale if he had an idea of what our expenditures would be from now until August 1, 2003 (When Assessments are DUE). He stated an approximate $50,000.00 dollars, which includes a budget for Silt. This figure is based off the Silt operation expenditures from last year.

Becky asked "does this amount provide for the intended cleaning out of the coves?" Answer- No, not at this time. However, if we are able to collect our outstanding assessment then we should probably have enough money for this expense.

The fiscal year for the Lake has always run from August 1 to July 31. There is no way to predict nor budget for out of our hands setbacks such as the winter we just had, the ditches that needed cleaning before the roads, rising insurance premiums, and the rising gasoline prices. For example, this year already Maintenance is $15,000.00 dollars over budget due to the roads, ditches, and winter.

Dale assured Becky that as of August 2003 we would have $82,000.00 dollars back in the bank. The projected budget for Silt has always been nearer $60,000.000 dollars, and again Thanks to Butch and Al for always helping to keep our operation costs lower than expected. However, and most importantly, the Silt project has only used $27,000.00 dollars of the $60,000 dollars projected until August 1, 2003.

The main focus Dale stressed that he would like to see Butch and Al working on right now is getting a pathway cleared for boats to get safely in and out of the water near the boat ramp.

Becky and Dale agreed that as of right now the cleaning out of the coves is a concern that will have to be put on hold and looked into further as the budget allows.

Dale wanted to state that please keep in mind that he is still fairly new at this, and is learning as he goes along. He among others wanted to reiterate how much Phil Dodge did and has done for this Lake. Dale assured that if reelected he will be ready this time around not only to make the Lake run smother, but also his life from August to December. WEBSITE (Janet Hirsch)
Nothing was presented from or for website at this time.

Kathy Hopfer wanted to let it be known that there is an approximate 15-23 returned LTPOA Quarterly Reports every mailing, due to the failure of the weekenders moving from their primary addresses, and not updating the information with us. The costs of these mailings are around 60 cents each.

Chris stated that he, like Mike Higgins, has access to tax records and should be able to pull up these 20 or so individuals tax mailing address, and will have them updated by next meeting. OLD BUSINESS
Nothing was presented from or for Old Business at this time NEW BUSINESS
Dale stated that he had several things that needed to be addressed.

Dale asked Chris to get a hold of Larry Ward, the lake's insurance broker and ask him for insurance cards for the lake's vehicles. Chris stated that he would, and would get them to Dale within the next day or so.

Dale stated that the Lake is paying an approximate $130.00 in phone bills ($50.00 for the guard shack and the maintenance, $40.00 for the gate, and $33.00 for the cell phone). Chris asked if we were using Sage for the Guard shack, and the Gate. Dale stated that for those we currently using Southwestern Bell. Chris stated that Sage has saved him approximately $30.00 a month. Some investigating would need to be done to see if Sage can service the Gate. If so there would be one place to cut some costs.

Dale stated that he has a call in to obtain a permit to burn off the back of the dam. Dale stated that he is waiting to hear from the Fire Chief for his approval. Rick stated that it is best to burn when there is a North wind rather then a South Wind. Dale said that he would be looking for volunteers when we get ready to do the burning.

Jan Hunnicutt, H 25-27, asked for someone to please look at the damage the beaver is causing to the water flow at the low water bridge.

Dale asked for help with two more things Bankruptcy, in which he was subpoenaed, and the Division of Family Services. Chris stated that he would speak with Dale after the meeting.

Kathy asked that since Todd has been working around the clock due to the snow it was told to her that he is getting Comp time. She asked who is keeping track of these hours? Rick stated that Ed is.

Dale stated that OSHA has changed their requirements pertaining to Employer-to-number-of-employee requirements. It appears that this year Dale will have to file with OSHA, and part of this requirement is timecards. Therefore, keeping track of the number of hours worked should no longer be a problem.

There was some discussion about a shed on C-26 along with trash that needs to be removed. It was reminded that no action should be taken from individuals unless they are prepared for civil suit. However, the Board stated that we can properly notify the owner through certified mail that if not brought up to standard within 30 days, action will be taken, the owner will be billed, and if the bill is not paid then the amount due for the citation will be added to their assessment bill.

We are still on the lookout for the whereabouts of the disk that has the lake's list of lot violations on it. Carol stated that she is diligently asking around for its whereabouts. If you know who has it, or where it may be. Please call Carol Kline 636-274-0468.

Kathy Hopfer made a motion to adjourn. Dale Farwig seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.