Dam Leak Committee Summary, Jan 9, 2006

On Friday Jan 5 Larry Kimmel and Rich Hirsch visited the site of the leak on the back of the dam and discussed what size and types of pipe would be needed to allow measuring the flow rate of the leak. Larry recommended installing 20 ft of 24 inch corrugated metal pipe to replace the badly rusted pipe currently in place under the access road. To extend the leak outlet pipe far enough to enable installing a weir box or to make a crude flow measurement using a stopwatch and a 5 gallon bucket, Larry recommended installing multiple 13 ft sections of 12 inch PVC pipe. (The 12 inch PVC pipe will go thru the 24 inch pipe). The 12 inch PVC pipe sections will be connected with flexible couplings.

Larry will get prices on the pipe.

The next step will be to get on Kevin Seelbach’s schedule as he will do the installation.

On Jan 5 a sample of water was taken from the leak pool. It was clear and without turbidity. There was no odor of H2S. Temperature by Hg thermometer was 44 deg F. This is 6 deg colder than a sample taken on Nov 16.

For the committee — Rich Hirsch