January 14, 2003

The meeting started at 7:30 p.m.. All members were present except for Rick Hannick, President, Dale Farwig, Treasurer, and Carol Kline, Building Director. Chris Townsend, Vice President/Secretary, opened the meeting with the following comments: "I want to welcome all 6 property owners who are here in attendance as well as Gary Ryan, Security Director, Kathy Hopfer, Communications/Public Relations, and Ed Mitchell, Maintenance Director."

MINUTES (Chris Townsend)
Chris read the minutes from the December 10, 2002 meeting. The following corrections were noted:

1) Under MAINTENANCE, paragraph 3 shall notate that more than one person, Todd, was taking turns driving the Snow Removal Truck on Christmas Eve, and whomever it was driving it at around 4:30 p.m. needs to slow down.

2) Paragraph 6 of the SILT REPORT shall notate the change of Kathy Harper to Kathy Hopfer.

3) The first section of Old Business regarding the Old, and soon coming, Proposed New Building Regulations shall be removed and now read as: Rick stated, as a reminder, that sometime back in October 2002 the LTPOA Board of Directors along with the Building Committee came to an agreement upon a new set of Proposed Building Regulations. However, at this time, we are still operating under the Old Building Regulations adopted by the Board in April 2002, but with a few needed tweaks. These Proposed New Building Regulations will be published in the upcoming Newsletter, and set to be on the June Ballot for a vote by the people. This way the lot owners will have ample time to look them over and decide if they want to stick with the already adopted Building Regulations of April 2002, or formally adopt the Proposed New Building Regulations drafted in October 2002, and dated November 12, 2002.

Kathy Hopfer made a motion to accept the minutes as read providing the corrections. Gary Ryan seconded the motion the same, which passed unanimously.

Gary Ryan made a suggestion that we read the letter from Al and Rosie Ferrell dated December 7, 2002 before every meeting. Chris stated that this suggestion is duly noted.

Kathy Hopfer read the December 2002 Treasurer's report in Dale's absence. Gary Ryan made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report as read. Ed Mitchell seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Dale also provided the Board with a letter that he wanted read at the meeting in his absence. Chris read the letter, which stated:


SECURITY (Gary Ryan)
Gary addressed Ken Lanning's previous question brought before Gary on December 15th of a boat and trailer supposedly without a Lake Sticker. Gary did find out that indeed the boat did have a sticker and is licensed to Germain, M-90.

Thursday, January 2nd, 2002 there was a gate break due to tailgating through the entrance. This individual was billed and is paying $185.00 dollars restitution.

Gary stated that he had given the Security Guard, Wayne, some pictures that were once up at the Community House of a gate break on July 25th, 2002. Fortunately, Wayne was able to recognize this same vehicle and notated its time of entry and departure of the lake. This time the camera was able to clearly get the license plate number, and this information has been turned over to the Prosecuting Attorney.

On January 8th, 2002 there was a report of a stolen ATV. Coincidently, there was also a gate break that same evening of a vehicle trying to go around the gate and unsuccessfully clipped the gate causing it to break. Later on in the video it is clearly visible that this same vehicle followed the stolen ATV out of the Lake. Most of the license plate is visible, and a report was filed with the authorities. The authorities claim to have a pretty good idea of the suspect(s), and the Lake will be prosecuting.

Two of the three boys who had been prosecuted from an earlier incident in March had received a 2 year probation and split the $350.00 dollar fine. The other boy, Gary stated was supposedly having his hearing today. One of the boys has already paid his portion of the fine. The other boy has until the end of January to pay his share.

Tim Schryver B17-19, made a comment regarding how well a job he feels Wayne has done. Chris Townsend wanted to second the comment. GREAT JOB WAYNE!!

BUILDING (Carol Kline)
Nothing was presented from or for Building at this time.

This year Ed helped the Boy Scouts out with their "Scouting-For Food." Ed stated, "Thanks to everyone on the Lake that contributed."

Ed reiterated that as you heard in Dale's letter that Dale is covering for Ed when it snows. Dale will then be the communicating link to Todd at this time while Ed is at his paying job making sure his 160 guys get the snow removed.

Remember, Todd is only one person, and based on this as well as it having snowed on the Holiday's, Dale Farwig, and Al Ferrell have volunteered their time to help out with snow removal.

Ricky Bryant K9-10 & 50-53 had asked who was removing snow with the truck Christmas Eve at around 2:30 to 3:00 a.m.? Ed stated that it would have been Todd. Mr. Bryant stated that deserves a much-needed pat on the Back. All agreed. Thanks Todd!

Ed stated that he wants to remind those that he lives here; he does not work here. Unfortunately, for Ed and his family, someone decided to call at 6:00 a.m. on Christmas morning wondering when they would be starting to work on the roads.

You know who you are, next time please use common sense. If this person(s) would have a least looked outside that would have noticed that our roads were clear. Furthermore if they would have traveled, or did travel, they would have noticed that are roads were among the clearest and safest passage roads out there.

Prior to the snow, some of you may have noticed Todd burning leaves in the Ditches, and cleaning some of the clogged ditches out. Then you may have also noticed Todd to be gone for a couple of days. This is an agreement to compensate his hours worked so he can work longer hours when needed i.e. when it snows.

Barb Fitzgerald M17-18 asked if was the Lake's or the Residents responsibility to burn the leaves and clean the ditches? Ed stated that this is the Lake's responsibility, but any cooperation by the resident is appreciated. Tim Schryver B17-19, wanted to caution anyone who does burn to remain with the fire at all times!

Speaking of volunteerism, Ed mentioned that there is a much-needed tarp or roof to be put over the bunker that holds our salt supply. Otherwise, the rain is ruining our salt.

SILT (Becky Harper)
Nothing was presented from the Silt Committee at this time. However, Chris readdressed that in Dale's letter it stated that Dale would be looking into the funds available for Silt to dig the coves out.

ROADS (Gary Ryan)
The hole in the middle of the road nearer the stop sign at Hillsboro-House Springs Road and Tishomingo Road has been filled with some gravel.

All the lower tier residents may have notice they may have to readjust their rain diversion methods upon their driveways. It is apparent that the new road surface will cause the rain to run faster. However, Kathy Hopfer stated for the record that caution is warned to those who may cause harm upon their neighbor's property!

WEB SITE (Janet Hirsch)
Nothing was presented from or for Web Site at this time. However, Chris asked those in attendance who have not seen it yet to please check it out. Janet has done a fantastic job so far. Thanks again Jan!

For those of you who don't know, the website address is

Chris had asked if we had got a tarp to cover the Patrol Boat yet. Ed stated that Ed Melchiore C-19, and another concerned property owner had placed one on there. Thanks Ed and John!

An interesting discussion took place on ideas of handling the leak by the dam. One idea for thought was to redirect a pipe back into the lake. Another idea was to build a pool around it. Sometimes the most obvious may be best answer.

Kathy Hopfer made a motion to adjourn. Gary Ryan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.