I understand the property next to me on Lakeview has requested a permit for construction, they are tearing down the existing house to the further most existent allowed by Jefferson County and building a new one. I am all for a better looking and nicer home being built but I have a major problem with the septic being that close to my well unless they are within ALL regulations set forth in Jefferson County.

My understanding is that it must be a minimum of 100 feet from a well. I am sorry to say that it is impossible for this to happen not only will this septic be closer than that to mine but it will also be as close to if not closer to the residents on the immediate other side of this property.

Before this permit is issued I request that someone with a tape measure get out here and do some measuring because there is something wrong with the issuing of this permit along with that the county has not given a permit for this work because the buyers do not own this property yet. I again would like to state that I have no problem with a more pleasurable site beside our residence but the septic issue needs to be addressed and rectified before a permit is issued. And hopefully this issue is followed up on and not let lie until other measures are needed to get it rectified as it has been seen on other occasions. I do have the utmost confidence that the board will consider the resident's concerns in the construction and modification of homes along with the health issues that also need to be addressed.

The Hovis Family