Gate Report May 9, 2006

[This report was submitted, but not read aloud at the LTPOA board meeting.]

Gate Operation
There were four gate breaks since the last LTPOA meeting on April 11.
  1. Apr 12 (Wed), 7:10pm: The entry gate bar was broken by an emergency vehicle going to a grass fire. Once again the device to open the gate based on siren detection, the SOS, failed to work. Upon investigating I found that the SOS was not connected to power.

    In any case the SOS is now powered and operational. The unit was successfully tested by Lake Tish resident Kevin Hensel (Kevin has a siren in his vehicle).

  2. Apr 15 (Sat), 5:43am: A dark green car tried to sneak in under the gate bar. The video record shows a hand from the passenger side of the car pushing the gate bar up to help pass under the gate. The gate bar catches on top of the windshield and breaks. The car then stops, backs up, turns around and leaves, even though gate bar is on the ground! There is a video record of the break, but the license plate could not be read.
  3. Apr 20 (Thurs), 7:15pm. The entry gate bar was accidentally broken by a worker. Breakage was reported to R Hirsch who just reused the shortened, broken gate bar.
  4. May 6 (Sat), 2:31am. The entry gate bar was broken by a tail-gating SUV. A witness leaving the Com. House heard the break and the occupants of the two vehicles involved discussing it.

    The license plate of the vehicle that broke the gate can not be determined, but we do have the name of the owner of the gate card used by the lead car.

    The broken gate bar was replaced later that morning by Mike Leiweke.

Other Items
  1. I plan on installing a red light that will begin flashing 30 seconds or so before the gate comes down at 6pm (12n on Sat.) Hopefully, this will provide an extra measure of warning that the gate is just about to come down.
  2. I wrote a newsletter article "Security Gate Information" on gate cards, phone access from the gate, hours of operation, more. Please read it for a better understanding of gate operation.
  3. In my two months working with the gate ALL malfunctions I have encountered have been due to loose circuit boards, loose wires, or loose chips. This is probably reasonable since the gate enclosure houses the circuitry and takes a good hit when vehicles break the gate.

Rich Hirsch

Volunteer Corps
On Sat. April 15 the Volunteers removed and burned trees and debris from the drainage pipes and ditches at the Southside Bridge. Inspecting the bridge after heavy rains in early May, the pipes remained clear with no build up of new debris. Please be aware that burning season is now over. -- Rich Hirsch for LT Volunteers