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LTPOA Board of Directors
February 12, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm. Present were Joe Hejnal, Larry Kimmel, Marilyn Meyer, Ron Sansone, and Janet Hirsch. Absent were Pat Harting and Kevin Seelbach There were 9 people in the audience.

Marilyn Meyer made the motion to approve the January meeting minutes as posted at the website, seconded by Larry Kimmel. Motion passed unanimously.

President's Report
Ron Sansone reported that the silt removal project has ended. A wide path for boats was cleared along the north side from the boat ramp as far as lot N-24. The large concrete pipe from the side of the road will be removed. Additional boulders will be brought in for the creek. The boat ramp will be soon be reworked, made steeper, longer, and rougher.

Treasurer's Report
Marilyn Meyer, Treasurer, reported for January

Larry Kimmel made the motion to accept the Treasurer's Report, seconded by Joe Hejnal. Passed unanimously.

Marilyn presented the following bills to be paid.

Larry Kimmel made the motion to approve payment of the bills, seconded by Janet Hirsch. Passed unanimously.

Marilyn Meyer reported on the status of the silt removal project.

The board approved an agreement with Stephen Marler that he allow us to dump silt on his property through June 1, 2008, he will pave the first 20 feet of his driveway, and we will forgive all past due assessments.

Reporting for the finance committee Janet Hirsch said that McLaren is allowing us to pay $10,000 per month and consequently we will be able to pay for the silt removal project out of regular assessments over the next year.

Larry Kimmel reported that there have been no problems this month. If you are the victim of vandalism or theft contact the sheriff.

Larry Kimmel and Joe Hejnal reported the following applications for building permits.

Joe Hejnal made the motion to approve the building permits, seconded by Janet Hirsch. Passed unanimously.


The bobcat, salter, and snowplow have been repaired. Kevin will order more salt.

This Spring the salt spreader has to be removed from the truck and the truck bed repaired.

Dam Committee
Rich Hirsch reported the committee's recommendation for a two-year special assessment of $1 per front foot to be held March 29 to pay for repair of the dam. He also reported that the lake is down 6 feet 10 inches, Dave Taylor will have a contract ready for us by February 15, and Mike Leiweke will have the weir box ready to install very soon.

Janet Hirsch made the motion that the LTPOA hold a special election on March 29, 2008 for the purpose of passing a two-year special assessment of $1 per front foot to pay for the repair of the dam. Motion was seconded by Larry Kimmel. Passed unanimously. A mailing will be sent to all property owners announcing the election and containing a summary of reasons for the assessment, the work to be done, and sample ballot.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 pm.